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Thread: ISS SHOCK: NASA Spacewalk live feed interrupted by ufo sighting

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    Default ISS SHOCK: NASA Spacewalk live feed interrupted by ufo sighting

    NASA’S Spacewalk live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) was interrupted when two bizarre anomalies appeared, sparking a frenzy online.

    NASA’s flight engineer Anne McClain and Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques carried out a six-hour excursion yesterday. Their job was to help replace a faulty solar array battery that was installed during an earlier mission. However, eagle-eyed viewers watching the live stream from home were distracted before the Spacewalk, when they noticed a number of bizarre anomalies, sparking a conspiracy theory.

    Just hours before Ms McClain and Mr Saint-Jacques were scheduled to walk outside the ISS, something bizarre happened.

    A small, white object appeared to make its way from Earth up into the night sky, travelling from left to right.


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