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Thread: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

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    Default Re: What's in store for 2019? Serious forecasts and predictions, please.

    I was doing a lot of healing work and loving work just as in a way I sneak love into the posts here. I love David Icke he is a brave man. I was warned from the CIA and they are still hounding me now with demons and aliens etc. Look at Doreen Virtue she was raving about angels of love to millions of people now she gone back to Jesus which I love and will witness anywhere. However the point is she was attacked the same time as this demon attacked me. Although I don't think it was a demon but the elite trying to quash her light army on earth and so halfly it worked.
    They use a lot of psychological efforts through lots of sneaky ways, including voices in your head to do things. I thank you so much for validating my efforts.
    I was told that they are trying to make it like armegedon. I was told that they want people to be weak under fear and to give up their free will. Rely on the government such as in UK they mimick the universe which is abundant and call it universal credit. LOL umm nope not by your standard .
    They are mirroring the efforts of Love and nature and then twisting it so you rely on them not Love or the universe.
    There is one universal GOd that holds all into place, but he states that he is within everything so he can sample the richness of love. All he wants is for people on earth to love more and be abundant and happy. He does not judge.
    Anyhow, responding to the efforts of what is going to happen its this.
    They want to make the place more space age futuristic. For example the tulip in London which is next to the cone building. They are trying to rob people of their privacy. But see what is happening within Love where is the focus upon the good in life. That is the difference.

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