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Thread: New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines

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    Default New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines

    New species of 4ft ancient human discovered in Philippines cave
    Dubbed Homo luzonensis, the species is one of the most important finds that will be out in the coming years, one scientist predicts.
    Researchers in the Philippinesannounced today that they have discovered a species of ancient human previously unknown to science.

    The small-bodied hominin, named Homo luzonensis, lived on the island of Luzon at least 50,000 to 67,000 years ago. The hominin—identified from a total of seven teeth and six small bones—hosts a patchwork of ancient and more advanced features. The landmark discovery, announced in Nature on Wednesday, makes Luzon the third Southeast Asian island in the last 15 years to bear signs of unexpectedly ancient human activity.


    Homo luzonensis makes picture of early human evolution 'even messier, more complicated, and a whole lot more interesting', scientists say

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    Default Re: New species of ancient human discovered in the Philippines

    The out-of-Africa theory is fake.

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