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Thread: What are your sources of information on the web? Who do you trust?

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    Default Re: What are your sources of information on the web? Who do you trust?

    That's really shocking news that Zero Hedge—a very reasonable, intelligent and civilized website—got banned on Facebook.

    It's really important to grow alternative social networks.

    Minds, Steemit, Gab…

    They are dangerous to the system, that's why Gab was no-platformed over the Pittsburg synagogue shooter, even though that guy was also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

    The Silicon Valley oligarchy doesn't want competition, they want everybody on their platforms, which the deep state censors.

    Sometimes these days I hear voices saying, "We've got to make Facebook/Twitter change their ways." No. That's advocating for the state to take control of social networks. If you do that, you soon couldn't operate any social network independently outside state control anymore. You'd invite the state to manage every social network.

    The way is not to force existing social networks to do this or that, rather create free ones and go to free ones. This is important and a real threat to the system, which is why Gab was no-platformed and why Gab is no longer available as a smartphone app anymore. The app stores are basically controlled by a duopoly, Apple and Google, they decide which apps you are allowed to use. That also needs to change. We need independent operating systems and app stores for smartphones. Librem 5 goes into that direction. We gotta get creative, build alternatives and use them. Otherwise the system is gonna pull the rug out from under our feet.

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    Default Re: What are your sources of information on the web? Who do you trust?

    Not sure if this is what you’re looking for. I don’t keep up with current events much anymore and mostly restrict my time online to libraries and Avalon, but for folks who are interested in psychology and/or occult literature, the following two sites may interest you.

    Pragmatic psychology professor and a sane voice in the current social climate (social psychology expert), Jordan Peterson: https://jordanbpeterson.com/about/

    Library of occult periodicals, perfect for understanding the effects on the world we see today as they cover roughly the period of 1840-1940 and include reports and other literature from influencial secret societies. A rich source of esoteric/occult knowledge and great for detailed historic research because of the periodicals reflecting attitudes, events (world wars) etc. from that time. The International Association for the Preservation of the Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals: http://www.iapsop.com/about.html

    Not one I frequent anymore due to shift in interest but reliability and accuracy is second to none for political researchers, WikiLeaks: https://wikileaks.org

    Update: See also this thread: A list of websites for good alternative information.
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    Default Re: What are your sources of information on the web? Who do you trust?

    I read zero hedge faithfully, while discounting the bias and exaggerations in many of their contributing author's articles.

    By far the best forum for those who want to follow the money, is Naked Capitalism. The articles are well worth the read and the commentary is second to none. Many of the comments I partially understand, as I am not a candidate for Mensa and don't have a background in finance. But I understand just enough of the financial end to appreciate the general point of view of most of the articles and all of the commentary.

    They were one of the few sites singled out as 'fake news,' by Washington Post a couple of years ago. Come to think of it, it could have been the Times or Wall Street Journal. Can't remember.

    But anyway, they get into all kinds of social ills caused by Neo-liberal corporatism but equally criticize war mongering neo-cons. I consider them the ONLY truly fair and balanced site out there. Yes Smith is whip smart and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

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