Yesterday I was riding a local train in the Ural region of Russia, and a passenger of about 50 had a heart attack (I think).
When he got on the train, he sat right behind me and was panting heavily, so I thought he had run for the train.

After a while he lay down on two or three empty seats, not a very gracious act because the train was about 80% full. A man sitting in front of him called to the attention of the train staff, saying something is strange about the condition of the man. When I looked at him, he had his eyes wide open without blinking and was drooling heavily. The train staff made an announcement, asking if any doctor or anybody with medical knowledge was aboard.

Although I had acupuncture needles and moxa, I decided not to use them (to avoid too much theatrics) but instead to send the unconscious man Qi-energy toward his lower belly. After a while, the man got up, and staggered off the train at his destination station, while everyone on the train was shaking his head.

Long story short, the man being a Russian living in the province, his diet probably wasn't great. Too much pork and beef.