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Thread: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

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    Default Re: The Divine Feminine Re-emerging and the New Paradigm

    I LOVE Gimbutas's work! She practically rewrote history, and makes so much sense, though of course, her contribution has been vastly underrated and unrecognized.
    I don't think patriarchy is natural to the human race, I think it's been imposed on us by the Reptilians, via the Annunaki, and her work supports that premise.
    Thanks for adding her work to this thread, EFO.
    For anyone who isn't familiar with her, she is similar to Z. Sitchin in the way of re-writing history, only none of her work was channeled, but was impeccably researched and documented.
    Quote Posted by EFO (here)
    Bumping...and bringing in my small male-ish contribution

    Interesting thread to read,but there are missing pieces...lost in time by politics and politicians/historians/clerics and other low grade entities,if I may say so.

    When I was in primary school,in History manual there was a lesson,long enough for me to understand it at that time and no action to attract my attention,where was detailed how Matriarhat was in Neolithic and was supposed to be a peaceful society and describing how it was in those times and after that lesson the history lessons real were beginning.I don't remember what was written,only what I wrote.Sorry.Why I have this memory over years,I don't know.

    Marija Gimbutas surfaced by her work a lot of artifacts proving that at specific time in history there was a women centered civilization.
    The World of the Goddess - Marija Gimbutas
    "An absorbing view of the culture, religious beliefs, symbolism and mythology of the prehistoric, pre-patriarchal cultures of Old Europe, who revered and celebrated the Great Goddess of Life, Death, and Regeneration in all her many forms, of plants, of stone, of animals and humans, by the scholar who has made the exploration of these cultures her life work.... The program is produced by William Free, producer of the acclaimed television series with Joseph Campbell, "Transformations of Myth through Time."

    On Gimbutas:

    Marija Gimbutas was a Lithuanian-American archeologist known for her research into the Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures of "Old Europe", a term she introduced. Her works published between 1946 and 1971 introduced new views by combining traditional spadework with linguistics and mythological interpretation."
    One more thing to add:Maria Bitoi from OP is Romanian.
    Each breath a gift...

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