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Thread: Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure

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    Default Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure

    Richard Hall has done it again!

    In his own inimitable, methodical style, he revisits the murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox, and in doing so sheds new and disturbing light on the subject in stark contrast to that presented by the mainstream media at the time.

    This is a real roller-coaster which goes from breaking down the framing of a vulnerable and innocent man to the murder (or not?) of the person possibly responsible for the biggest exposé of UK tax havens, namely “John Doe” of the Panama Papers.

    This is a long watch at over three hours in total, but is well worth it imo.

    Part one is below. The other three should come up in the YouTube side bar or access them from his channel here:

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    Default Re: Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure

    Richard has covered some very interesting topics, and his documentary on the maddie mccann is very very interesting.

    Even more interesting is the following video with his meeting with statement analyst Peter Hyatt and the embedded confessions he uncovers analysing key statements made by the missing child's parents.

    "Statement Analysis is the science of seeing deception in language. It can be 100% accurate, exposing both deception and motive. We offer training in seminars and at home, as well as analysis services for businesses and law enforcement. -Taken from Peter Hyatt's Website.

    Taking that one step further....

    I wonder what Peter Hyatt would uncover using his analytical skills if he were to analyse some recent Whistleblower's testimonies, and statements they've made regarding everything from UFOs, SSP, Underground Bases, Bases on the dark side of the moon and Mars et al.

    Has anyone ever hired or engaged a statement analyst to analyse potential whistleblower's statements? Would it or could it be a valid approach to validate their claims?

    Now, I suspect that would make one heck of a fascinating series of videos worth watching

    Peter's website is here - https://www.hyattanalysis.com/
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    Default Re: Exit From Brexit, The Jo Cox Departure

    It's bloody frightening.

    Imagine how they could do to any one of us what they did to him, so easily.
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