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Thread: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    Quote Posted by onawah (here)
    I have to start with the Divine Feminine on my spiritual path, because it has always felt like that was what was missing in religion and spirituality for me.
    There are of course, lots of gurus and teachings that extol the value of the Divine Feminine and perhaps there always were, but as long as we are living in a primarily patriarchal, hierarchical world, things will be out of balance and disharmonious.
    Brought up in Christianity, for me, the word "God" always referred to a male deity, and later, as I sought my own definition of divinity, the word "Goddess" still only expressed the principles that seemed to be missing. Finally, I came to feel like something of an atheist or perhaps more accurately, a pantheist; deities had just become symbols, not actual entities to me.
    So the ideas that the Wingmakers material expresses make sense to me, though I have some different ideas about the age and origins of the human race, because Lemuria is never mentioned, or Lyra, or the Reptilian Wars, or the Draconians, or AI -- in the history according to the Dr. Neruda interview, which skips ahead a great deal to Anu's role on Earth.
    What makes sense to me is the idea that Anu decided he wanted to become the God of our planet, and since his reality was patriarchal and hierarchical, his design for our 3D religions and spirituality followed the same pattern.
    (Although Mahu's prediction that the current paradigm is now collapsing agrees with other prophecies, such as that of the Mayans, and some of the truth of these matters have always bled through the illusion from souls such as Jesus, Buddha, etc., though the messages have become somewhat distorted or misunderstood or hidden over time.
    Following is an excerpt from The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda, pages 16-22

    "Sarah: “It doesn’t feel like good news.

    “This was all part of the design, to create various religions and esoteric cults that would support a vast Hierarchy and order the human species into master-student relationships, and then create a multi-leveled afterlife that would reward those who believed and were obedient to their god or masters.
    “You see, the whole principle that was behind this entire endeavor could be summed up in one word: separation. Everything exists in separation within the earth plane and its afterlife planes as well. But, according to the WingMakers, what is real is that we are all imbued with equality and oneness—not through the unconscious mind, which only links us in separation, but rather through the life essence that is us. And this life essence is sovereign and integral. It is I AM WE ARE. No one is above, no one is below. No one is better, no one is lesser.”
    Sarah: “But you’re saying everything is a lie? Everything… I mean everything we’ve been taught to believe in is a deception! How is that possible… or … or even believable?”
    Dr. Neruda: “It’s possible because the beings that have enslaved humanity designed a world to which we adjusted over eons of time. We evolved into it in such a manner that we became lost in our world. The veils that have been placed over us are opaque. So much so that people operate as human uniforms unaware that everything around them is illusory. It is a programmed reality that is not real.
    “The WingMakers say everything is simply sound, holographically organized to look real.”
    Sarah: “It’s depressing…”
    Dr. Neruda: “Only when you consider the scope of the deception and the way in which humanity has allowed it to rule their behaviors. The good news is that you’re hearing about this now.”Dr. Neruda: “Each person can step out of the illusion. There is no master here. No god is going to come down and make it happen for us. No ETs. No one. It is each of us. This is what is meant by I AM. I… it’s like One. One—me, and one—all of us unified. AM, meaning exist now. In this moment. Not in history or memory. Not in some future time or goal. Now!”
    Sarah: “It doesn’t feel real to me. I was raised a Christian. I have no reason to believe that Jesus was an inside… agent for this plan of deception—”
    Dr. Neruda: “I’m not saying he was. Many of those who have come to earth as humanteachers have tried to reveal how deep and broad and high this illusion has been made. It is as far as the edge of the universe and as close as your DNA. Everywhere in between is illusion. Jesus came to reveal much of this, but the writers of the Bible decided what would be acceptable within the paradigm of life as we humanly know it. They elected to make Jesus a part of the deception. They saw it was time for a redefinition of God to accommodate an evolving Human 2.0. God was suddenly a loving father, and all of humanity was brother and
    Sarah: “So you’re saying Jesus was aware of this deception, but his words weren’t included in the Bible?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Our opinion was that his words were so against the conditioned beliefs that people could not understand them as he said them. And so, over time, they were translated into the form you know them today. The Biblical translations simply lack the original potency with which he said them.
    “Besides, there are two methods that can make exposing this illusion a very difficult proposition.”
    Sarah: “What do you mean?”
    Dr. Neruda: “The first is that the unconscious mind system is inside everyone. It’s like a field of information that everyone can access. It can affect or infect everyone. A revelatory idea can be passed to a small number of people, but it lacks sufficient influence to generate massawakening. So there’s unconscious mind inertia.
    “The other, and this is more pernicious, is that the functional implants are programmed, and like any program, they can be upgraded or even turned off.”
    Sarah: “As I listen to this… story, I… I feel a little overwhelmed at how to proceed with theinterview. I’m not sure what to ask or what direction to take things. If I look at my notes, I see my handwritten note: ‘there is no God,’ is this really what you’re saying?”
    Dr. Neruda: “The WingMakers refer to the triad of consciousness as having the god
    consciousness installed within it—in the unconscious mind layer. But they also report that as the individual develops from about the age of six or seven, they begin to assemble their individual personality from the elements of the subconscious layer. By the time they’re twelve to fourteen years old, they have their unique personality well in place. For some, this uniqueness is shutting out the existence of a god.
    “From Anu’s perspective, this is fine. He probably likes having atheists and agnostics. It’s more separation. More diversity. In fact, the greater the diversity in the human family, the greater the separation. The greater the separation, the easier it is to keep the program of enslavement intact. Choose sides and disagree with your opponents. Compete. It fuels wars and social unrest.
    “As for the existence of god, we, collectively, are the closest thing to god. We are. That’s the clear message of the WingMakers. There is a First Source, a center point in existence that created the framework of existence through sound—”
    Sarah: “But what about the ones who are enlightened or spiritual masters—they’re all madeup?”
    Dr. Neruda: “No, it’s not that they’re made up. They exist. It’s just that their existence is within the human interface or functional implants. They exist there. We, us, the being that is I AM, that being is not of that reality. It doesn’t really exist inside the holographic stage that was created by interdimensional beings millions of years ago; rather, it is being used as a power source that animates the human interface or uniform. Over time, we’ve spiraled deeper and deeper inside of this created world, complete with its afterlife and different planes of existence.
    “You could look at it this way: Anu installed a program inside the Human 2.0 and in this program, humans would evolve from knowing absolutely nothing about their world, to knowing god. Humans were designed to have god consciousness—meaning, to have the same understanding and awareness as Anu. But then Anu took this evolutionary line and positioned god consciousness so far out into the future that humans would essentially be chasing this god consciousness forever. They’d be chasing shadows, because until they awaken from the deception, the only god that exists in that world is Anu.
    “Once awakened as I AM WE ARE or the Sovereign Integral, a human being lives as an expression of this consciousness. According to the WingMakers, no one has achieved this at this time. It is, however, our future to live in this consciousness in a human instrument.”
    Sarah: “No one has done this… you mean anywhere?”
    Dr. Neruda: “On this plane, earth, no one has done this. But remember, the WingMakers are human in a future time. They have returned to our time to crack this shell open a bit. They have traveled to our time to remind us of what they discovered. They left this enslavement, so we will do it.”
    Sarah: “But you already said that spacetime is an illusion.”
    Dr. Neruda: “That’s true. It is, but it’s hard to imagine that the universe in which we exist is really a hologram projection that was programmed inside our unconscious mind and we’re really inside this hologram, wearing a human uniform that was outfitted to perceive only this hologram. The WingMakers say that the real world is sound. Everything is sound and resonance of sound. Everything we have in our human uniform for sensing our universe is millions of years of evolutionary design to tune into that hologram and only that hologram.”
    Sarah: “How does that hologram extend beyond this physical world then? You said even the afterlife is part of it?”
    Dr. Neruda: “There are many aspects to the afterlife. There is god, first and foremost. There is the Light of illumination. There is the universal spirit and individual soul. There is a Hierarchy of angels and masters. There is the concept of karma and reincarnation or sin and salvation. The concept of heaven and hell. The concept of the chosen. The concept of an ascension path. The concept of the Book of Records or Akashic records. All of these concepts were designed into an upgrade of the Human 2.0 interface. Certain human beings are programmed to find these concepts in their unconscious mind layer and share them. As a result, religions sprout. Philosophies rise sometimes in support of the religions, sometimes in
    contradiction. Esoteric cults rise. All the while the human being remains lost. It remains muddled in its illusion. Everything tied to an empty promise in a belief, and in all those beliefs, one thing remains constant: separation.
    “The program is vast in its reach, and the Anunnaki, once they had mined sufficient gold, had an entire race of beings enslaved. Anu, along with his allies in the Sirian and Serpent races, decided it would be best to turn the Human 2.0s into a worthless creature that forever sought enlightenment through belief. And who do you suppose would provide the things to believe
    in? Anu and Marduk.
    “Everything became learning lessons. The earth was a school house. If you learn your lessons, you won’t have to keep incarnating. Learn, learn, learn. But what are you learning? You are learning to believe in the afterlife, as it was described and prescribed by Anu and his designers. You are learning to don your human uniform obediently. You are learning to discern how humanity is different. You are learning to link every self-image you have to the world of three dimensions,
    while hoping there is more after death.
    “The sober reality is that after you die, the being inside you is met by a guardian who will take you to your destination, based mostly on your deeds in this life. However, most beings are taken to a life review where you face your life in every detail, and based on that experience an authoritative figure will prescribe your next life options for reincarnation. You are essentially recycled into the same program with a new mother and family, and a programmed life path is
    laid out for you to follow.
    “The afterlife program and process is all part of the master program to retain the enslavement of the beings. Remember, we’re interdimensional beings—meaning we exist in 3-D and the higher planes. It’s just that these higher planes are designed by the Anunnaki. They are not of the real dimensional planes. Otherwise, we would die, discover who we really are, and we would never reincarnate or if we did, we would tell everyone on earth that this is all an illusion.
    ”Sarah: “Why? Why do it this way? It doesn’t make sense.”
    Dr. Neruda: “What began as an experiment in three-dimensional exploration from a higherd dimensional reality became what is here. Every human being will confront this reality eventually. It cannot be avoided. We can agonize about the lack of fairness or ask why, but whether it makes sense to you doesn’t change the fact that we live in a world of designedseparation. Divide and conquer.
    “The WingMakers write of the tone-vibration of equality. (Dr. Neruda pulled out some papers at this point.) Here’s the exact choice of words by the WingMakers: ‘When all manifestations of life are genuinely perceived as fragmentary expressions of First Source, the vibration of equality that underlies all life forms becomes perceptible to the human instrument. Life initially emerges as an extension of Source Reality, and then, as an individuated energy frequency
    invested within a form. It vibrates, in its pure, timeless state, precisely the same for all manifestations of life. This is the common ground that all life shares. This is the tone-vibration of equality that can be observed within all life forms that unifies all expressions of diversity to the foundation of existence known as First Source.’”
    Sarah: “It’s so abstract. How does it help?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know. But the thing is, to change, to step out of this illusion, it requires each of us to wake up and stay awake. It’s not reading words that will change this; it’s the profound nature of new behaviors, because these behaviors signal that our consciousness layers are understood as separate from who we really are. We have to operate as I AM WE ARE.”
    Sarah: “Where does the Incunabula5 or Illuminati belong in this narrative?”
    Dr. Neruda: “I’ll answer that later. I want to continue the story a little further.”
    Sarah: “Okay.”
    Dr. Neruda: “Human 2.0s and earth continue to densify. We become increasingly three dimensional. We are actually denser now than we have ever been—in terms of physicality. There was a time, about forty years ago, when we thought alien races were actually leaving spaceships behind on purpose, but what we discovered, more recently, is that most of the aliens were not physical beings. They were observing earth, and their spaceships actually became entrained by the gravitational circuits of the earth’s core, which caused their spaceships to materialize in three-dimensional space. Because many of the materials used in
    the ships’ construction had chemical properties, they were prone to densification when exposed to earth’s atmosphere.”
    Sarah: “You mentioned the earth’s core as being the cause of all of this, what’s so special about it?
    Dr. Neruda: “The magnetic fields associated with earth’s core are unique. They are, in the words of the WingMakers, ‘alive.’ We can only assume that alive is an aspect of intelligence.
    “The point in this, however, is that everything’s densifying. It is compressing. It is
    compressing for a reason: the old systems can fall in unison when density reaches a certain critical mass. And that is what will happen.”
    Sarah: “When?”
    Dr. Neruda: “All I can say is that it is soon. I don’t want dates and times associated with it—”
    Sarah: “But do you know?”
    Dr. Neruda: “We know a range.”
    Sarah: “More than ten years?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Yes.”
    Sarah: “More than twenty (years)?”
    Dr. Neruda: “All I will say is that the WingMakers term for this is SIN, or the Sovereign Integral Network. SIN is the definition of the new system. They said it can come in an instant once the right conditions are in place. What is unclear is how SIN develops after The Grand Portal and Human 3.0.”
    Sarah: “That’s the first time you’ve mentioned Human 3.0. What is it?”
    Dr. Neruda: “If human beings are trapped in a prison of illusion, as Human 2.0s, and their interface to the holographic universe is the reason for their being trapped, then a new model needs to step forward. Human 3.0 is this new model. It is the formula of self-realization. It is stepping out of the constructed universe or reality, and living as a self-expression of I AM WE ARE. Human 3.0 is the Sovereign Integral. I call it Human 3.0 SI.
    “You see, The Grand Portal is a way to synchronize humanity to a new inception point where it is living in the expression of oneness and equality, sovereign and integral, I AM and WE ARE. It is a way for humanity to move from separation—which was its previous inception point, the one that generated Human 1.0 and 2.0. Human 3.0 SI will have a new inception point, and the reason for The Grand Portal was to enable synchronization, because how can you have a network of equality and oneness if the beings were not synchronized?”
    Sarah: “What is soul, then?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Soul is an idea or paradigm that has become part of the human reality program. Soul is the part of you that contains all memory of your existence as a Human 1.0 and 2.0. For
    most of us, this is a vast repository—far too large for the consciousness framework to deal
    with. So the soul holds this information for each individual being.
    “Soul is a paradigm of infinite expression within a finite reality. But you can’t be infinite in a finite reality if that reality is a programmed reality. So soul is not the life force that powers the human consciousness. That is the Sovereign Integral. That is what each of us is when we are stripped naked of all illusion, of all deceptions, of all limitations, of all veils, of all functional implants—including the soul.
    “It is the redefinition of human identity and expression as I AM WE ARE. From a human perspective, the WingMakers do not see humans as lesser entities, but simply beings with inception points that enslaved them. It is not a judgment that humans are worthless or bad or sinful or weak or needy. None of those things. Humanity needs a new start. A point in which they can synchronize in one realization, and that is the expression of I AM WE ARE. Living those words as behavior.”
    Sarah: “Where’s the creator of Anu… the real God? How can we be allowed to live and operate in this kind of deception?”
    Dr. Neruda: “The WingMakers talk about the transformation/mastership model… hold on.
    (Dr. Neruda went to a page among his folders.) This is how they put it: ‘The time has come to integrate the dominant model of the Hierarchy (evolution/saviorship) with the dominant model of Source Intelligence (transformation/mastership). This integration can only be achieved at the level of the entity. It cannot occur within the context of a human instrument or an aspect of the Hierarchy. Only the entity—the wholeness of inter-dimensional sovereignty imbued with Source Intelligence—can facilitate and fully experience the integration of these two models of existence.’”
    Sarah: “So what does that have to do with my question?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Each individual being is responsible for this. God or Source Intelligence isn’t going to come down from the heavens and correct human faults or obstacles. Humans need to take responsibility for this—”
    Sarah: “But seriously, how? We’re wrapped in so many layers of deception—”
    Dr. Neruda: “It’s not easy. The WingMakers write about the heart virtues as the behavioral construct for this time, and how these words can be applied and lived, not simply held in the head as a worthy concept.”
    Sarah: “I don’t think you’ve mentioned these before. What are they?”
    Dr. Neruda: “Appreciation or gratitude, compassion, humility, forgiveness, understanding and valor or courage. It is the combination of nowness—being in the now—and applying these words in our behaviors. It’s being impeccable in this practice.” "
    Basically, this is what David Icke is saying, am I correct?

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm


    Women are not to blame for the violence in the world.
    Women are not to blame for the violence perpetrated against them--emotional, physical and sexual.
    "Blame the woman" is the most dangerous meme we have in our world culture and this much change.
    Agreed, change must occur within the cultural psyche of all.

    When women can believe in their inherent dignity and worth after centuries of subjugation--then the whole blame-shame cycle can shift. In indigenous traditions, it is the women who are the caretakers of the earth and of the spirit of children and men folk. Wisdom Keepers.
    Yes, they are educators and teachers and yet their roles have been usurped. This is why they have fallen so short in terms of raising "good" children. And where are fathers in these posts of blame?
    Change is required by all as cultural beliefs are deep-seated. But we as humans resist change...even though we say/think we don't.

    Men need to step back to let women step forward. Patriarchy is real and has been in existence for thousands of years. Patience and understanding is required for the pendulum to swing back.[/QUOTE

    If men are to step back so women can step forward just perpetuate the imbalance we are experiencing?

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    Apologies Frenchy. I didn't really have a lot of particulars in mind when starting the thread, other than the quotation I put in the first post, which really struck me as lovely.
    The re-emerging Divine Feminine has long been a subject dear to my heart, and I am fine with anyone who wants to focus on that in the thread.
    It's just that what I have currently been more focused on and finding to be very inspiring is the Wingmaker material, and it was helping me to connect some important dots relating to the re-emerging Divine Feminine, so I included that in the thread topic (and then asked to have the thread re-named so it wouldn't be too confusing for others tuning in, hopefully).
    I'm an INFJ in the Myers Briggs personality categories and we tend to want to connect dots and see the big picture, so sometimes my mind is just all over the place.
    The hologram thing was just connecting more of the dots between science and cosmology and the idea of Oneness, which I've always thought to be a more feminine trait, as women are so much about merging.
    In other words, if our Universe really is a hologram, then we really are all connected, or ALL ONE.
    Quote Posted by Frenchy (here)
    When you started this Thread, I was thinking simpy , naively, " Oh good, here's calling attention to Respect for the Original concept of a Man and a Woman " ! !

    Now, it get's to ' Holography 'and I flounder :-)

    I know what a Hologram is, even watched the Holographic Whale in School Gymnasium..., and I can understand that's a Projection in 3-D, Buteven since listening to David Icke, when he says, everything is an Holographic Illusion, I fail to grasp this ???

    I know I'm siting on a chair, I cannot walk thru' the wall, it is solid.... Hope I come back next time with more working brain-cells !
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    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    I hope I didn't seem difficult ! to the contrary, no need to apologise, it's a lovely thread !

    I was just showing my 'kindergarten-level', of understanding here, among all you hard-working, intelectual researchers...

    { Opened my eyes late in life ! }

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    It may be--I have not been keeping up with Icke's work.
    Quote Posted by peterpam (here)

    Basically, this is what David Icke is saying, am I correct?
    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    Quote Posted by Frenchy (here)

    I know what a Hologram is, even watched the Holographic Whale in School Gymnasium..., and I can understand that's a Projection in 3-D, Buteven since listening to David Icke, when he says, everything is an Holographic Illusion, I fail to grasp this ???

    I know I'm siting on a chair, I cannot walk thru' the wall, it is solid.... Hope I come back next time with more working brain-cells !
    I would agree that the world is of the nature of a hologram, and it is an illusion, because it arises and decays, i. e. it is not permanent or absolute. It remains real enough to those who experience it; the taste of the experience depending on one's present consciousness. The body cannot penetrate the wall, but the mind can, which, I hope we can agree, is more of an "I" than the flesh. Talking about illusion can get a little sketchy, unless it is backed with mind (and moral value) as reality. The feminine or Shakti slant on this is that the casting of illusion is playful and joyous. It is not the illusion itself that is "out to get us", it is the contamination in our own minds.

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