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Thread: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

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    Default The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    One of the most important mysteries of antiquity is the Dogon tribe, a people that has maintained for centuries
    a complex knowledge about the universe and especially the existence of the star Sirius, from where a highly
    developed civilization would come who contacted them in the past.

    The town or Tribe Dogon inhabits in the Republic of Mali, – African country located in the border of the Sahara with the savannas of Western Africa, and to about 1,500 kilometers of the Atlantic – specifically in the plateau of Bandiagara and the Mounts Homburí. According to an oral tradition, they arrived in Mali some 600 years ago and built the houses on the cliffs to protect themselves from the attacks of the tribes that already inhabited the region.

    The practically uncultivable zones raise a rocky sector where almost 450,000 Dogons live, each family has a unique care with the approach of foreigners since they are generally not accepted. For them, life has a sacred nature, so that any conflict is solved peacefully.

    Knowledge of the Dogon culture has been taken to pictograms that are printed on plates, but the largest archive is still cultivated orally, trying not to distort its history and worrying that this is the purest possible.

    According to the tradition of the Dogon people, about a thousand years ago you reached the area of the plateau of Youga Dogurou in broad daylight a very bright star which they called “ie-pelu-tolo”: the star of the tenth moon. This object was covered by a very reddish light that they related to the blood. After this great star came a second that turned on itself, was large and emitted a deafening noise.

    The curious thing is that when arriving at earth, this star no longer had a circular shape, but it looked like a large basket or pyramid with a square base, and on each of its faces a staircase with six steps was opened. Its color changed from red to bright white. The people -according to the Dogones- ran away since the landing of that “ark” had generated a lot of fear in them.

    For example, eight Nommos “di-tigi” who had the body of a fish, although some traditions mention some snake characteristics, would have descended from ie-pelu-tolo. They had 40 very sharp teeth, which explains why the Dogons used to sharpen them. The contact with these beings that supposedly were sacred, generated an approach of the Dogon people, with a great amount of knowledge of the universe, which until today cannot be explained rationally.

    According to the belief, the Nommos had come down to Earth to evangelize the people, helping them and teaching them techniques to cultivate the savanna, to fish, in addition to brewing beer and making the outbreak of tree fruits simpler. However there are reports that present the Nommos as murderers and not as teachers of goodwill, it is even believed that there were hundreds of Dogons who perished because of the evil of this race that supposedly came from space. However, it is important to keep in mind that oral narration is always distorted through the passage of time.

    Within the information poured by the Nommos to the Dogon tribes, is the existence of the star Sirius, from which they came. “Sigi Tolo” is the name given to the brightest body in the sky and according to these beings was the star of the foundation. The funny thing is that they did not present it alone, since they claimed it was triple, that is, they were three stars far from each other. Astronomy at that time had no notion of a second star on Sirius, and less than a third.

    In 1995 the French Diventy and Benest discovered a third body in the Sirius system. According to the Dogon, the fish men told him about Sirius B as “po tolo” and said that it was a small star but of a very heavy mass called “sagala”. For the first time, in the year 1862, the American astronomer Alvan Clark managed to see in the star of Sirius, that it was not only one, but two stars. With a goal of 47 cm. in diameter he could distinguish the one that was known from that moment as Sirius B.

    Today it is known that this body is a white dwarf very inferior in size to Sirius and in which a cubic meter can weigh more than seventy thousand tons. Then there is the Sirius C star which they know as “emme ya” and it would be four times lighter than Sirius B, it would have a satellite spinning around it called “nyan tolo”: the star of women. Its orbit is 50 years, which coincides with the party of “Sigui”, which is held to remember the arrival of the gods of Sirius (according to official science his calculations are estimated at present in 50,040 years).

    In spite of the isolation in which this town lives and the little culture they receive from civilization, the information they handle about certain cosmic themes is really incredible, especially considering that they have dominated them for many centuries, which undoubtedly has put in check to the most orthodox science, which is not explained as this is possible, but for the actual manifestation of certain extraterrestrial beings in the past have contacted this African culture.

    The Dogons knew about the spiral structure of the Milky Way, and they claim that there are more than a billion solar systems equal to ours in the universe. They also knew Jupiter and its four inner satellites, Saturn and its rings, many centuries ago. They even speak with much authority about the Moon, presenting it as a dead star unlike the Sun, which is the most important manifestation of life in our system. They propose that our system does not have nine planets, if not eleven, besides the existence of only one omnipresent God which they call “Amma”.

    It is necessary to emphasize that the strange coffers and their main characteristics have a lot of relation with what we know today of the UFO phenomenon since the changes of color and the forms used are part of the continuous sightings of this striking phenomenon.

    Nowadays, important investigations are being carried out that would lead to a deeper unraveling of data related to the presence of the Nommos in the history of the Dogon people, which would confirm that in the past there was an extraterrestrial manifestation on Earth, and not only with this African tribe, if not with many other cultures of the world.

    Source: https://www.soulask.com/the-mystery-...me-from-space/

    ~~ One foot in the Ancient World and the other in the Now ~~

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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    "Half Fish" people also known as the Oannes in Mesopotamian lore?

    Quote Oannes, in Mesopotamian mythology, an amphibious being who taught mankind wisdom. Oannes, as described by the Babylonian priest Berosus, had the form of a fish but with the head of a man under his fish’s head and under his fish’s tail the feet of a man. In the daytime he came up to the seashore of the Persian Gulf and instructed mankind in writing, the arts, and the sciences. Oannes was probably the emissary of Ea, god of the freshwater deep and of wisdom.
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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    The Dogon. Truly one of the greatest anomalies on the planet.

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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    [QUOTE=DeDukshyn;1284104]"Half Fish" people also known as the Oannes in Mesopotamian lore?

    The book "Intelligent Life in the Universe" (1966)

    In a remarkably frank passage by Dr. Sagan, stating that he had come upon a legend that seemed to be a “genuine contact” with ETs. He adds, “It is of special interest because it relates to the origin of Sumerian civilization.” Carl Sagan gives a much more rational and believable answer when he goes on to say, “Sumer was an early – perhaps the first – civilization in the contemporary sense on the planet Earth. . . . Taken at face value the legend suggests that contact occurred between human beings and a non-human civilization of immense powers.”

    What else can a nonhuman civilization mean than a nonearthly one that exists on another world in space? Dr. Sagan even goes on to give the Sumerian description of the ETs and the craft they came in, also the many “wonders” they possessed, then admits that this may not be myth but an actual historical event.

    Sagan then cites one of those myths. “Sumerian civilization is depicted by the descendents of the Sumerians themselves to be of non-human origin. A succession of strange creatures appears. . . . Their only apparent purpose is to instruct mankind.” He goes on to say that the strange creatures, called Oannes and other names, are always described as “endowed with reason,” or as powerful “beings,” as “semi-demons,” and “personages” but never as gods.

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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    Aquatic bird tribe?

    Lord enki/enlil?

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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    Any connection to the Christian fish symbol? Or was that just the Age of Pisces?

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    Default Re: The Mystery of the Gods “half fish” that came from Space

    There is a theory that the race of beings from the Dogon legend (Sirius B) were the same who landed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, which has since gone down in UFO lore. A documentary was made by Disney in 1975, entitled "UFOs, Past, Present and Future", being a speculative prelude to disclosure, which depicted the landing.

    It's a very interesting documentary even today. Originally it was meant to contain actual footage of that landing, which allegedly occurred in 1971. The exact date is unknown, and accounts vary wildly. I tend to favour the theory that this occurred in early to mid 50s, possibly coinciding with Eisenhower's unscheduled visit to Holloman AFB. Footage of the event was pulled from the doc at the 11th hour. Instead it was dramatized with a series of illustrations, portraying the event as a 'possible future scenario", or, one one that 'may' have already happened...

    A narrated description of the event goes as follows:

    "A ladder detaches from one side of the object and appears one, then two, and three of these human-like beings dressed in tight-fitting aviator suits. Beings, perhaps small by our standards, have a strange gray-blue appearance. Eyes wide apart. A large and prominent nose. They wear a head piece with a design similar to that of a toga. The commander and the two scientists approach and greet the visitors. Case arrangements are made through some form of communication, and the group quickly retreats to an office in the Base 1 team area. Behind is a group of stunned soldiers. We don’t know who these visitors are, where they are from or what they want."

    The documentary also contained a short sequence of the initial sighting of the alien craft as it came into view over the runway. Still thought to be genuine original footage.

    And there was another frame included later on, which is supposedly of the actual craft taken from close up.

    Name:  holloman_landing_actualframe.jpg
Views: 46
Size:  9.6 KB

    There were also a series of illustrations to depict what happened next.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	holloman_landing_jEmTzK5Fyb9yOTtzG1G2YA.jpg
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ID:	44118

    Click image for larger version

Name:	holloman_landings_p9ocdMbU9bKALje2qpXfOA.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	holloman_afb_laine1_2EBuTQutHbrcUB7p9d3Y5g.jpg
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    Some have called these being "Large Nosed-Greys", thought to originate from Sirius B.
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