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Thread: Cosmic Exposure: Corey Goode’s Secret Task Force Uncovered

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    Default Re: Cosmic Exposure: Corey Goode’s Secret Task Force Uncovered

    Tell a lie once, and all your "truths" become questionable.
    Secrets and lies kill relationships, despite corey and davids new shiny video that everything's great

    it's gonnae be a massive ****emare once the bond between these two breaks down completely which is inevitable in my opinion

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    Default Re: Cosmic Exposure: Corey Goode’s Secret Task Force Uncovered

    This is slander, I challenge SunnyOne to find my name anywhere associated with Goode's group. Doesn't exist and she bloody well knows it!

    I am Janet (Jan) Shapan, one of the major critics of Wilcockadoodle, Patty Greer, and Corey Goode. Sunny One knows this because I know who she is.

    Originally, she was determined to paint me as an operative of Gaia because I exposed her during her vicious and slanderous videos. Now, she wants to change the narrative to make me apart of the Goode team somehow??? Really? How does that work exactly?

    I have all of the Thomas Crown articles (that disappeared after Goode's doxxing team was exposed) There can still be viewed on the WayBackMachine.com.... by the way. There you will see my name (Janet Shapan) targeted and slandered along with Graham Hancock, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Daniel Listz, Jimmy Church, Walter Bosley, Jason Rice, Emery Smith, Jay Weidner, Sid Goldberg and many more.

    And guess who Thomas Crown's heroes were?... that would be Patty Greer, David Wilcockadoodle, and Corey Goode.

    (SunnyOne you didn't miss the point, you are just trying to hurt me and rewrite history) She can't do it under her own name - that is what a coward she is.

    I, Janet (Jan) Shapan am NOT a part of ANY group. I attend no conferences, I don't seek to be on stage or claim fame. I speak ONLY for myself when I see others lied about about and mistreated ...

    SunnyOne has viciously attacked another friend of hers, calling her family, her friends, and trying to get her fired from events. She even had a guy in Canada accuse this friend on the internet of using energy weapons. How vicious is this?

    You, SunnyOne, are now as much of an outcast in the UFOlogy community as Goode. You destroyed your own credibilty and years of work.

    As much as you would like the world to see you as that person in the shiny gown with auras all around, those of us who have had firsthand experience with you know how angry you really are inside. Just as with Goode, anyone who calls you to accountability or questions your story ... will be slandered.

    What is too bad, is that your work was good. I never criticized your work to anyone. It is your lack of integrity and determination to hurt others that I had to walk away from.

    You can deny who I know you to be here on this blog, that is fully expected because that is how you operate.

    Quote Posted by SunnyOne (here)
    Everyone is attacking poor Corey Goode. Poor Corey was blacklisted from gia funded gigs. Poor Corey couldn't copyright any of the sacred words/initials that belonged to the world. It must have been disappointing but luckily for him, his team "appears" to get bustling to his defense at every turn! If it's true what they've been writing on the Avalon threads for years then: CG creates "The Scenario/event" and sends out orders to his team. Joy Jackson organizes things, Ron Litke creates offensive memes, Steve Chapman creates impressively researched texts, boycotts and petitions, and GEM continues to exist without it's original name or previous reputation. If they need any professional-style slandering done they call Jan Shapan. Quite a team they have there, but we wonder if it will be worth it to "his people" when the hammer drops and they are all called in to testify for him? Or perhaps it was all lies written to fool us, was Jay W all of those people perhaps? Thoughts.

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    Default Re: Cosmic Exposure: Corey Goode’s Secret Task Force Uncovered

    Ron got a new Facebook page up and running for the task force. They're going by "Deep State Disclosure" this time, not Thomas Crown.


    Here are all of the reviews left by visitors:

    Quote it contains false news which is purposefully posted to defame and slander specific individuals.
    Quote It could improve simply by deleting its Facebook page. The most devious and untrue Facebook page I have ever encountered.
    Quote Delete your page as soon as possible. That would improve everything!
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    Default Re: Cosmic Exposure: Corey Goode’s Secret Task Force Uncovered

    This link shows posts by Goode on another forum where he clearly says he has the means to find personal information and has no problem doxxing "stalkers". He even tells us he has to restrain himself, as he would love to do it.

    Stalkers . . . hmmm . . . one can only imagine what restraint he would need for his critics “the dark alliance” . . . not much, as evidence reveals.


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