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Thread: The Consciousness Matrix

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    Default Re: The Consciousness Matrix

    Rupert Sheldrake on Exposing the deliberate lies of certain scientists, and peer reviewed telepathy
    8,716 views•Premiered Sep 3, 2020

    "Better Left Unsaid with Curt Jaimungal
    13.2K subscribers
    Patreon for conversations on Theories of Everything, Consciousness, Free Will, and God: https://patreon.com/curtjaimungal
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    All the data Rupert Sheldrake references is here: https://www.sheldrake.org/research
    A mini-doc about the affair is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkrLJ...

    0:00 Introduction
    1:00 Why is it that scientists tend to not take Rupert's ideas seriously? (polemics on materialism and dogmatic atheists)
    2:40 Will "science" come to an end? What will cause this?
    5:10 On the false divide between the natural and the supernatural
    11:10 Rupert's opinion on Daniel Dennett's theory of consciousness
    13:10 On the benign or deleterious nature of "reason"
    15:25 Does our unconscious have an unconscious? How far down does this go?
    18:05 Do we have free will, if we're infinitely influenced by what lies outside our control?
    22:05 Is the "bedrock" of consciousness ordered or random?
    28:15 What's the reality to the picture psychedelics give you access to?
    28:25 What's the ontological reason for the difference between LSD from DMT trips?
    35:10 In what ways is religion ahead of science?
    37:50 On Rupert's famous dog telepathy experiment and the mendacity of certain scientists
    44:25 On Richard Wiseman's supposed lies / distortion (of Rupert's experiment) to the media
    48:08 Wikipedia has been overtaken and distorted by guerrilla skeptics
    50:00 What is the role of myth in "truth"?
    53:40 Are we living in a simulation?
    56:00 What religion and myth say about the creation of world
    57:10 The New Atheists have a false view of God (a bearded man in the sky reprimanding you)
    1:04:10 What do you like / dislike about Jordan Peterson (with regards to making religion more admissible)?
    1:06:10 Where you can find out more about Rupert Sheldrake, and what he's working on next "

    (Thanks to Greybeard for emailing this to me.)
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    Default Re: The Consciousness Matrix

    Jay Parker has described himself as a survivor of his Illuminati family upbringing. I doubt anyone does not know of Mark Passio. This is a conversation that goes deep!

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    Default Re: The Consciousness Matrix

    "We could participate in"... "Play in the Co-creative Regenerative journey into the new future"...
    "I think we picked this..."

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    Default Re: The Consciousness Matrix

    Thanks Delight. Interesting thread.

    I find the ideas of Bohm and Sheldrake fascinating.

    The Consciousness Matrix: A fundamental framework that evokes self-awareness, or, a holographic explanation of totality.

    It seems that normalizing the finite world requires the removal of the ether from our paradigms, as that is the infinite portion of reality and cannot be reconciled with our experiences while embodied in a temporary biological vehicle. Our experiences are temporary and so we are obsessed with time, and its polar opposite, space.

    Yet consciousness is not bound by either. There is no time or space component to consciousness. There is only self-reflection, the realization of existence, and incoming signals from exploratory sub-components of that awareness. Time and space are inventions, ideas, impressions, designed to explain the imaginary and create the real. As such even our realities are merely subjectified observations of existential origins. Only after the process of sense-making does, or even can, the objective world appear.

    Science is about deciding which came first, the world around us or the world within us. To decide such a thing, it must be determined whether the universe is material at all, and has substance in and of itself, regardless of whether there is consciousness to observe it and flesh it out. Yet what is making this decision is the very thing that decision would eradicate.

    Can consciousness decide against itself?

    The problem seems to arise from the problems caused by the two possible conditions of the cosmos: infinite or finite. Since the infinite involves contradiction and paradox, this condition cannot even be considered with seriousness. Yet a finite cosmos has its own conundrums. So, both conditions are impossible, from a materialistic point of view. The objective universe can be neither finite nor infinite and still satisfy all necessary logical conditions, if it is the fundamental ground of reality as science today would like it to be, and is convinced it is.

    But as the new understandings come online, and make headway against the prejudice of established scientific dogma (which by the way is an oxymoron), it is becoming evident that consciousness plays a far bigger role than merely an accidental curiosity of biological systems, which are themselves just side effects of a material universe.

    Maybe we short lived consciousnesses are the finite component of an infinite idea we call god.

    And maybe we can allow god the divine right of creation and rest easy in our little heads, that we are well taken care of and that anything we might wish or conceive of can be realized for this very reason.

    Nothing is left out of infinity, because it represents totality. All finite realms, whether real or imagined, are contained within eternity. Therefore, all versions of ourselves are as well.

    This understanding, if it is accurate, as some scientists like Bohm and Sheldrake contend, leads to infinite potential and many incredible possibilities.

    We have barely begun the journey of discovery, and contrary to what contemporary science might have us believe, we hardly know a thing yet about the true nature of reality. Let's not set our current understandings in stone - that makes them far too hard to demolish when better information and ideas come along - as they inevitably always will.
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