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Thread: The strange story of Buckey Wolf

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    Default The strange story of Buckey Wolf

    I just became aware on this story surfing on youtube.

    Wolfe Often Posted on Facebook About the ‘Reptiles’ Who Run Society, QAnon & the Proud Boys

    Huff Post on the story


    Seattle Times on the story


    Then there is this video in which they present this

    ''#QAnon #GAIA #BuckeyWolfe #BlueAvian #ReptileBrother
    Following mainstream coverage of Buckey Wolfie, who allegedly murdered his brother believing he was a Reptilian, QAnon promoters remained silent on the matter, all except for Jordan Sather. ''

    '' thought this was curious so we listened to all of the YouTube videos that Wolfe had produced prior to the incident and what we discovered was that in the week leading up to the murder, Wolfe was obsessed with Gaia-related conspiracies including those extensively promoted by Corey Goode, such as Blue Avians.

    In fact, it was these very conspiracies that contributed to Wolfe's belief that Reptilian aliens had taken over his brother and were gang stalking him.

    Why then would Sather not mention this in sharing his "extensive research" into Buckey Wolfe? We believe Sather was hiding this information and misdirecting the narrative around the incident in order to protect his business affiliates within Gaia. In fact, this could be why he was the only leading QAnon promoter who covered the Buckey Wolfe story (damage control).'''

    In this video we present our research for this suspicion.

    Jordan Sather on Buckey Wolfe '''


    Be careful out there people.

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    Default Re: The strange story of Buckey Wolf

    “Reptilians among us”, ..... where did I hear this before ?
    Long before any Goodey Boy and his Blue Avians appeared on the scene.
    I suppose we were just lucky there wasn’t an unstable/schizophrenic guy (targeted or not) to commit a crime like that at an earlier point in time.

    ..... the saddest thing is, that two parents lost two sons at the same time.


    Great Nietzsche quote ! Thanks
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    Default Re: The strange story of Buckey Wolf

    WOW. I THINK PEOPLE FORGET THAT THIS STIFF ISN'T A JOKE, WHICH MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SERIOUS WHEN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED IN THIS TYPE OF THING! Here this guy is suggesting that he is not only aware that there are reptilians, but that people aren't going to implode and go off the deep end if they learn of such things. and then he cries out that he has been targeted, and things are getting out of hand..

    And all Sather cares about is reputations... And redirecting people as to what this guy was actually doing when this all happened, for reasons of PROFIT and future "resale-ability " for the cast of characters in the field. PATHETIC... "Book deals", and "website traffic" is his only care.. Yet the boy DID mention Agartha, and all of the "Gaia propaganda".... Does anyone know when this happened? And just calling out MK ULTRA, and NOTHING to do with what they're pedaling.. I can't IMAGINE what the family of these two boys are dealing with right now.. Yet Sather is using this crisis to take "pot shots" at others while distancing their "Product" from the story, when it is clear it is ALL OVER IT...

    This is so very very telling, and sad. I HOPE that people recognize that. Here this guy killed his own brother, and he it taking that, and rather than actually discussing the implications, he is using it to attack and discredit others. This isn't journalism, nor is it the exchange of any intelligent wisdom, it is damage control and nothing more. I had no idea this even happened... So sad...

    It makes you wonder if THIS had anything to do with Gaia and the "Crew" implodin in such a spectacular fashion? I am sure it absolutely DIDN'T HELP, and for good reason.

    So sad, all the way around.. What's worse is what we're learning about all of this, Q anon, and the "Goode meme's" and "doxing.. ".. Yet this guy clearly wasn't just a passive observer. I hope people realize, this stuff is no joke, and to treat it with some measure of respect. And that's WHY I strongly promote those that try to keep the scene HONEST.. This may have been avoided had this other stuff never happened.. Perhaps people would have tried to help when he suggested that he was being targeted.. Rather than just following along like "Eager Beavers" to get "More disclosure"..

    I am watching this young mans channel now.. This poor boy thought that "Q" was going to save the day.. I hope all those trolls realize the damage they did! And those still pushing such things step back and really assess the GAME THEY THINK THEY'RE PLAYING. And I HOPE that everyone that was negatively affected in both the doxing and the Q drama, PROSECUTE until they have nothing left to prosecute over so this NEVER happens again..

    Breaks my heart..
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    Default Re: The strange story of Buckey Wolf

    The leading Reptilian spokesperson has been and is David Icke. His story goes back to the Nag Hammadi scrolls and follows it as it unfolds over the centuries. If I take the Words of Princess Diana and others as to a Reptilian presence here and now, that story cannot be dismissed.

    As far as I can see, the Archon/Reptilian influence is cyclical and dependent on the cycle of Planet X/Niburu. Roughly a 10,000 year cycle, it is now reaching peak. Then that influence will fade.

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