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Thread: Michael Tellinger email: he's abandoning UBUNTU

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    Default Michael Tellinger email: he's abandoning UBUNTU

    Greetings Avalonians
    Received an email from Mr Tellenger this morning saying he is quitting the UBUNTU movement for lack of financial support and hacking, trolling that he can no longer tolerate...
    This is not good news...as his efforts over the years to help humanity toward a better future is being stymied by 'bad actors'...
    Sad really...he's tried to bring peace and prosperity to all...
    end of line.
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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger email: he's abandoning UBUNTU

    I'm sure you meant "Tellinger". I liked his book "Slave species of the Gods"... on the foot steps of Sitchin and the gold mines in the ABZU. I wish he would have continued on that path and developed that further instead of the UNBUTU stuff.
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    Default Re: Michael Tellinger email: he's abandoning UBUNTU

    You might want to check out this thread as regards Michael Tellinger and Ubuntu

    Bill Ryan's 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger

    To the best of my memory, Mutwa says somewhere in here that Tellinger has taken all the donations for Ubuntu and done nothing with them except hold on to them for himself.

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