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    Default Phillip Walker Affidavit

    My name is Phillip Walker, i am 34 years of age. I am currently disabled by my conditions. I am able to produce (with much hardship) multimedia work in my own time. This affidavit is produced in a similar fashion. In my free time I have been an activist, an introductory entrepreneur, a musician, a graphic designer, a writer, a filmmaker, and a webmaster. In character I am altruistic, honest, dedicated, collective oriented, truth progressive, partner centric as an individual, and progress motivated. I am polarized opposite to evil and have dedicated my life to activism, protection, preservation, well being, truth, and progress.

    an attempt at summing up what i have observed from myself:
    • as my integrated self i am partner centric - work dedicated - collective oriented
    • currently i am primarily motivated by truth - progress - preservation - protection - justice
    • my favorite aspect of the universe is love - my favorite music genre is either dark synth or light synth with dark synth elements
    • i have ideological taste for duality and the construct of the universe
    • right now my soul desires: vindication, truth, and progress - positivity, love, and purity
    • in my adult life i have always been against projecting a fake image of one's self, and see it as abominable when others do it
    • i have "rm and genuine ethos for honesty
    • i have sacri"ced immeasurably for others (the damage to my soul has been eternal) - in addition my sacri"ce has been compartmented and exploited
    • i have stayed original, true to myself - i am individuality centric and have a pattern of non-conformism
    • i have worked hard on terminology and ideology for the last 2 or so years
    • i have not compromised my values with my music to make it in the music industry - i have stayed true to my own music values (dark synth & light synth are my genres)
    • i am a fan of vegetarianism - veganism - fruit smoothies - venti iced chai with light ice from Starbucks - cannabis - CBD - hemp - pasta - bread - rice - healthy eating - discernment - purity - celibacy - altruism - dedication - faithfulness - honesty - love - nature - pure intent - moral and right decisions - defending others - being saved - intellect - detoxing of impurity - nationalism - collectivism - protection - preservation - justice - peace - sovereignty - individualism - self development - self improvement

    • i am a proponent of vindication for the innocent, dedication - faithfulness - honesty with a partner, balancing open mindedness with skepticism, the open movement, universal basic income, the progression of science and technology, deoccultism and deconstructing psyop for the public,
    • i am eclectic in beliefs - i am a heretic of all religion while also "nding truth in religion - my perspective is that religions are control based belief systems - my ideology on god is that all gods are false gods and the universe has no origin and is a perpetual construct based on natural laws - i believe in allegorical truth to mythology - i have a "rm foundation of belief in science, for example i think an allegorical truth to demonic possession is scienc
    • i feel justice has been scarce in history - i can name very few major acts of justice• i feel my life has a lot of unknown and unrecognized altruism and e#ect while living against impossible conditions to succeed in many ways
    • i have irreproachable nature under some of the harshest conditions (while i am framed as the opposite with my targeting and upcoming public cruci"xion if things go as the agenda shows) - my reputation has been inverted
    • in the past i was into sports and still have remnants of interest in several sports
    • i have been a winner in competition throughout my life (a record of a team i was on was approx. 91 wins - 1 loss)
    • i have been tortured over 40,000 times and never compromised in an act of dishonor (and this has been o#ensively framed)
    • i was made homeless by cointelpro orchestration and asked if i would take a bribe for a suitable life, i declined it and lived hell ever since
    • according to a query i did my political orientation is: left-leaning libertarian
    • i am non-violent, desire peace and quiet, i am reclusive, somewhat eccentric, desire cannabis and my work most days, before mkultra sanitized my traits i was benevolent - modest - humble - shy - quiet - observant - aware - intellectual

    • i am a proponent of: liberty and freedom, believe in human rights - free will - privacy - sanctity of life, i am patriotic - somewhat of a nationalist, i enjoy helping innocent people, i am celibate, non-sexual at this point in my life, i am justice oriented, somewhat of a "ghter but desire zero physical con%ict, i am completely against war and brutality, i am pro small business and anti-corporate dominance, i am pro so$ware, i am a link person, i have subtle interest in branding, i am a word person - i really enjoy potency with new words, i am a fan of righteous Congress representatives, i am against political corruption and lies, i am complicatedly pro ideal surveillance and anti-surveillance abuse (obviously in disagreement of what is happening right now), i am complicatedly pro police but anti-police abuse of power, i am pro science and technology but complicatedly against transhumanism - what it does - how it is simpli"ed to making science look evil (like a new age evangelical christianity) - i am also against transhumanism's assumable paths, i am against the public cruci"xion of individuals (such as Alex Jones), i am against wrongful limitations (like what is happening to Julian Assange), i am pro freedom of speech - i believe in the right to speak religion freely and the right to criticize religion and other similar models, i believe the universe is a perfect design with both positive and negative as polarity
    • being threatened and mislabeled by the insane for knowing the truth (the truth gets you labeled insane) - my life is alien to the rationale of a person unaware of the scope of black ops occurring in the world
    • self expressed criticism: at points in my life i was lazy and not a hard worker, i am disabled but am able to get work done in hardship, i grew up in a criminal environment in Washington state and was tempted to do some bad things (i desire to be 100% legal a$er cannabis was legalized in October 2015), i had been feminized via mkultra in areas of my life as a victimization and part of their covert gender warping agenda, i judged people too simply until i had a revolution in judging others, i worked at least one terrible job i despise being mentioned, i have been somewhat honey trapped but have never been in a serious relationship, i feel i have somehow failed at performance with high stakes at times although always doing my best and abundantly in impossible and/or extreme conditions,
    • i have been extremely tested in life against: psyop - brainwashing - trauma/torture - entrapment - adversity - oppression
    • i have endured an extreme brainwashing campaign throughout my life and performed well under the circumstances
    • i have been dissociated on a soul level from trauma based mind control

    • i have endured likely over 40,000 tortures (both psychological and physical)• tortures i have endured: alteration of my pain tolerance matrix, fear on the level of extreme pain in my body, organ puncture pains, bone pains, eye pains, brain pains, heart pains, muscle ripping pains, lung pains, tendon pains, stitches, neural heterodyne of pain, body movement created pain, extreme neural virtual reality, extreme and sadistic neurobody designs, weaponized v2k, weaponized concepts, weaponized synthetic emotions, homelessness, psychiatric drugging, wrongful jailing, wrongful sectioning, seeing my own work ripped o# by imposters, my personality thefted and sanitized, i have been ritually abused every day for over a decade, every perceivable minute of my awake day for the last 20+ months has been "lled with abuse - slander - torture
    • obscenely grievous slander ops: framing me for intellectual property theft when my ideology and terminology is incredibly homegrown and it is vice versa, personality theft, personality warping, body mutilation and design, a lifetime of fraudulent neural conditioning, image destruction - career robbery - opposite branding of everything that can be respected, removal of likable personality traits, fraudulent emotions, sanitization of my mind's conceptual definition, deattribution of practically all of my life's successes, physical rape of myself as a child and electronic torment about it as an adult, ritual neural rape of myself, concealment of my true character through brain damage and dirty medical supplementation, fraudulent augmentation claims when i actually have my own acuity, inversion of perception (they are making the victim persecuted for his own victimization)
    • i have been excessively framed for: as a terrorist, as a criminal, as a insane militant, being a psychological warfare operative, being collusive with the Russians, being a pedophile, being a rapist, being a murderer, being a black ops conspirator, mind controlling the world, human trafficking affiliation (i was trying to destroy these networks), a schizophrenic, insane, a false messiah, a charlatan, complicit illuminati, necrophiliac, a hebephile, for molestation (a$er calling out John Podesta for Madeline McCann's kidnapping and murder), rape, surveillance perp, murder, conspiracy, election rigging, a groper, a drug addict, a dishonorable, as unfaithful, as dirty, as a handler, as a cia operative or administrator, national security destabilization, congressional fraud, presidential election fraud, as a targeted individual perp, a heartless psychopath (they neurally gave me a darker heart in about 2008 to match this), ugly, deranged, undesirable, evil. i am being framed for the comprehensive conspiracy I dedicated myself to stopping years back. i am a conspiracy witness with factual observation of a comprehensive amount of military and intelligence community war crimes. they have neurally generated false evidence to frame me for crimes i did not do, while consistently violating my free will with mind control throughout my life to correlate real actions in a much more comprehensive framing.
    • framing me for: i began exposing a particular type of surveillance abuse: environmental scanning of physical bodies and algorithmically reproducing them into an interactive neural virtual reality; perpetrated by the international military and intelligence community. I was subsequently threatened and have not compromised, however I have been viciously framed for the privacy violations I was exposing involving neural rape of myself to female scans, scans of children, scans or representations of my family, scans of elderly, and others. This has happened to me in some cases while they physically rape me with body control, the black ops perpetrators have labeled it "soul rape" in prior cybernetic conversation.

    • ways i know i am dealing with evil: the degradation i have endured as result of black ops, the slander they are willing to do to get their objectives done, the threats they have subjected me to, the impurity they intently force into my mind and soul, their styles of coercion, how much they obsess about causing injustice to others, how they have threatened to nuke the world, how they excessively frame me, what their perceivable goals are with myself, how they design my mind, how they designed my body, how grievously they torture me, how they have robbed me of my entire existence, the rape they have subjected me to, how they have threatened to turn women i admire into sex slaves, how they have threatened to rape and/or molest individuals, how they retaliate, how they reason, what their agenda is, how they deceive, how they murder activists and other progressive talent, how they impersonate congress, how they have manipulated culture, how they have hormone and gender warped individuals, their obsessive focus on my private areas, how they have forcefed me with body control, how they have violated my family, how they have threatened my nephew (they said they would 'turn him into a transexual' unless i sacrifice what is most dear to me)
    • serial forced speech: highly criminal intelligence fraud via forcing my speech - obscenely evil natured oppression versus myself
    • trauma based mind control: i have dissociated from torture, and am enduring persistent fragmenting and fracturing attempts in the form. i go through neurally forced experiences while my reactions are sadistically designed.
    • my life has been abused and ruined to myself
    • my memory constantly altered - isolated and negated memory to exact neural framing designs (to induce fraudulent neural alignments)
    • my thoughts sanitized and suppressed
    • my work ruined - career neutralized - my income suppressed - reputation slandered
    • my job security neutralized
    • my mind violated serially
    • my speech constantly forced
    • my body violated

    • i have been bled repetitively, have had blood pouring out of my body from automation of my body and mind
    • i am being defrauded of my accomplishments by an excessive counterintelligence ai that deattributes my work in real time to the surveillance record
    • i have endured excessive and consistent brainwashing attempts in a decade+ of overttargeting
    • i have been mind automated in a violating and offensive fashion for months at a time without my own volition - free will - and sanctity of consciousness
    • my life has been robbed from me (i am currently rebuilding my life)
    • success has been robbed from me
    • every project i start i have neural ruination attempts
    • every business or organization i have has comprehensive cointelpro and obscene oppression
    • people who support me are attacked by the same weapons system i am
    • my filmmaking has been heavily disrupted
    • they obsessively automate daw in my: my music, films, manuscripts, documents, PDFs, books, websites, articles, links, article descriptions, illustrations, graphic design, artwork, photographs, videography, businesses, organizations, so$ware, hardware, tweets, emails, social media posts, and interviews
    • i deleted approximately over half of my music discography on grounds of sabotage and uncharacteristic music
    • they threaten to ban my social media accounts via cybernetics
    • i have had my positive personality traits exploited and weaponized against me
    • my neural personality has been electromagnetically warped and partially deleted - a lot of the most valuable aspects of myself have been neurally sanitized (e.g. my benevolence, my modesty, my dedication, my empathy and heart, my logic, my awareness, my tastes, my senses, my judgment, my expression, my emotions, my concepts both mentally and ideologically, my linguistic expression and terminology, my memory, my body movements, my intellect, my talent, my skill...), my performance is serially suppressed - if i achieve high quality i get electronic harassment accusing me of augmentation, i have been chronically suppressed incredibly while being augmented frivolously for the counter point

    • my reason electromagnetically altered
    • my judgment synthesized
    • my neural programming fraudulently conditioned
    • psychological warfare directed at myself every day for over a decade
    • information warfare with countering myself in mind
    • damage of my hearing as a musician
    • distortion of my eyesight and damage of eyes
    • automated shaking with taunts in unison
    • obscene and incredibly slanderous body control
    • claims they genetically sabotaged me while saying they will frame me as a transhumanism GMO frankenstien psyop concoction (when i am a naturalist of sorts and antithetical to genetic engineering and psyop)
    • my body and life have been designed with cruelty, slander, and evil in mind: i have experienced discoloring of my eyes, discoloring of my hair, undesirable and unwanted body changes, organ targeting and slow kill, attacks on my heart, muscular ripping feelings, achilles tendon cut feelings, microwave liqui"cation of skin, deadening of skin via directed energy weapons, a non-sexually transmitted STD was arranged when I was in adolescence, honey traps and mkultra framing, personality replacement with automation, some of the most sick minded framing conceivable
    • physical and ritual neural rape of myself in the areas of: pedophilia - beastiality - incest - molestation - rape - homosexuality - transexuality - hebephilia - necrophilia - obese sexuality - exophilia
    • i have been framed for crimes both physically and neurally - crimes they continually torment me with saying they will make people think it was my own volition/free will and character (they are crimes so grievous that even when a person knows it was not me in a legitimate sense the mind programming still brands me as the perversion victimizing my life)

    • i am being framed as a pedophile (frameable circumstances: i was on a 123%ashchat website [a website that has public chat rooms] and stumbled upon a chat room that seemed to be talking suspiciously with young age a/s/l's - i clicked on something to verify what was going on [very shortsighted] and it brought up child pornography, i subsequently reported the room to 123flashchat and i noticed some time a$er it got shut down; i was contacted in a cybernetic conversation allegedly the FBI saying they will be framing me for pedophilia and people will think i molested and murdered children (this happened after i called out john podesta for the alleged molestation and murder of madeline mccann). to add insult to injury i am a molestation victim and pedophilia is one of the most sensitive things for me to perceive)
    • mind control of friends and family is occurring with models of belligerence, coercion, misconception, slander, framing, counter-proliferation, guilt by false association, character assassination by association,
    • i was told with a v2k threat that a cybernetic source was going to hit people with pedophilia designs and connect me with them in an act of framing, this has happened
    • powerful mind control coordinated to individuals i perceive - a technological rendition of street theatre
    • distinct feelings of being cheated on with neurobody technology done to program the partner bond out of my soul, aggressive neural slander of my desired partner (also done to program the bond out of my soul)
    • i have thus far not gone to authorities with my full story because i have been falsely diagnosed in psychiatric cointelpro and my story is too extreme to be believable over a covert ops mental illness rationalization. in addition the watchdog organizations in my country are complicit and willing to perpetrate treason and/or are absolutely negligent in protecting the liberty and safety of Americans from neuro-abuse.
    • excessive image cognition manipulation when i look at faces
    • orchestration of myself losing my 2 former jobs -working full time and part time at once (i still could not afford moving out of my parent's house or have a car i owned)
    • misdiagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic for identifying through all of this that the federal government is attacking me
    • i am a soul science experimentee (they want to impurify my soul)
    • negation of my free will has occurred every day of my perceivable life - automation of slander in place of my free will is obviously a model against me
    • my body has been implanted against my will - i have been implanted with mind control implants

    • i have been violated with crude forms of energy
    • physics technology is weaponized against me with unexplainability and slander as the model
    • i feel like a$er this level of neuro-abuse nobody in my life actually knows the real person i am
    • my life has been integrated with full spectrum ruination and slander
    • i am in need of medical supplementation for brain damage: i have been made reliant on brain implants
    • my dexterity has been affected - my body controlled abusively
    • i have been mind automated for extended periods of time obscenely abusively and highly detrimentally to my monetary and career success
    • i have been intellectual property thefted by both surveillance connected with thought injection and deep learning ai based simulation after surveillance of my soul's mental algorithms - my personality in thinking has been thefted
    • my ideology and business ideas have been thefted via surveillance and ai
    • i have been dehumanized and sanitized from myself
    • and concealed from the entire general public
    • powerful mind control related to the ugliness of individuals
    • an orchestrated car crash that i got sued for and stressed a high amount about
    • sadistic experiences designed when i am around people
    • constant ai targeting
    • obsessive attempts at ruining how people view my accomplishments
    • personality fragmentation

    • brain fracturing
    • personality deletion
    • soulular misalignment
    • bond reduction
    • rape in every category of sexual abuse I know
    • legacy ruination
    • opposite branding
    • monetary cointelpro
    • business ruination
    • image management
    • brain damage
    • various forms of drugging
    • forced speech
    • mind control every day of my perceivable life
    • ultimatums
    • reputation distortion
    • fight threats
    • rape threats
    • death threats
    • prison threats
    • extradition threats
    • framing threats
    • family threats
    • partner threats
    • constant microwave auditory effect
    • repetitive v2k memory ruination
    • career destruction - career robbery - personality theft - personality deletion
    • intellectual property the$ through surveillance and thought insertion of psyche profiled candidates
    • mind controlled false plagiarism claims
    • constant brainwashing attempts
    • neural programming ruination
    • neural character warping
    • torture in a comprehensive manner: mental
    • full spectrum cointelpro in my life, my work, my jobs, my activism, my projects, my businesses, my organizations, my accomplishments
    • conceptual blunting - emotional blunting - personality blunting
    • intrusive brainwave surveillance

    • offensive, violating, and abusive trolling with end game science
    • incredibly offensive, immature, dishonorable, crude, cruel, twisted, sadistic abuse in a ritual fashion through my entire life
    • insane, obscene, perverted, cruel, and slanderous treatment of myself
    • linguistic programming ruination
    • forced mistakes in work
    • mind automation
    • body automation
    • an extremely comprehensive framing of myself (for the exact crimes I am a victim of)
    • slow kill 24/7
    • electronic hacking
    • web analytics disrupted
    • communications disrupted
    • reducing my soul's taste for bci
    • ideology corruption attempts
    • terminology corruption attempts
    • weaponized false claims
    • threats of false witnesses
    • belief system brainwashing attempts my entire perceivable life

    • arranged rape and molestation
    • obscenely excessive neural rape and molestation
    • arranged disease - neurobody disease designs
    • oddjob implants (too disturbing to name)
    • targeting designed to be unexplainable - plausible deniability is incorporated into the designs of targeting (e.g. perpetrating perceivably improbable or impossible targeting• it is common for a ti to be targeted with experiences to induce those they speak with to trigger conclusions of insanity (this has happened to myself)
    • soul programming such as: the neurobody feeling my soul mate cheated on me (soul bond reduction)
    • impurifying my soul via neuroweaponry
    • i am victimized by a model of forcing speech or erasing memory while aligning compatible deceptions (planning intelligence fraud with congress, judges, world governments, etc to neutralize my opposition to the shadow government)
    • slicing and chopping automated speech (directly after the forced speech is when there is evidence of vindication: the parts they will cut out with false intelligence) - forcing fraudulent criminal speech through myself into neural surveillance
    • negation of my free will neurally, constant offensive and violating coercion, managing how people perceive my image (i do not project an inauthentic image, they want to program the opposite in people), erosion of neural ethics, punishments for trying to save people from the same crimes i am up against, automating my mind in unison to their crimes, shifting blame from their crimes to myself (one of their opposition and an antithesis)
    • my victimizers claim they are violating me with "soul rape", my body gets synthetic feelings the war criminals refer to as "angel rape" (in my opinion this is damnable)
    • comprehensive slander ops - opposite branding - reputation management - image distortion - intellectual property theft (surveillance or ai based simulation in unison to thought injection) - false plagiarism claims to reduce respectability of accomplishments - originality suppression - de-respect mechanisms - personality theft

    "...the technology for torture has advanced more than a hundred
    fold in recent decades."-Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

    • remote neural monitoring enabled targeting arti"cial intelligence - thought reactive targeting Ai
    • electromagnetic mind control
    • countless neuroscience based tortures (thousands of times since 2007)
    • prolifically sick minded targeting - hi-tech satanic ritual abuse
    • trauma based mind control
    • torture every single day since late 2007 - countless psychological tortures
    • character assassination - vicious discrediting mind control - public disrepute
    • monstrous mind control based slander
    • a labyrinth of subversive tactics
    • thought suppression
    • synthetic judgement
    • negation of mental algorithms
    • foundational brain waves replaced with lesser intelligence and/or someone else's slanderous point of view of myself (with this you are consciously someone else, and neurally take on their point of view)
    • brain-computer interface based lacing of thought (in a calculated way: e.g. to cause psychological distress)
    • neural framing / obsessive counterintelligence
    • neural sexual abuse
    • cloning of the senses / torture through the senses
    • technological illusions / technological mind tricks
    • electronic telepathy / v2k / microwave auditory effect / microwave hearing harassment
    • neuroscience based virtual reality tortures - VR tortures
    • neurobody tortures
    • synthetic pain signals
    • sensory deprivation
    • sensory substitution / sensory neural heterodyne
    • impersonation of extraterrestrials, archangels, Jesus, & God via BCI
    • brain-computer interface based impersonation of friends, family, and foes
    • demonic possession facades
    • Ai automated torture and v2k scripts
    • v2k voice cloning
    • overloading of memory via v2k
    • EEG cloning
    • emotional blunting via electromagnetic neuroscience
    • depersonalization via electromagnetic neuroscience
    • body control
    • body language control / facial movement control
    • serially forced speech
    • severe food poisoning symptoms
    • financial losses / monetary subversion directed energy weapons can reproduce any torture in existence.

    • malicious character reorientation & personality suppression
    • thought sonorization (training the brain to think in words instead of concepts and images)
    • memory loss
    • lost time
    • malicious neural conditioning
    • body mutilation
    • directed energy attacks on my ribs/bones
    • directed energy attacks on my ears
    • deadening of skin - peeling microwaved skin o# parts of my body
    • liquification of skin
    • stabbing pains (e.g. in the eyes or organs)
    • bone pain / spine pain
    • brain pains / headaches / migraines
    • eye pains / involuntary eye movement tortures
    • damage to eyesight / fuzzy eyesight
    • involuntary body movement
    • muscle spasms / severe muscle cramps
    • muscle tortures / ripping of muscles via directed energy weapons
    • tendon and vein tortures
    • laser pain on bones
    • attack of my scalp
    • loss of hair
    • attacks on my esophagus
    • technologically induced unquenchable hunger
    • artificial allergy
    • severe shortness of breath
    • sudden inability to breath
    • burning sensations
    • sudden, non-attributable, and extreme heart rate increases
    • directed energy attacks on my heart Attacks are designed to appear implausible to better conceal the crime to the people the target speaks to.

    • profoundly severe itches
    • feeling of brittle or rubberish bones
    • illusory feeling of broken bones
    • pain tolerance matrix manipulation
    • torturous synthetic emotions (synthetic depression, horror, fear, doom feelings, etc)• synthetic sexual arousal / anhedonia
    • spontaneous fatigue / lethargy
    • overwhelming synthetic apathy or passivity at strategic times
    • synthetic ADHD symptoms at strategic times
    • synthetic addiction feelings
    • sleep deprivation / electromagnetic stimulants
    • technological black out
    • synthetic optics
    • torturous synthetic tastes + smells
    • hyper-sensitivity to light - light sensitive eyes
    • hyper-sensitivity to sound
    • hyper-sensitivity to smell
    • hyper-sensitivity to temperature (heat / cold)
    • torturous cold sensations / torturous heat sensations
    • strong anhedonia (suppression of pleasure)
    • various forms of desensitization
    • suppression of emotions - negation of emotional matrix
    • negating awareness of social standards & etiquette
    • vomiting is one of my most disliked things possible, this has been technologically induced well over one hundred times in the last 3-4 years
    • technological gag reflex
    • targeting of lymph nodes
    • induced sickness
    • states of being where all food and food smells are repulsive

    "After what I have witnessed in the last decade it is clear my
    country's intelligence agencies are professional liars."~Phillip Walker

    • sonic nausea - sonic tortures
    • synthetic claustrophobic feelings
    • spontaneous tearing without emotional thinking
    • uncontrollable smiling at inappropriate times
    • electromagnetic mind control based forced laughing to things I would not laugh about
    • high frequency noises / buzzing & vibrations / auditory clicks
    • neural heterodyne (e.g. lacing sounds with v2k, enhancing pain signals, adding to smells/tastes)
    • subtractive version of neural heterodyning (removing high frequencies from audio cortex input, removing enjoyment signals from senses, etc)
    • highly abusive changes to the tone of my internal voice while speaking - neural propaganda in place of myself
    • controlled decreased dexterity
    • technologically induced loss of balance
    • technologically induced inability to concentrate
    • various forms of electronic harassment while I produce music
    • directed energy based high frequency sound interference while producing music
    • electronic harassment while I produce videos
    • electronic harassment while I do graphic design
    • tampering with my writing and spelling/syntax via neural interference
    • wounds induced by directed energy weapon methodology
    • directed energy induced coughing attacks
    • technology induced trance-like states
    • electromagnetic mind control based zombification
    • mind automation / body automation
    • circadian rhythm manipulation
    • distinct and abrupt consciousness change followed by a deep sine wave ear ringing
    • extremely excessive watering of mouth via directed energy neuroscience
    • control of blood flow to body parts
    • induced head pressure / induced sinus pressure
    • inner nose area enflamed via directed energy to cause disruption in breathing
    • distorted or contorted consciousness
    • high pressure feelings related to my ears/hearing

    "... regardless of country MK Ultra is always there
    with you." ~Targeted Individual George Baez

    • stomach tortures
    • various forms of poisoning
    • threats (typically via v2k)
    • harassment of many types
    • strategic intimidation
    • denigration / ruination
    • tactical isolation
    • gaslighting
    • derivatives of gaslighting
    • mind control based frame jobs
    • mind control orchestrated arrests
    • mind control orchestrated car accidents
    • mind control of people to attack me (which is an incredibly effective tactic due to the nature of incredulity in mentioning someone is being mind controlled)
    • likely covert torture of my friends and family
    • attempts at tainting of every piece of work I ever do
    • attempts at predictively programming the public about myself
    • attempts at destroying my valuable relationships / orchestrated relationship breakdowns
    • monetary suppression
    • my possessions are a focus of the targeting design I am afflicted by
    • mind control based slander & character assassination is being employed against me
    • I have experienced almost full blown sense hijacking, when I smell or taste something my electrical signals are being tampered with via electromagnetic neuroscience
    • I believe I have been implanted against my will, potentially in two+ different areas of my body
    • I severely dislike death smells & this has been exploited with synthetic signals
    • I have been given cannabalism based neural interfacing experiences as a form of torture
    • I get gruesome pictures of disembodied people created and/or augmented in my mind
    • pedophilia, beastiality, incest, and rape have been forced into my mind repetitively as a form of electronic torture
    • I have experienced brain-computer interface designs where my lineage was being decapitated, images of decapitated heads in my mind's eye

    "It is insane what our government is doing." ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

    • entrapment
    • blackmail
    • attempted bribery (to stop exposing the war criminals)
    • sick minded focuses on areas of my body
    • forms of molestation / technological rape
    • technological street theatre
    • thought broadcasting
    • framed for various misdoings (perhaps to justify the abuse at a federal level)
    • engineered accidents
    • coughing up blood
    • teeth damage / synthetic tooth pain
    • organ damage / synthetic organ pain
    • lung damage / synthetic lung pain
    • strategic brain damage (e.g. memory, limbic system)
    • cloning other people's mental flaws to myself via electromagnetic neuroscience
    • directed energy weapon targeting of my private parts
    • malicious body design
    • malicious & strategic inflammation of bodily areas
    • arranged disease
    • electromagnetic sterilization as a form of eugenics
    • dehumanization
    • de-attribution
    • false attribution
    • personality theft / intellectual property theft (e.g. deep learning Ai based intellectual property theft)
    • intentional false profiling of myself / intelligence fraud versus myself
    • psychological attacks through synthetic emotions
    • drugging / electromagnetic drugging
    • synthetic mind matrix - mind control matrix
    • slow kill techniques
    • deafening sonic frequencies while military psychopaths threaten to permanently damage my hearing (I am a musician - they attack what is most valuable to a person)
    • opposite branding of my music / flagrant brain-computer interface music experiences
    • opposite branding of my businesses / slander of my businesses
    • artificial tinnitus (consistent left ear ringing since my overt targeting began)

    "It's basically weaponized Nazi Germany 2.0." ~Targeted Individual George Baez

    I plan to use my victimization as an attempt at a change mechanism to try to help end the black ops targeting holocaust. I realize I may be ridiculed or trolled for speaking out about how they have violated me but I feel the circumstances call for progress.an attempt at summing up my life:
    • i have lived in Oregon and Washington state my whole life, i live in Oregon now. i was born in the year 1984 and i am male.
    • i have lived in a neural prison for over a decade and have lived a nightmare of a life
    • if i did not have purpose and people to protect from the same evils i experience, i would rather die than live this life. it is too detrimental to my existence and soul.
    • i have accomplishments to speak of, i have moved around so nobody in my life has really seen what I have done
    • it is apparent a$er what i have observed that black ops are excessive, obsessive, sadistic, and cruel towards me
    • i dedicated my life to assisting this planet when i was about 15-17. i have been through some of the worst neural oppression possible; i feel misrepresented, misconceived, character assassinated - slandered, set up for failure, automated out of performance and my own personality, too mind controlled to vindicate myself fully, censored, abused, violated, mutilated, slow killed, comprehensively framed, entrapped, defrauded of my existence with the products of mkultra, legacy degraded, body designed, intellectual property thieved, falsely accused of plagiarism, my ideology surveilled and thought injected into o#ensive people, synthetic insomnia, cloning of the senses / torture through the senses, disturbing and sick EEG cloning into my mind, brain-computer interface based impersonation of friends - family - and foes, my friends and family mind controlled to be belligerent, my transportation cut off, my monetary success gatekept, people i like or love having their well being threatened (usually without their knowledge and i am hit with the task of stopping it with obscene sacrifice or being blamed if i allow it), my image defiled and slandered, my voice (both mental and physical) distorted, my communication disrupted, constant brainwashing attempts, ritually abused day in day out for over a decade, unknown science assaulting me that the planet diagnoses as mental illness, i have been wrongfully jailed, threatened with false indictment and wrongful imprisonment, threatened with extradition, wronged by a litany of people, i have been wrongfully sectioned, wrongfully drugged in more than one way, my family has been targeted covertly, my targeting is designed for covert nature in the perception of others and overt in my perception (and vice versa), i have been made homeless, i have been career the$ed and destroyed by counterintelligence, my small businesses are being cointelpro'd, my organizations are threatened by counterintel, my music has been desecrated and through hardship and sacrifice i have achieved what i have, my films were cointelpro'd (i was able to make something quality in comparison to what alt media has), i have been neurally framed as a pedophile for the last 8 or so months, i have been sexually abused by neuroscience based black ops - they are by their own admission impurifying my soul through neural repetition of weaponized brainwaves and trying to ruin my entire existence and legacy - my linguistic programming is being ruined neurally - they are lacing my words with the most perverted consciousness and expressions to eternally warp and wound my soul, i am experiencing ritual neurobody attacks of feeling a partner cheating on me within my chest, my consciousness is raped every minute of my day for over 20 months straight from wake to sleep, i have a much longer list of targeting done to me. i do not think people can quite understand my nightmare even by reading these words.my life in a binary:
    • full spectrum black ops framing and rape of my life, body, mind and soul
    • mind controlled out of my life and potentially my existence through forced speech and brain damage about 8-10 years ago (from 2018)

    Treasonous Framing - Dolores O'Riordan Assassination
    • i was framed for the murder of Dolores O'Riordan. she was assassinated in London presumably with directed energy weapons by the international black ops crime syndicate that is framing me
    • i was threatened that Dolores O'Riordan would be accosted in a hotel room, raped, and then murdered. if i can correctly recall the experience i was in horror and in a mind automated desire to prevent it. the design in part is to devastatingly imprison me for the murder of my favorite singer
    • throughout my life my favorite artists were murdered by the same sources that target myself (they have even admitted as much to me via cybernetics), people such as Dolores O'Riordan, Bradley Nowell, Kurt Cobain, Nate Dogg, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, John Lennon)
    • i have thus far not gone to authorities with my full story because i have been falsely diagnosed in psychiatric cointelpro and my story is too extreme to be believable over a covert ops mental illness rationalization. In addition the watchdog organizations in my country are complicit and willing to perpetrate treason and/or are absolutely negligent in protecting the liberty and safety of Americans from neuro-abuse.
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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    Are you getting any help / support in exposing these crimes to the right people?

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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    Quote Posted by yelik (here)
    Are you getting any help / support in exposing these crimes to the right people?
    yes i am...

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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    I don't know how she expects people to fill in that document, which is 92 pages long.

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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    neuro-framing model seen below
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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    Quote Posted by Omni (here)

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    Default Re: Phillip Walker Affidavit

    i am being framed and covered up. i am falsely judged as the perpetrator. i am producing as much content as i possibly can to vindicate myself and/or have cosmic sources find me under near-impossible conditions.[COLOR="red"]

    i have been comprehensively framed and sadistically abused with this model.

    neuroscience framing model weaponized versus myself:

    brain damage presumably the brain stem neutralizing ability for organic thought generation & body control + synthesis of brain damage conducive to framing

    neural soullessness this can be neurological: brain damage, rf implant based, or soulular with spiritual deadening

    spiritual deadening i have been emotionally deadened with ritual trauma (this means emotions are transparent and feelings are lesser from the soul) - conceptually deadened with brain damage and thought generation having no orthodox conceptual definition: conceptual blackness - sensory deadening - imagination deadening (taste for mental images)

    neural programming years of neural programming - tied to memory, conclusions & belief system

    neural reorientation my personality is being neural suppressed - my neural attribution is being neurally altered

    genetic alteration framing me as more sexually inclined with frequency science altering the genetic natural laws

    genetic degradation physical degradation of my genetics

    genetic programming frequency science altering the forced mental variables adding to my genetics

    soul programming alteration of my soul through neuroscience mechanics

    microconceptual spectrum the microconceptual spectrum can be used to isolate your perception into a complete inability to perceive what is in your own mind

    memory control isolation and negation is a prime model of memory framing

    emotions my emotions are being synthesized and warped in sadistic ways that align to framing, emotions are an apex way to frame an individual with neural interfacing (bci) due to the way they are judged (fraudulent emotions with speech in neural interfacing are an apex brainwashing methodology)

    concepts my concepts do not organically generate due to brain stem damage (the conceptual area of my brain is damaged) - in addition i am being framed for having lesser concepts

    drugging neuropsyche - pharmaceutical

    chemical food - environmental - coerced - rf activated

    poisons food poisons - environmental poisons - activated poisons

    degradation of nutrients lowered performance - microwave degraded foods

    anhedonia i have had comprehensive anhedonia which is a lack of pleasure - indulgence - satiation. e.g. through sensory alteration & sanitization via neural heterodyne - suppression, warping of input. this has been used to neurologically frame compromise with the yearning of the soul to experience positive.

    body control framing me as filthy and a pervert

    implanted memories reverse psychology used with implanted memories to defraud authenticity of legitimate memory, doctoring memories to adjust body control framing to appear like sexual misconduct

    sleep deprivation lower acuity when being framed

    soulular exhaustion from psychological trauma

    cannabis (the least of my worries but strategically used)
    implant science:
    intersecting beams creating new waveforms in areas of my brain

    apex neuro-framing model: binary strategy
    (strategic systems of 2: truth - illusion centric) | i am a witness of binary framing
    intellectual honesty based neuro-framing model:
    any component of the mind that is inexact to accuracy can be neurally framed with this model || intellectual honesty - inverted lie detection based on design and the intellectual honesty of an individual (neural forensics based lie detector fraud). it is an extreme sadism because it punishes someone for their own honesty.

    intellectual honesty frequencies are synthetically input into the brain while awareness is supplemented with inaccuracy detection. e.g. framing one component of details with multiple and centering it around being dishonestly summed up. this is paired with compartmented frequency science and isolating part of the synthetic mind presented.
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