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Wikipedia does NOT tolerate ANY discussion about Health Risks & Health Concerns dealing with mass rollout of 5G Cell Towers Everywhere 2019-2020+ ... They just delete all of them even with proper scientific citations ... (see their edit history). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5G Really Creepy!


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The title 5G strongly implies that the Wikipedia article deals with the rate of data transfer, so anything related to a possible health hazard would be deleted, because there is none.

However, a rather unfair situation develops when a reader switches to Wikipedia article titled Electromagnetic radiation and health. There, in the External links section, is Information page item that is supposed to collect "scientific material on 4G/5G health effect." It actually provides a variety of links, which appear under the introductory article that uses labeling, like "crime against humanity and nature," and claims that "studies show this radiation makes people stupid." No wonder that the Information page ends with a bracketed better source needed superscript. In other words, if you want a person to stop eating apples, offer him only the rotten ones, and that's not fair.