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Thread: Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system

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    Default Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system

    Interesting, but shocking video here -

    "This is unfortunate since it opens a way for mischevious applications of the invention, whereby people are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's purposes. Such application would be unethical and is of course not advocated. It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online, or while watching TV, a video or a DVD."

    Set me off on a wee hunt and found this -


    Makes you wonder if he's had some interesting backing and funding by an organisation wanting to learn, master and operate as much as possible in this field.

    Question is, Why? -

    US5782874A 1993-05-28 1998-07-21 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Method and apparatus for manipulating nervous systems
    US5800481A 1995-12-28 1998-09-01 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Thermal excitation of sensory resonances
    US5935054A 1995-06-07 1999-08-10 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Magnetic excitation of sensory resonances
    US6017302A 1997-10-31 2000-01-25 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous systems
    US6081744A 1993-05-28 2000-06-27 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Electric fringe field generator for manipulating nervous systems
    US6091994A 1995-12-28 2000-07-18 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Pulsative manipulation of nervous systems
    US6167304A 1993-05-28 2000-12-26 Loos; Hendricus G.
    Pulse variability in electric field manipulation of nervous systems
    US6238333B1 1995-06-07 2001-05-29 Hendricus G. Loos
    Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems

    Apparently, he worked for Douglas, and DARPA during the 60s. That was 50+ years ago. Imagine how it might have been developed, improved, modified and amplified in effectiveness - since then.

    Could this possibly have anything to do with all these individuals "randomly" committing mass shootings and other atrocities over the years, to help fulfil someone else's agenda?

    Scary thought.

    Wot u reckon?

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    Default Re: Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system

    I'm getting the hunch that this patent thing is use as scaremongering. I dont know about this one though. But there are so many of such kind. For one if its to be used for killing you and me by the bastards why would they need a patent for it. Nobody is interested in killing people except them so they absolutely have the monopoly already no need for patent.

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    Default Re: Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system

    It's decades old news to me and by now many others, but here you go....

    Today's "60 Minutes" t.v. show, Sunday March 17, 2019, on c.b.s. had a long report on the effects of RF microwave attacks on United States citizens who worked both at embassies and as representatives of businesses in foreign countries. Some of these folks were attacked in the apartments they occupied while working abroad and some had their children with them at the time, suffering alongside them.

    It is well worth watching, knowing full well that if these attacks can happen in foreign countries, in these cases namely China and Cuba, they certainly are happening all over the world.

    One very interesting and thought provoking segment was one recalled by a man who had worked with a partner, in an unnamed country "hostile" to u.s. interests, in 1996. Though these men worked on this assignment for only one week, they both claim that the attack was so powerful that they both came down with Parkinson's disease at the same time. That was way back in 1996. (A long while back, I met a man whose father worked on that weaponry back in 1965.)

    We are electro-chemical beings under attack by the deliberate manipulation of our lives, from those armed with that same weaponry and who have bad, very, very bad intent with not one single F*** to give about life, any life for that matter, even the lives of their own family members.

    Here on this forum we have many testimonies and endless details, as well as the science behind these same discussions, that validate the proofs of these clear and present dangers. They are all worth a read, as in many cases the larger the detail the more effective we are in finding solutions, even if they only provide a more healthy way of personalizing how to live in such a world.

    Here is a wholesome primer on the subject brought to us by Barrie Trower:

    John B Wells interview http://projectavalon.net/forum4/show...more-downloads (Barrie Trower, Jim Willie, Andy Basiago, and more),

    A Look Into The Widespread Use of Microwave Radiation With Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert Barrie Trower - Wifi, Microwaves & the Consequences to our Health
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    Default Re: Details about 16 yr Patent for remotely manipulating your nervous system

    And adding this video for those who have not seen it:

    Quote This powerful video explains the truth regarding Microwave weaponry and other exotic weapons (psychotronic, electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, HAARP, GWEN towers, ELF waves)
    *I have loved the stars too dearly to be fearful of the night*

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