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Thread: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

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    Default Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Oh god - this is bothersome.

    (I thought about putting this in "Science", but it deserves general coverage).

    We've heard about previous "sending of thoughts" via the "internet" using one set of EEG (electroencephalograph pickup or "receiver" electrodes) leads stuck on the head of a "Sender" to another person with sender(additional leads that have a small current driving them) electrodes attached to their scalp.

    The sender's brain signals were able to be received, digitized, sent over the internet, and then decoded back into a set of stimulations, that drove the electrodes attached to the scalp of the "target"..

    (ref: http://theconversation.com/brain-to-...elepathy-37926 - the science of telepathy)

    That was strange enough..

    What I understand is that there is a unique "neural hologram" or wiring pattern which the brain and being and nervous system develops as the baby grows into an adult. That wiring pattern has prevented direct "wiring" of one person's brain to the other, as comparing the two people's neural patterns, one just sees a very occasional correlation, but for the most part, the out-of-synch-ness of the brains and the wiring pattern issue just comes across as "noise".

    That's a good thing. We remain "INDIVIDUALS", not part of a "HIVE MIND".

    Folks who have grown up with a sibling, or husband and wife married for long duration have observed that the "significant other" is able to anticipate what the other will say, or do, or comment and/or complete a sentence before the other completes it. That phenomena is very observable, and has baffled neuro-scientists for years.. Finally some brilliant ah-ha's resulted in a realization that it is a type of entrainment, that induces synchronous neural patterns..

    And it gets baffling when effects at a distance occur.. How can billionths of a watt of power emitted from one brain get received by another brain tens of feet away, yet alone the phenomenon is observable from hundreds if not thousands of miles away? Astronaut Ed Mitchell (formerly Noetic Sciences) observed in the moon-to-earth experiments that transmission and reception at such distances were indeed possible, and he got excited enough to form an institute for the study of consciousness, telepathy and the information science behind how body/mind/brain are tied into all life. ref: https://noetic.org/directory/person/edgar-mitchell

    In the early 1980's I published a paper on the science of the "neural hologram", and presented at an IEEE conference to a group of leading scientists interested in how the brain's information systems worked - such as how "willing a finger to move to type" was a result of a neural holographic painted "image" (image is a descriptor in this case, of the "program" required to evoke stimulation, and feedback between the intention of "finger movement" muscle movement, and controlling JUST enough drive to not over-shoot)..

    A fellow from Wright Patterson AFB walked up to me, a heavy set desk-potato-guy a department head wanting to know this: "We haven't been able to get our FLY-BY-BRAIN-WIRE jet fighters to function reliably - it is intermittent, we have some sort of "noise" in the signal, and it is so variable and unpredictable, this concept is impractical - but in your presentation you say you have solved the prediction issue, the noise issue - this holographic concept is, well frankly, "mind blowing" - how do you do it?"

    That set of questions and statements was quite revealing to me, where they were at in the early 1980's.. And that military use of brain monitoring to control apparatus was actively being pursued back then. Part of my discussion was how we could monitor, observe feedback at the muscles, generate drive signals for what I coined "neural-prosthetics".. That was in 1983, and we had the parts technology and servo drive systems for helping paraplegics move their limbs again quite normally. If muscles were present, but just the nerves damaged, one could re-drive at the point past the damage and re-stimulate and monitor the muscles (neual feedback to prevent over-shoot) and affect a relatively normal motion without having to wear an artificial drive motor set.

    But of course big business pharma says NO, we will keep people crippled, and nothing came out of it in light of the "military" use to control robotics in fighter planes..

    There is some history.. Now back to the current situation at hand...

    So they put the skull cap of electrodes on the HUMAN and started receiving the data, digitized it and looked for some key patterns within - some of the learning exercises is "move that cube with your mind" "visualize that cube moving using only your mind"..

    And they looked for the patterns that appeared in this "sender subject", and categorized those "willful patterns".. They had from the trained sender, we can call this sender, the "ALBINO" a way to reliably make a computerized cube "move".. (the cube was controlled by other apparatus, no telekinesis yet)..

    So some brilliant (sic) neural scientist says, "hey, you know how much we hate rats, let's stick wires in the motor cortex of a rat and hook those electrodes up to micro-stimulator current generators, and drive those wirelessly from known willed patterns in the Sender Human, and see what happens..."

    Get this - a human mind willing a RAT to move according their human thoughts..

    And guess what - it worked.

    Human remotely controls another living being using their mind (and a bunch of high powered computer apparatus to filter out noise, and direct to specific locations in the remote being's brain..)

    Quote Abstract

    Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) provide a promising information channel between the biological brain and external devices and are applied in building brain-to-device control.

    Prior studies have explored the feasibility of establishing a brain-brain interface (BBI) across various brains via the combination of BMIs.

    However, using BBI to realize the efficient multi-degree control of a living creature, such as a rat, to complete a navigation task in a complex environment has yet to be shown.

    In this study, we developed a BBI from the human brain to a rat implanted with microelectrodes (i.e., rat cyborg), which integrated electroencephalogram-based motor imagery and brain stimulation to realize human mind control of the rat’s continuous locomotion.

    Control instructions were transferred from continuous motor imagery decoding results with the proposed control models and were wirelessly sent to the rat cyborg through brain micro-electrical stimulation.

    The results showed that rat cyborgs could be smoothly and successfully navigated by the human mind to complete a navigation task in a complex maze.

    Our experiments indicated that the cooperation through transmitting multidimensional information between two brains by computer-assisted BBI is promising.
    Are you concerned? I am.

    ref: https://www.nature.com/articles/s415...ZXx67tMu06ZQg4

    Who did this?

    Chinese scientists. (Should Trump or the Pentagon be concerned? I wonder if the fellow at Wright Patt is paying attention..)

    Quote Six rats were engaged in this study. All methods were carried out in accordance with the National Research Council’s Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. All experimental protocols were approved by the Ethics Committee of Zhejiang University, China. Informed consent was obtained from all manipulators.
    I will point this out. This can be done wirelessly without implants in the target. That is state of the art. If they are willing to talk about the lower level "control" methods now (remember in 1983 I published the "science" of the neural-analysis/prosthetics uses) are folks that are "hearing voices", acting "robotically", just "crazy" or is there more to it?

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    Default Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Not as complex as navigating a rat through a maze, but there's been a study in 2014, documenting remote control of human hand movements via a brain connection.

    Quote Posted by A Direct Brain-to-Brain Interface in Humans
    We describe the first direct brain-to-brain interface in humans and present results from experiments involving six different subjects. Our non-invasive interface, demonstrated originally in August 2013, combines electroencephalography (EEG) for recording brain signals with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) for delivering information to the brain. We illustrate our method using a visuomotor task in which two humans must cooperate through direct brain-to-brain communication to achieve a desired goal in a computer game. The brain-to-brain interface detects motor imagery in EEG signals recorded from one subject (the “sender”) and transmits this information over the internet to the motor cortex region of a second subject (the “receiver”). This allows the sender to cause a desired motor response in the receiver (a press on a touchpad) via TMS. We quantify the performance of the brain-to-brain interface in terms of the amount of information transmitted as well as the accuracies attained in (1) decoding the sender’s signals, (2) generating a motor response from the receiver upon stimulation, and (3) achieving the overall goal in the cooperative visuomotor task. Our results provide evidence for a rudimentary form of direct information transmission from one human brain to another using non-invasive means.

    Here's another experiment from 2015 where one person controls the hand movements of another person by connecting directly to the nerves of the arm.

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    Default Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    This is so terrible! Poor rat and disgusting human.
    All without any practical use (of course weaponize is always an option ...)

    If we finally become understanding that EVERYTHING is ONLY coming from one intelligent energy field and not the primitive thinking in materialistic mechanisms,
    we would never do such experiments.

    We would just 'ask' the rat friendly and thank him/her for their cooperation.
    The rat is you and you are the rat.
    Both coming from the one and same intelligent energy field, opening a whole lot of understandings, new technology's and possibilities.

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    Default Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Wow... Remote control rats.
    Remote control people doesn't sound as foolish as it used to...
    I find this especially fascinating because the rats don't have any language.

    Since I have personally experienced being controlled as a result of mind/thought manipulation, I feel that I really should have something to contribute here, it's just very difficult to put into words.

    What is it like to be mind controlled?
    Well for one thing, I didn't notice anything amiss until afterward. If I can ever find a way to put my experiences into words, I will. In essence, I felt as if I was a whole different person, for a short time. It felt normal at the time, and once I "snapped out", there was a distinct feeling that something had gone missing (or just left)

    The fact that hypnosis even exists has always been very telling to me. Not saying I fully understand, but the reason *why* hypnosis works I think is key. People are programmable, simple as that. But could you hypnotize a rat?

    This also ties really closely into the idea of "thought forms", which in essence implies that thoughts are tangible things. Additionally, I believe emotions can be contained as well, and I'm curious to know if a person's emotional state could be superimposed onto the rat.

    I'm no stranger to awful science experiments, and when I hear of scientists doing this kind of thing, I cringe. The "Pit of Despair" experiment makes me want to vomit and punch somebody at the same time...

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    Default Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Thank you Bob!

    I have spent the last 20 years studying the brain, neural pathways, and the like, as well as biotechnology and military advancements.... And I have had some experiences with this as well. Yet I don't even know where to begin.. So I won't.. I will just say this

    PEOPLE, when others suggest something isn't right and THEY suggest they're being controlled in some way.. BELIEVE THEM.. You can look for brain issues but in the meantime, BE SUPPORTIVE because THIS STUFF IS VERY REAL. And it is far more advanced than walking rats like dolls. They were flying aircraft flight simulators, SUCCESSFULLY in the early 80's, using JUST THE RAT NEURAL TISSUE.. NO RAT..

    With wifi being what it is, you see where I am going with this. This stuff could be sent from your devices, directly to your mind.. Through your fingrtips, we use those for EVERYTHING now.. Touching screens, etc. They can send information to your mind to download later through a retina scan, its no joke, so long as the scanner can SEND information as well as read it. (Essentially, any sensory center in your body carries information to the mind and therefore becomes vulnerable to access)... And you HAVE TO KNOW, if some grandma in America thought about this, so has the military.. This has the potential of the remote droning of an entire population. This is NOT good, it leaves no fingerprint and our brains have no firewall. We get neural stimuli from things that we don't even realize..

    I liken it to contaminating a fuel system of a vehicle, without accessing that actual gas tank.... You can get to it in the fuel lines, the carb... ANY ACCESS POINT becomes suspect...

    GREAT THREAD! I hope it stays up a very long time and people add to it.
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    Default Re: Human brain controls rat brain using implants - dangerous practices?

    Delgado did an experiment with a bull. They experimented on monekys in MK Ultra too. Even on humans.

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