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Thread: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

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    Default Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

    This topic will be about the connection between worldly mythology/legends, extra-terrestrial civilizations / souls and the body of Christ (Holy Spirit) opposing the influences and offspring of fallen angels.

    I was looking into the angels and their technology and was reading a comparative study of Indra, Zeus and Thor. I was never really into mythology, so didn’t have any insights regarding it, though what I read sparked my brains. The commonalities between these mythological accounts were striking. Having done a lot of Christian studies for the last two years, I noticed some connections. While reading, connecting dots and communicating with the Holy Spirit a bigger picture emerged, that I’d like to share.

    Let me first start with a bit of foundation, which I already had from a Jewish source: The book of Enoch (Complete Edition)

    The book of Enoch (Chapter 6) speaks of angels coming to earth. About 200 of them descended from heaven onto earth, after deciding to go for self rather than for all, together with God. The angels materialized and cohabited with women of earth. From these interactions giants were born (Chapter 7). As these angels were not of good intent and were plotting to go against the plan of God and his heavenly council, they genetically influenced their offspring to be huge and carnivorous, so they would prey on humans. At some later point the giants were all over the earth and caused bloodshed among humans (Chapter 9). Darkness was growing these days, humans were taught occult practices and these angels were worshipped. Though, the Almighty God didn’t approve of these developments, as heavenly laws were broken and many souls were influenced, and ordered te bounding of Azazel and action against the “bastards and reprobates and children of fornication, and destroy the children of the watchers” (i.e. basically angels, their offspring (giants) and whoever follows their influence plus their offspring) “Length of days they shall not have.

    Corrupted angels and giants causing bloodshed all over the earth and the destruction of the giants ordered? Please take a moment and imagine what it would be like if on earth the destruction of the giants and their occult followers would take place. And who would be doing the destruction? God himself? …

    With this ordered destruction in mind, what I read next sparked my interest. Below is an extract of the comparative study of Indra, Zeus and Thor, regarding their activities on Earth:

    -Appears prominently in the Vedas and is mentioned fighting against Asuras/Rakshasa (demons/giants)
    -Protecting people and animals.
    -Used a weapon: Vajra
    -Controlled rains, thunder and storms
    -Had two sons and two daughters

    -kills the Titans (giants)
    -Protected cities, families and property in general, was the god of hospitality and the guardian of oaths
    -Dispenser of justice, and the keeper of cosmic order and balance
    -Acted as a peacemaker in many other myths
    -Used a weapon: Keraunos
    -Controlled rains, thunder and storms
    -Had a lot of children

    -Most of his myths revolve around the slaying of giants(Jötnar) and other enemies (Jormungand)
    -He is enormous in size, and has red eyes and a red beard
    -Protector of Asgard and Midgard
    -Used a weapon: hammer (Mjolnir) and carried belt plus gauntlets
    -Riding a chariot in the sky
    -Controlled storm and thunder
    -Had two sons and a daughter

    Giant slayers… Demon fighters… Using weapons…Weather controllers… protectors of people… Fascinating. What I had read led me to read more about other culture’s mythology with Giants/Demonic spirits.

    I found the list of Giants in folklore is long from all parts of the world and though I didn’t read all the leads regarding giants and who were fighting them, I had a global picture of going-ons, that I wanted to check in communication with the Holy Spirit.

    Here’s what I learned, in large lines: Things were peaceful until a group of angels decided to try and take over control. Not only in the heavenly realm, but also over multiple universes. Angels are high potential inter-dimensional spirits with the ability to materialize (into human, alien, animal, whatever). (More info also in this thread.) And have the ability to change DNA / inject thoughts into people’s brain and (try to) influence them (multiple at the same time). Their plan was to overthrow Gods rule and dominate/destroy His creation throughout the universes. Angels procreated with loads of species throughout the universes, creating dimensional as well as inter-dimensional species. Species with destructive characteristics. Bloodthirsty and malignant. At some point, after observing the suffering and destruction of many, God decided to put an end to it and ordained the capture of the spirits and the destruction of their offspring.

    On part of Gods answer to this was sending angels to bound the angels that sought power over God and all created. Other part of the solution to this was to send children of God throughout the universes. Enlightened/holy ones, mortals that ascended at an earlier point in time and became immortal, were sent to planets to free them from the brutal domination of the fallen angels’ offspring. People saw immortals as gods, though they actually are advanced spirits, immortals, children of God.
    Regarding this ordained solution here on earth: The Holy Spirit confirmed Indra, Thor, Apollo, Poseidon to be children of God. (there might’ve been more) They came to do what God had ordained, destroy, rule, protect and restore. This might sound like a stretch, though what hit me some time ago was the discovery of the division of the 70 nations and the appointment of the children of God as rulers over those nations as well as references to the children of God in the heavenly realm. And having learned before time is cyclical, to me it’s logical there were enlightened beings before, going back eons (before Adam and Eve in the bible). The Creator of our souls doesn’t rule by himself. In the heavenly spiritual realm there are evolved & less evolved enlightened immortal spirits and angels working with God on His plan of spiritual advancement of all. Our heavenly Father gives responsibility to the enlightened ones for growth of their spirit. The more evolved the spirit, the more responsibility.

    (For those that want to have a look at some references to sons of God in the bible:
    Deuteronomy 32:8,
    Psalm 82, Psalm 89:5-6,)

    After prayer with the Holy Spirit and further consideration I felt the urge to search for more to see what history has to offer. And also to check the works of Poseidon and Apollo, as they were new to what was forming in my mind.

    Regarding the immortal children of God I found this page, that shows, among others, the four confirmed by the Holy Spirit: Indra, Thor, Apollo and Poseidon and their weapons.

    Some aspects of Apollo, in line with aspects of earlier mentioned children of God:
    -Killed the serpent [or Dragon] Python and created an oracle (Delphi) on the site
    -Was a great healer and taught medicine to Asclepius
    -Used a weapon: silver bow with winged arrows
    -Was very talented in music
    -Riding a chariot in the sky
    -Had many children

    -Fought Titans in the Gigantomachy battle
    -Protector of sailors
    -Controller of sea, storm, earthquakes, horses
    -Used a weapon: Trident
    -Riding a chariot across the sea
    -Had many children

    Interesting to read about the similarities between the immortal children of God. All showing their battle against the offspring of the fallen angels. And positive traits that benefit mankind.

    While reading up on the offspring of the fallen angels, I learned in Japan there’s mythology about Oni. Oni is sort of a gigantic ogre, that are mentioned to be non-physical initially and later physical also. Interdimensional, shapeshifting, blood thirsty, devourers of humans.

    In India there’s the Rakshasas. Also gigantic interdimensional, shapeshifting, blood thirsty devourers of humans.
    Video Rakshasas:

    In Central America there’s the Nagual or Nahual
    They’ve been reported to suck blood, shapeshift. Striking thing I found in the video is what I also heard in the Rakshasa video: Shapeshift into owls and sacrifice of dogs. Remarkable. Nahuals are also being compared with the werewolves of Europe.

    In China there are legends of the eight immortals of heaven & earth, said to be traveling between our world and “the other side”.
    Here’s a video:

    One of the immortals, ‘Zongli’, is said to have been guided by a supernatural being to enlightenment. (Hmm… where have I heard that before?) They are said to help ordinary men. Turn bitter water to sweet. (Is that similar to the skill that turns water into wine?) Use equipment with supernatural abilities. And get into a fight with a Dragon King.

    I understand how folklore can change over time, and maybe turn into something that it quite wasn’t, though I was trying to see if I could find a common line regarding the stories together with prayer. So again I took time to ponder and communicate with the Holy Spirit. Regarding these blood-thirsty shapeshifters and the immortals of China: I learned that shapeshifters like Oni and Rakshasa are not originally from Earth. They are however offspring of the fallen angels though from a different constellation: Canis Major or the dog constellation. It was the first constellation that came to mind while communicating with the Holy Spirit (I guess because of the mentioned dog sacrifices or maybe thought injection by the Holy Spirit). Anyways, the Holy Spirit confirmed this. As these species are inter-dimensional, they don’t need any means of transportation. I learned Rakshasa and Oni are related, but not the same, though both from Canis Major, and are also related to the Yeti and the Sasquatch. I also learned from the Holy Spirit that cow sacrifices are still being made to Rakshasa today. If anyone is able to confirm that, that would be interesting.
    Nahual and Werewolves came originally from the moon in previous times, Holy Spirit confirmed. Also offspring of the opposing angels.
    The legends of the eight immortals of China hold truth to it. Immortals were sent to earth on numerous occasions and were indeed moving between the earthly and the heavenly realm and helping people. The morals within these legends have overlap with Christian teachings I noticed. The tools/equipment/weapons of the immortals are supernatural from a human perspective and some can e.g. bring great destruction where others bring great healing. Remarkable line I read regarding instruments in the book of Enoch (Chapter 53): “For I saw all the angels of punishment abiding (there) and preparing all the instruments of Satan. And I asked the angel of peace who went with me: ‘For whom are they preparing these instruments?’ And he said unto me: ‘They prepare these for the kings and the mighty of this earth, that they may thereby be destroyed.” I’m not sure whether these instruments would be the same ones as immortals all over the world were using when fighting the demons/giants/inter-dimensionals, though I think it’s an interesting reference in such an old antediluvian book.

    When I looked a bit more into giants I found a video of the native North American chief and keeper of oral tradition of his tribe, Joseph Riverwind. He’s speaking of giants being born from native women and “star people” after a battle in the spirit realm. Giants with six fingers, six toes, two rows of teeth and red hair, evil, sadistic and blood thirsty. These giants were also the builders of ancient structures in Mexico the chiefs mentions (might’ve seen that in a different video than below one, with the same chief). Holy Spirit confirmed to me the giants were using technology to build the giant structures around the globe, like the pyramids.

    Here’s a very interesting video imo from the chief with stories from oral tradition mentioning Giants and prophecies:

    Looking at the whole situation before and now, I’ve come to the understanding, the battle on this earth between those for and against the plan of spiritual advancement for all of our heavenly Father has been waging for ages. It is an inter-dimensional and inter-universal fight. Apostle Paul also knew this that’s why he wrote:”For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    However, on our planet, this fight is not as apparent for everyone anymore as it has been in ancient times. Nowadays the fight is subtler/more covert, though recognizable when paying attention. There’s a large (though decreasing) part of humanity that is not able to see this and might deny this (mainly because of a lack of historical perspective (but who can blame, with the educational system providing corrupted history lessons?)). A small part of humanity is actively engaged in it, either on the side of light or darkness. Some spiritually, some physically, some both. The body of Christ (collective of individuals that have Holy Spirit within their hearts and communicate with the Holy Spirit(being the head of the body)) is inter-universal and inter-dimensional also. And although there are disinfo campaigns trying to discredit this body or the reality of it, earth does get support from other civilizations, both spiritually and physically. I learned there are individuals here on earth that are mastering old languages to be able to communicate with other extra-terrestrial civilizations that have been on earth before. This shows our ancient connection with these civilizations, as well as the actuality of it. (More on that later) And there are souls that are part of the body of Christ that come from other parts of the universe and reincarnate here, and, at some point, are activated to work with the collective. Some people will not experience any of this. Though, all together there’s an enormous inter-universal/inter-dimensional body of individuals, souls, immortals, angels working/trying to counter the development of destruction, moral decay and spiritual decline driven by those opposing the plan of spiritual advancement of all of our heavenly Father.

    I have been thinking some more about how the spiritual advancement plan works on a planetary level. The Prime Creator has rules for spirits not to procreate with incarnates directly. From Enoch’s accounts (Chapter 15) God’s speaking to the fallen angels “Wherefore have ye left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and lain with women, and defiled yourselves with the daughters of men and taken to yourselves wives, and done like the children of earth, and begotten giants (as your) sons? And though ye were holy, spiritual, living the eternal life, you have defiled yourselves with the blood of women, and have begotten (children) with the blood of flesh, and, as the children of men, have lusted after flesh and blood as those do who die and perish. Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth. But you were spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling.

    However, when looking at mythology from different parts of the earth, there are numerous accounts of sexual interaction and procreation. So what’s the story with immortals being sent to a planet? Would they be allowed to procreate with mortals? According to the writing of Enoch, if an immortal materializes and has sexual interaction with another materialized immortal, which results in a child, the offspring can, later, when older, procreate with a mortal: Chapter 38 & 39 speak about time in the future where people will be judged, and a division will be made between the righteous and the unrighteous souls, and the period after: “And it shall come to pass in those days that elect and holy children will descend from the high heaven, and their seed will become one with the children of men.” Though I also understand from the Holy Spirit that there’s a difference in what applies to angels and what applies to the enlightened immortals regarding procreation. That could be why in mythology the offspring of many of these children of God is big in number and of different mothers. Still pondering whether this might’ve been situational or standard practice during golden millennia.

    Humanity does seem to have made leaps every now and then, when looking at evolution. And with time being cyclical, I expect this to have happened before also. I can imagine that during the millennia of peace the immortals procreate and their offspring improves DNA throughout humanity. The bible indirectly gives a timespan for the duration of a cycle. I think there’s a substantial group of Christians that would say creation was done some six or seven thousand years ago. My perspective, under guidance of the Holy Spirit, is different on this. The new cycle started about seven thousand years ago. The Godly cycle has eight thousand years. There are people that recognize this also, but don’t make a connection with previous cycles. The previous golden millennium in which immortals came from the heavenly realm to earth to teach and procreate was roughly around 5700 to 4700 BCE. At the end of that millennium God had asked the immortals, the children of God, to create a new type of human. Thus Adam was created, with altered DNA. (Of course other type humans were already roaming earth for eons.) Adam didn’t have a mother. With the influences of the fallen angels on the DNA of human kind Adam was created to make another version of human. (That’s why the Old Testament has a bunch of laws/references against mixing their race.) The Patriarchal system was introduced as it would give families a stronger protection. The system was introduced to have a protective (given the dangerous/deadly environment of the time and their new DNA) as well as a loving father/husband. Though this system over time got corrupted and abused.

    The period the immortal children of God were on earth also meant the destruction (as mentioned earlier) of a lot of giants and followers of the occult teachings. Though not all were destroyed. And the teachings survived. Through the millennia the followers of the occult teachings have used their knowledge, practice and connections to gain power and control. They also know about the Godly cycles of time, the plan of God of advancement of spirits and the ordained destruction of the offspring of the fallen angels and their followers. They’re trying to avoid their destruction and in the meantime are trying to destroy/disrupt/obstruct Gods work to elevate spirits and by all means win spirits for their objectives.

    As chief Joseph Riverwind also mentions, in earlier mentioned video, the next cataclysmic event will be of great fire (in whatever form that may come). That’s the reason Underground Facilities were created. (Though many of those facilities have been destroyed in last couple of years (as many will probably more or less know.))

    The immortal children of God weren’t the only additional ones on the earth around 5700 to 4700 BCE. During this period the quarantine was lifted and extra-terrestrial civilizations (part of the inter-universal body of Christ) were instructed to visit the earth to help the advancement and evolution of the human race. They did so by sharing also knowledge, by procreating with humanity, by teaching about spiritual advancement and the One Creator, our heavenly Father. An example of the result of this work is the Cucuteni civilization - that went from a pagan civilization to a civilization knowing the Prime Creator. Below video will provide some information regarding that period and the peaceful way of living. Do keep in mind that their ‘Mother Earth’ perspective was what they were taught way before 5700 BCE. These (older) teachings of the fallen angels and their offspring go back tens of thousands of years and all over the world, and made people rely on the earth, sun and earthly spirits, rather than rely on God. Where a relationship with God stimulates true spiritual advancement, these teachings educate false spiritual advancement, make people reliant on the earth and connect them with spirits (who love to be called gods). These teachings will not let the people advance spiritually - only advance in an earthly manner (wealth, power, control, physical and mental abilities etc) – and keeps them in perpetual chain of reincarnation. This imho is a poor gain, compared to advancing spiritually, becoming immortal and helping spiritual advancement on a broader scale, while enjoying the benefits of the enhanced spirit, and being in peace and in good company. Did you know immortals do sport also? I learned from the Holy Spirit that living as an immortal is like being human on steroids. They materialize and do sports and everyone is top athlete. Can you imagine the fun!? Anyways, I’m drifting, here’s the video

    Also, writing was introduced by the children of God with support of the extra-terrestrials civilizations:
    The influences covered the world and e.g. the people of Tartaria were under influence of the teachings of the children of God and e.t.-civilizations that are part of the body of Christ – unfortunately Tartaria got systematically removed throughout the ages, by those that have been destructive throughout our known history (forces driving Babylon, the Roman Empire, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, the crusades & Muslim invaders, western expansionism, globalization etc. Basically the same offspring/followers, as mentioned earlier, of fallen angels with their occult practices) This is also the reason for the cover-up of history of Tartaria. The Tartarian ways would let people advance spiritually and make them independent and harder to control. From the occult perspective they had to be removed from history. Like so many other loving people/civilizations have been killed through the ages. (as you undoubtedly also know)
    On a side note - One of the symbols of spiritual advancement is the swastika. The immortals had knowledge about this, that was shared and also wore the symbol on their clothing. (I checked with Holy Spirit and confirmed)

    That’s why the symbol is found throughout the world by archaeologists. And as the symbol represents true spiritual advancement it was tarnished during WWII driven by the same offspring/followers. All part of the worldwide efforts to avert spirits from advancing.

    The upcoming 1000 year period of peace will also bring e.t. civilizations and immortals (that are both parts of the body of Christ). The immortal children of God will rule the earth (as was the case between 5700 to 4700 BCE), by the grace of God (after second coming of Jesus and Gods judgement over souls). I want to be clear about this: the e.t.’s will not save anyone. While I was praying for inspiration for completion of this article, the Holy Spirit inspired me. I woke up early for prayer, then fell back asleep at some point and the word ‘henna’ was mentioned in my dream. It was such a remarkable word, as it has never before appeared in my dreams, that it activated me and woke me up, and I asked the Holy Spirit whether there was significance to the word. The Holy Spirit confirmed with a big dart of energy, so I started to investigate it. Only experience I have with henna is when my hands were once painted when I was little. No idea of the significance. For me it was just a pretty drawing with smelly stuff on my hands. Anyways, while looking into henna and the significance of it I stumbled upon this article (read from One last point that might be important to consider: )

    So what is the relationship between henna and this article? Truth is many people, because of earthly and occult influences for ages, have disconnected from the heavenly Father. They don’t have a connection or personal relationship with the One Creator of their spirit. Because their deeds are not always in line with the good laws and plans of our Creator, a disconnect is active. This disconnect keeps them from knowingly being able to interact with God. It also keeps them from becoming immortal. To break this barrier God provided a means to propitiation. With the Holy Spirit He created Jesus. The plan of His sacrifice was perfect and was for everyone’s behavior that was/is not in line with the good laws and plans of the One Creator designed for the advancement of spirits - no matter how occult or obscure one’s live has been. Also for people who are convinced they’re leading a healthy/positive life, though do not live in connection with God, Jesus is the key to atonement with our heavenly Father. Jesus shows us the way to God and to immortality. This is simply the way our Creator has planned it to be for this cycle and is currently the path to enlightenment, though if one is living truly righteous, God and Jesus will come to a person in spirit. That group is small though.
    One can learn about Jesus e.g. by praying to get to know Him and being open to whatever comes on his/her path after that. Or by reading the books of Matthew, John, Mark and Luke (I’d recommend in that order) and praying to learn and be guided to the truth within these books. Once the connection with the Creator of our spirit has been restored through Jesus, one can invite the Holy Spirit to help with growth in righteousness/holiness. (a how-to here) This will put one on the path to immortality. If one remains dedicated to growing in righteousness and love to his fellow man and in a good/healthy relationship with the Creator of their spirit, it will bring them to the promises made by Jesus:

    -“To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God.
    -“The one who is victorious will not be hurt at all by the second death.
    -“To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.
    -“ To the one who is victorious and does my will to the end, I will give authority over the nations—that one ‘will rule them with an iron scepter and will dash them to pieces like pottery’[b]—just as I have received authority from my Father. I will also give that one the morning star.
    -“The one who is victorious will, like them, be dressed in white. I will never blot out the name of that person from the book of life, but will acknowledge that name before my Father and his angels.
    -“The one who is victorious I will make a pillar in the temple of my God. Never again will they leave it. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name.
    -“To the one who is victorious, I will give the right to sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat down with my Father on his throne.

    People/spirits, that ignore God and don’t feel the need to straighten their paths according to His good plan of spiritual advancement for all, will not advance spiritually. Like Jesus mentioned through John “Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.
    Without taking personal responsibility for spiritual growth another cycle of reincarnations awaits. (any spirits recall Atlantis?)

    It’s after advancement of the spirits, after the second coming of Jesus and Gods judgment of souls, when the immortals and the extra-terrestrial civilizations will come. They will not come before the great fire and Gods judgement of souls have taken place. And neither the immortals nor the e.t.-civilizations will doing the saving. One can only save him-/herself. They’ll be helping our civilization to restore, support and evolve as was the case multiple times eras ago.

    Looking forward to any additions and/or change of thought.

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    Default Re: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

    I think you are on to something.

    There are a few things which can be very uncomfortable.

    First being that those Fallen Angels are us, and secondly that demons are hugely misunderstood. We cannot just translate "asura" as demon or titan. In the earliest or Rig Veda, asura means "breath", in other words, non-fallen angels, the deities themselves. Later, in Samudra Mathan or Churning of the Ocean, the word comes up again, but this time in reference to Devi Varuni, one of whose names is Sura (brandy), and so now the same word is a-sura or "no brandy" or lack of communion with Varuni.

    Demons are really just outer elements and that fallen part of the mind, which, "when it is attached to any external object, it is in the grip of a demon".

    In other words, evil is man submitting himself to demons, not the demons themselves.

    Consequently, many Rakshasha have been converted to wisdom beings, same as humans.

    It would be largely correct to identify Indra--Zeus--Thor, which also refers to an inner state of being. There may be "an Indra", which is basically an office being staffed by someone, but it is for each person to become or replace Indra and gain what he has. Ultimately it would be Indra Varuna; however, for general purposes, the important meanings of Indra and demons are internal, psychological. Should you succeed, the universe can rain demons and aliens on you forever, and nothing will happen, same as any immovable object hit by an unstoppable force.

    With the myths, at least, it mostly is all about inner being, and not so much the external appearance of other races or divine avatars.

    What we refer to as Divine Body is a standing pattern of emanations produced by purified souls. Non-different from what may be called Holy Spirit or Grace.

    It is all related, but, the philosophical point is that we find no devil other than man, such as myself, I constantly try to expunge every evil and ignorant thing that arises through me, I guess you keep becoming a stricter and stricter judge because it is sneaky and takes not only a lot of work to get rid of, but several painful and damaging trials.

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    Default Re: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

    Quote Posted by shaberon (here)
    We cannot just translate "asura" as demon or titan. In the earliest or Rig Veda, asura means "breath", in other words, non-fallen angels, the deities themselves. Later, in Samudra Mathan or Churning of the Ocean, the word comes up again, but this time in reference to Devi Varuni, one of whose names is Sura (brandy), and so now the same word is a-sura or "no brandy" or lack of communion with Varuni.

    Consequently, many Rakshasha have been converted to wisdom beings, same as humans.

    It would be largely correct to identify Indra--Zeus--Thor, which also refers to an inner state of being. There may be "an Indra", which is basically an office being staffed by someone, but it is for each person to become or replace Indra and gain what he has. Ultimately it would be Indra Varuna; however, for general purposes, the important meanings of Indra and demons are internal, psychological. Should you succeed, the universe can rain demons and aliens on you forever, and nothing will happen, same as any immovable object hit by an unstoppable force.

    With the myths, at least, it mostly is all about inner being, and not so much the external appearance of other races or divine avatars.

    What we refer to as Divine Body is a standing pattern of emanations produced by purified souls. Non-different from what may be called Holy Spirit or Grace.

    It is all related, but, the philosophical point is that we find no devil other than man, such as myself, I constantly try to expunge every evil and ignorant thing that arises through me, I guess you keep becoming a stricter and stricter judge because it is sneaky and takes not only a lot of work to get rid of, but several painful and damaging trials.
    Thank you for responding. I've just been scratching the surface on the different mythologies, so please bear with me if I fail to express in proper jargon or do not explain my view thoroughly. I agree with you that Asura without context is a broad term. The way I’m looking at it is from a specific point of view. Allow me to expand on that a bit. I have tried to paint a largely black and white picture in the OP. It comes from the perspective of the Most High God, the Creator of our spirits, the One with the plan to lift up all souls. When looking from the pro-side of this plan, I could, to put things a little bit in perspective, define roughly three perspectives: [1] For the plan and active helping this plan; [2] Passive or unknowing; [3] Against the plan and actively working against it and/or advancing an alternate plan. The OP’s point of view is from perspective [1]. Indra as child of God is working from perspective [1]. So when in the OP I mention that Indra is mentioned fighting Asura, it should be seen from this perspective. I think the highest rated answer of this StackExchange also describes what I mean.

    I think it is good for the evolution of the topic to make a distinction between what actually was going on during those ancient days and what Hinduism has become nowadays. There’s a world of difference between then and now. When looking at e.g. the timeline in this article, you can see the oldest written Hindu scriptures, are the Vedas. That’s where Indra is mentioned. The other layers, that have been added through the ages, is not what I’m looking at in OP. My believe is that Indra was physically present on the earth as an immortal individual supporting the plan of God, at least during those days, as mentioned before between 5700-4700 BCE. Though I completely understand that Hinduism has changed through the ages and perspectives have shifted and changed.

    That being said, I completely agree that, as you say, we need to “constantly try to expunge every evil and ignorant thing that arises” within our conscience, within ourselves. And nowadays to most people that might sound acceptable and maybe complete. I would like to add to this, that there are people in this world that do get possessed. People that are being harassed by other spirits. People that get connected with one or more spirits. Sometimes the person might experience it as not too bad, maybe somewhat beneficial, maybe mischievous, other times downright evil. This is one of the difficulties nowadays. As the spirits are not visible, people are not being taken serious regarding this phenomenon. I take this seriously. For people experiencing these malignant kind of spiritual influences it is absolutely no joke and could drive them to suicide if they don’t have the insights of how to deal with them. The book of Enoch (in chapter 15) gives an interesting viewpoint regarding the spirits of the giants that died: “And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men, ⌈⌈and⌉⌉ from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; ⌈they shall be evil spirits on earth, and⌉ evil spirits shall they be called.”
    If you then go back to perspective [1] in line with the OP, the possession by an evil spirit is not in line with the Godly plan of spiritual advancement of the individual that is being possessed. And the individual could potentially be influenced by the evil spirit(s) to do things, that without the possession, the person never would’ve done. And the person then through these actions becomes part of perspective [3], while initially maybe on perspective [2]. Put on top of this ages of influencing of the masses, distortion of religions, falsified history, constant feed of rubbish on different levels and we get to the world we live in today. Which is by no means black and white. It’s become a largely grey mass of individuals as mentioned in perspective [2]. Not that people don’t want to be working for perspective [1], a lot just don’t know exactly how or don’t have enough true information. Their heart is good, their knowledge is distorted, as was designed by the actors within perspective [3]. And then there are those that are born of the actors of perspective [3], but later in life get to a point that their hearts are not able to follow the line of their parents. I can only imagine how difficult that must be for them – the internal conflict such a situation brings. My heart goes out to them. And how difficult situations like this may be, and how messed up the world has become, everyone needs to make a strong decision if he/she wants to advance spiritually.

    I have to say I have a different understanding of your point regarding emanations of the body being produced by purified souls being the same as the Holy Spirit. But we might be referring to different things. The Holy Spirit I’m referring to is able to overflow different people at the same time with e.g. energy. Like a group being moved by an invisible hand. And they don’t necessarily have to be purified. The Holy Spirit can move by divine grace. I have noticed there’s a lot of mixed ideas regarding the Holy Spirit. I gave my perspective on this earlier in this post when comparing Kundalini and Holy Spirit. All the references I made to the Holy Spirit in the OP are about a spirit, that moves with the greatest love, truth, knowledge and power, which is not of myself, but has been known to exist and work since the beginning.

    Which brings me to this morning. And I give you a big thank you Shaberon! Because of your details on the etymology of the word Asura, I was looking into some more details regarding this the word Asura. I was thinking the word breath was being used a lot ancient history. In other classical languages, like 'ruach' (hebrew), or 'pneuma' (greek) or 'spiritus' (latin), the word is also used as a broad term for spirit. So I started looking and found this document. And read the term was used in the oldest part of the Rgveda for the Supreme Spirit. (Which I found interesting and probably deserves more consideration.) But also I found it is similar to Ahura. Which brings us to Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrians. Fascinating. I hadn’t found the time to respond yesterday, though this morning before 05:00 AM I was awake and I felt the Holy Spirit darting energy. More than usual, and I was like “You’re active today! What’s up?” So first I gave it room to provide information, but nothing was pushed, so I started to ask questions about what I had read regarding Asura and Ahura. When I asked whether Ahura Mazda is a child of God, it got confirmed. Nice! The panorama is expanding. Though I don’t know the first thing about Ahura Mazda. I’d love to investigate, though momentarily I don’t have time to further dive into it.

    If anyone feels like digging into Ahura Mazda to see whether it fits the profile, here are the questions I would look at:
    -Was Ahura Mazda fighting anyone?
    -What were the abilities/features/characters of the ones he was fighting
    -Was he protecting people?
    -Using a tool or instrument with great power?
    -Did he have a lot of offspring?
    -Did he control weather?
    -What was his means of transportation?
    -In what region was he known?
    -What is the reason Zoroastrians is not the leading religion like it formerly was in the region?
    -Is there a connection in history with Azura Mazda and the swastika?

    Looking forward to see how this information fits into the view offered in OP.

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    Default Re: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants


    I'm looking into Ahura Mazda to answer the questions posted in previous post. I'm getting there. It'll need some more work and will be posted at a later moment. But something else hit me. Intensely. Need to take a quick sidestep before moving on to Ahura Mazda.

    Some time ago johnf was asking how we can come to speak with each other effectively regarding the Holy Spirit if we have different backgrounds/religions/understandings. Or something to that extent. (I wasn't able to find the particular post.) Nonetheless, I was reading on Ahura Mazda/Zoroaster and on the hymns written down in ancient Persia. And came across the name Armaiti. It sparked my interest and searched, found and read:

    "For Zoroaster the possession of devotion was an essential part of being righteous, ašavan; and he conceived its hypostasis, Ārmaiti, as being active in leading man to the good life and to salvation."

    (Y. 28.7). It is through his companionship with Ārmaiti, the prophet declares, that he has deserved to attain truth, whereas the wicked man neither supports her nor makes her his own.

    (Y. 31.12). Give, O thou Devotion, strength to Vīštāspa and to me[/B]

    These verses to me appear as speaking about the Holy Spirit - recognizing what is written there in my personal experience. Reading more, there is a related vedic cognate and name in Rig Veda, respectively arámati ("piety, devotion") and Aramati. Apart from the beautiful things I read regarding Ahura Mazda and Zoroastrianism, this stuck in my mind yesterday. This morning I decided to communicate in prayer and Holy Spirit confirmed Armaiti/arámati/Aramati being the same as Holy Spirit! Wow! So, in basis, Armaiti = Holy Spirit = Aramati = Christ = arámati! Super interesting!

    I also asked why It is being recognized as being feminine. I learned that It was interpreted as being feminine, though actually Holy Spirit is not only feminine and masculine, but all genders. Not sure exactly what 'all' means, but at least both masculine and feminine. Maybe also common gender? Maybe even more?

    This gives us a Zoroastrian as well as an early Hinduism link to Christianity through both the children of God (the immortals, that came to earth in ancient days), as through the Holy Spirit. Big stuff. This will make me dive into amraiti, amárati and Amarati, to see what it brings. I'll check to see if I can find a connection to Buddhism also.

    I underlined the word 'Companionship', in above quoted verse, which implies it's not something coming from within a person, but rather someone external (spiritual) that is able to communicate and share knowledge/truth, and give energy/power, among other things.

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    Default Re: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

    Here’s the post for Ahura Mazda as mentioned before.

    Who/what is Ahura Mazda?:
    -of worlds, archangels, guardian spirits, ahuras (divine lords), material world (with organisms)
    -of good things
    Dispenser of justice:
    -punishes those who indulge in evil and sinful actions and rewards those who follow the righteous path
    -gives a chance to expiate sins through repentance and sincere prayers
    -assigns people to either the heaven or the hell according to their actions, on day of Last Judgment
    -of righteous people against Ahirman, daevas, drujs, sorcerers, kayags & karbs (or kavis and karapans), tyrants, wrongdoers, heretics, sinners and witches
    Respect the sacred fire, lead a righteous life avoiding sin, dispose of the dead according to the method prescribed by Him, perform sacrificial rituals as per the specifications made in the scriptures and seek His protection and blessings through prayers and invocations.
    A twin (Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu) (Prayer with Holy Spirit taught me, that this twin was not born of a mortal mother, but rather of an immortal mother.)

    The above details are in line with the other sons of God, though I wasn't able to find a connection with giants. If anyone encounters this or knows anything about this, I'd love to hear about it.

    With the information of Armaiti being the Holy Spirit, the references as in italics above ‘Respect to sacred fire’ in Zoroastrianism become clear, and is surely not a reference to what we commonly know as fire. Here’s an example of what it stands for:

    Fire as a symbolic representation of all pervasive energy is a symbol of Ahura Mazda. It is a natural object, which not only reminds us of our maker, but which can put us in direct contact with Him. Thus it is understandable that it plays a very important role in the religious lives of Zoroastrians. Fire also reminds a Zoroastrian, all that is needed to remember for a good lifeSelf-sacrifice, ratheshtari (being a warrior against evil), immortality of the soul - by its flaming shooting upwards, opposing darkness of all kinds, etc

    Though with Ahura Mazda being a son of God, the relationship as painted by the Zoroastrians as mentioned in above description is a bit off, as the Holy Fire or Holy Spirit will connect a person with the Most High - not with Ahura Mazda. But further than that, it basically paints the same picture as in the bible. Compare below verse examples with above description of fire within Zoroastrianism.

    Romans 12:1
    I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.
    Matthew 3:11
    I baptize you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.

    More references to Holy Spirit fire within the Bible here.

    Understanding the spiritual meaning of fire in this context, then fire swastika’s

    start to make sense. Spiritual advancement through the Holy Spirit, or Armaiti.
    The swastika is found throughout the area where Zoroastrianism started: Iran (see etymology for Iran) and surrounding areas or Ariana/Aryana in Ancient times.

    This brings us to the Aryans. (don’t have to explain there’s a relationship between the Aryans and the swastika, right?) It is said that ‘The Aryans of ancient Iran were Mazdayasni Zarathushtris, ie. Worshippers of Ahura Mazda ’. According to Zoroastrianism it was Ahura Mazda “Who made us, and has fashioned us, and who has nourished and protected us”. Which is interesting after having learned (see earlier post) that God had asked the sons of God to create a new type human, which became Adam and Eve. Did the Creator of our souls ask Ahura Mazda to create a new human also? Were there, besides Adam and Eve, other new type humans that were created on earth after 4700 BCE?

    I already have some insights on these last questions which I will expand on later, but I wanted to share this already. And I need to dive into other leads I found also, to see whether related to the topic within this thread. T.b.c.

    [edit: fixed italics/restored some information regarding swastika]
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    Default Re: Works of the body of Christ, E.T. (souls), mythological “gods”, spiritual advancement, fallen angels and Giants

    You are on the right track. I don't have a ton of time, but, for example, in Hebrew, Ruach is aerial, i. e. spiritual breath, whereas Nephesh is the mere animating breath of the physical body, or its animal soul. This indicates "two souls", superior and inferior, moral and animal. Most common religions have seized on the "Nephesh" and called it your soul and placed you in a fear/thrill kind of mentality about it. Nephesh was breathed into man by Yahweh or Demiurge who sits there and laps up all the credit.

    In Sanskrit, the related hierarchies are Fire (Venus) of the higher soul, and Moon of the lower soul. Agnishvattas and Barhishads.

    Real Zoroastrianism is identical to real Vedism, Fire Philosophy. It is correct that Sanskrit literature is layered and even muddled. This is to provide enough breadcrumbs to inspire someone, without giving away the "secret formula" so to speak. This mostly is in terms of time cycles--I can pretty much promise you that no mathematical thing about spiritual time is the right one. Giving out the real numbers is like giving kids a box of matches and a shed full of dynamite.

    Spirit, per se, is only one, prime motion. English words like Holy Spirit can show their origin? In Greek, Sophia, Wisdom, and so Philosophy or Philos Sophia, Wisdom of Love.

    Emanational rites produce Deva Deha, or Lha Sku, Divine Body, Nirmanakaya, I am not sure if this is what is intended by Holy Spirit. Occult Hierarchy is perhaps accurate. I think that Jesus said the same thing, where there is one, it is good, but when two or more have gathered, it is more powerful. So, in the most basic terms, this is a union of people producing a white magic atmosphere and environment, frequently around naturally charged areas. Most of them certainly do not have the Holy Spirit as depicted by some church, but they have Sophia.

    On a personal level, it also means that kingdoms of elementals within one's body have been purified and converted to Dharma. It's not a prayer I could say in any church on Sunday, but a transformation that renders the Nephesh a blank. The Moon reflected in a calm lake. The lunar or animal soul does not cease to exist, it simply loses influence, as control is transferred to a higher power, which is not confused by form or the outer world.

    Holy Spirit in terms of the Trinity is what I suppose you were getting at. When we look at the early churches, that is mostly what the problem was, censorship to the point of death on whose definition of Trinity was right. In the East, we have not had this problem. So, half of the things I would be able to say sound a whole lot like Christianity, but, when you go into the details, it's much different. We use a swastika with rainbow colors and put them in a hexagram and call it a bliss wheel. Application of Fire Philosophy. It always looks to me like someone has tried to swipe our symbols and re-brand them in a new package (tm).

    Indra himself is of not much concern and is more like putting on a jacket. The place to look would be Vishwakarman, the artificer of gear for Indra and the rest. It goes to things like gouging out a portion of the sun and being crucified on a lathe.

    Indra is an office occupied by whoever is chief of the Thirty-three. This is what you would call Second Heaven and is the highest place related to our earth plane. The third person of the Trinity is Viraj who is dual-sexed and much higher than this. The Wise Ones who have become close to Viraj are called Vairajas and accepted as a non- or pre-Buddhist Nirmanakaya. We also have Historical Buddhas that are mostly the same thing or original sages, enlightened beings from prior systems. Viraj as Brahma emits beings from his mind to begin a new world system. As far as I can tell, what we do is really a certain twist or interpretation of Hinduism overall, or, in their terms, Sanatana Dharma or Timeless Truth. To glimpse it in Biblical terms, you would need the Trinity and Elohim, it just wouldn't use the theology that comes with it any more. We could say it has something to do with the illusory splitting of Viraj into male and female, and that the mental re-union of the two halves, rejoining the All, is a main basis of practice, entry to Formlessness.

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