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Thread: Theresa May's Brexit deal faces vote in Parliament.

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    Default Re: Theresa May's Brexit deal faces vote in Parliament.

    It’s all very confusing indeed

    Saying there’s whole bunch of people in the government with differing opinions would be gross understatement- even the last cat and mouse on the Isles seem to have an opinion about Brexit. Not everyone had enough time to think and discuss their opinions though, namely opinions about the EU.
    The EU is much younger than GB. Hence the chaos.

    The chaos is also a good example of collective human consciousness in work. Awakened consciousness trying to do the “big maths” no matter what any particular politician or media page suggest.

    The unlawful trick is that they’re threatening each other “laws” and “no options”.

    In reality nothing has been decided so far and to the dismay of many of my friends even “Article 50” could be revoked, without further repercussions and Brexit thus stopped.


    So all options are on the table, without exception. People press each other into “faith” that March 29 is a deadline that can be maximally, extended - with grievances of course- because it’s the uncertainty and funds poured into this argument that costed the most, so far.
    Brexit will cost , with or without deal. The EU protect its own assets selfishly at this point. Remaining in the EU costs the same amount of trouble.

    Congratulations John Nash we have reached economical equilibrium so the decision is upon higher philosophical and moral perspectives.

    Of all things that make true sense to me, never get tricked to believing it’s “too late” for recalculation and right decision. If you really want to discuss high philosophy and moral stands, the parliament should go for it and talk of human rights, racism, health and social care, funds in education and being self sufficient. Growing own food etc.

    I feel it’s more urgent than than Brexit.

    Or go fishing . Let’s hope that the EU does not defy its own paradox and “right to be forgotten”. Say you forgot the EU business and we are at the square 1.

    From spiritual perspective it’s good time to be here at the moment. The rest is kind-of-insignificant compared to the bigger whole..


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