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Thread: Carmina Burana on the Keyboard

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    Default Carmina Burana on the Keyboard

    As some of you know, music is my main passion. Keyboard is my instrument prefered out of the multitude i play (about 15 i think).

    I have recorded Carmina Burana "Fortuna Imperitrix Mundi" on a Yamaha Tyros 5, In the video below this is me laying down the final track. If you look closely you will see me pounding the footpedals playing the timpani and hand cymbols....

    I had great fun... Although my neighbor thinks I have just spawned Satan.....


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    Default Re: Carmina Burana on the Keyboard

    Well, this is now the second thread on Avalon about Carmina Burana.

    Back in 2013, (what ever happened to) Fred Steeves started this one: Carmina Burana O Fortuna .

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