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Thread: A GLORIOUS ACCIDENT 1993 PBS. Time to produce a new one!!

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    Default A GLORIOUS ACCIDENT 1993 PBS. Time to produce a new one!!

    Hi All / I have recently revisited this great show from 1993, see below for description. It would be fascinating to see a new production with a new panel, to see where we have come, and where we were mistaken.


    AT THE 2 14 MARK Rupert Sheldrake shares great information on Pigeons abilities beyond standard science understanding .

    In the Dutch television show A Glorious Accident (1993) six scientists talk about their visions on their work and the world. Journalist Wim Kayzer asks them: how far did you come in your understanding of our thoughts an actions? What did science really bring us at the end of the 20th century: knowledge or also understanding? In The Coming Together all the scientist get together: The British neurologist Oliver Sacks, the British writer and biologist Rubert Shledrake, the American philosopher Daniel C. Dennett, the British philosopher Stephen Toulmin, the British physicist Freeman Dyson and the American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould. The talk about the question what science has brought humanity.

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    Default Re: A GLORIOUS ACCIDENT 1993 PBS. Time to produce a new one!!

    WOW!! Thank you, thepainterdoug, some of my favorite scientists/thinkers/authors! Looking forward to watching this
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