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Thread: Animals are Magical

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    Default Re: Animals are Magical

    Turkeys are highly social creatures. They are very family oriented, love to play, are incredibly affectionate and are really good at geography.

    Albert was rescued from a slaughterhouse. Albert loves people and he loves being cuddled.

    Reasons to love turkeys

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    Turkeys are sensitive animals who have good and bad moods. You can tell what mood the male is in by the color of his throat and head. When a male is excited, his head turns blue and when a tom is about to get into a fight, his head turns red. Imagine if humans had this trait!

    Albert the Turkey loves a cuddle

    Albert the Turkey getting a hug, London the Shepard gets nothing
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    Default Re: Animals are Magical

    Six minutes of three playful baby bears on a hammock.

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