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Thread: Folie à deux

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    Default Folie à deux

    Folie à deux, or shared psychosis,[2] is a psychiatric syndrome in which symptoms of a delusional belief and sometimes hallucinations[3][4] are transmitted from one individual to another.[5] The same syndrome shared by more than two people may be called folie à trois, folie à quatre, folie en famille ("family madness"), or even folie à plusieurs ("madness of several").

    Recent psychiatric classifications refer to the syndrome as shared psychotic disorder (DSM-IV – 297.3) and induced delusional disorder (F24) in the ICD-10, although the research literature largely uses the original name. This disorder is not in the current DSM (DSM-5). The disorder was first conceptualized in 19th-century French psychiatry by Charles Lasègue and Jean-Pierre Falret and is also known as Lasègue-Falret syndrome.[3][6] The term is from French for "madness of two".


    X Files 1998 season 5 episode 19

    Paranoid telemarketer takes his coworkers and Mulder hostage claiming that their boss is a disguised insectoid monster that's literally turning the workers one by one into his zombie drones. 8,8

    The story involves mass shootings all over the place in the world
    I thought it was curious and something to be thought about for your consideration

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    Default Re: Folie à deux

    If the concept “Folie á Deux” can be extended and applied to any number of individuals, then there are many “folies” going on nowadays.

    By the way, Deux Corbeaux have their own “Folie á deux”. They both think they can fly together.
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    Default Re: Folie à deux

    We also have "folie â millions" whole countries goes down imaginary Russian spies influencing their election (true or not) paid by a presidential candidate.

    There is also "folie shared by all members in political parties"

    Hitler follies has contaminated millions of Germans.

    Rwanda ethnic cleansing of Tutsis was described by the witnesses as pure madness, friendly neighbors turning against each others, whole schools where children were wiped out in one shot, and nowhere to hide. The folie was shared by millions here too.

    And finally follies at many like in the Corey Goodee stuff. lol

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