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Thread: Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican

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    Default Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican


    There have been so many stories lately about the Vatican and catholic church and there molestation. Priests all over the world in large numbers are being found out. And just yesterday I saw that the number 3 cardinal in the Vatican was found guilty in Australia of molestation and is going to jail. And then I saw this story which seems to also be tied to the Vatican.

    This article is short but revealing. And at the end of the article it says the model knew the person who was molested who was good friends with the POPE. It seems it goes all the way up to top.

    The catholic church has over 2000 of very bad karma. And I think now its time to pay it back. Its time for the truth to come out about what they are and what they have done. ...

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    Default Re: Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican

    Human trafficking is the worst of the worst aside from murders, child abuse/pedophilia, but it all is related, and it really needs to be brought to light, and not remain one left in the dark due to the graphic nature of the crimes themselves.. It is worse than even debt slavery and in my opinion the most important topic we should be discussing as a population. To see no replies to this thread, is very discouraging. It says that it is too ugly to even address...

    And with that we will never find any resolutions, nor will the innocent victims every stand to have any hope in their dispair. Very discouraging. We need to fix that somehow.

    This thread went 2 months without a reply... SAD..
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    Default Re: Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican

    People tend to assume that the priests become child molesters because they are catholic, and there must be something wrong with catholics which is making so many priests turn into child molesters. Well I don't think that's quite right. They weren't always child molesters, just at some point along the line, they decided it'd be a good idea to have sex with children.

    The problem should be a bit more apparent now.

    I'd like the truth to come out too. And not saying catholics are blameless, I see this as a huge abuse of church power.

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    Default Re: Model found dead who was going to expose the sex traffic industry...tied to vatican

    This doesn’t exactly fit here but it may be related.

    Quote ‘Angels and Demons’: police in Italy arrest 18 accused of brainwashing, abusing and selling children

    Network allegedly forged childlike drawings with sexual connotations and gave kids electric shocks to make them think they had been abused by their parents

    Agence France-Presse

    Published: 9:23am, 28 Jun, 2019

    Italian police have arrested 18 people including a mayor, doctors and social workers for allegedly brainwashing vulnerable children into thinking their parents abused them so they could then be sold to foster parents.

    Police in the northern city of Reggio Emilia made the arrests after an investigation started in 2018 revealed an alleged network of carers who used methods including electroshock to make the children believe they had been sexually abused.

    The network then allegedly gave the children to foster families in exchange for cash, while keeping gifts and letters sent to the children by their real parents hidden in a warehouse that was discovered by police.

    The alleged abuse was reported by Italian media and confirmed by police in Bibbiano, near Reggio Emilia, on Thursday.

    “These accusations, if confirmed, are frightening and shocking,” Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said at the G20 meeting in Japan.

    The accused include psychotherapists working for a social work association in Moncalieri, near Turin, and the mayor of Bibbiano.

    To brainwash the children, those arrested allegedly forged childlike drawings with sexual connotations and used electroshock therapy as a “little memory machine” to create fake abuse memories, while the therapists are accused of dressing up as “wicked” children’s story characters.

    The probe code-named “Angels and Demons” revealed a scheme to “pass off as a model welfare system for abused minors what was in reality an illegal business to the children’s detriment”, La Repubblica newspaper reported.

    “According to investigators, the aim of the arrested group was to take children away from families in difficult social situations and to give them, for money, to other parents,” said the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

    Some of the foster parents have been accused of sexually abusing the children they paid money for, La Repubblica said.

    Police declined to say how many children were involved, or of what age.
    Hundreds of thousands of euros were involved, Italian media reported.

    This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: 18 held after children brainwashed, sold to new parents
    From: https://www.scmp.com/news/world/euro...d-brainwashing
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