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Thread: 'Massive' UFO: U.S. Veteran's Manitowoc UFO Incident

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    Default 'Massive' UFO: U.S. Veteran's Manitowoc UFO Incident

    Found this in my Mail from
    Sorry if already posted

    They sound genuin, not faking.

    Sighting of light UFO's, Shame the images where not close up and or of a more physical form.
    Quote This short film explores witness testimony and video evidence for possibly the biggest UFO story of 2019. Stunning enhanced HD UFO footage, 8-bit granular audio analysis, dramatic recreation and the voices of witnesses take viewers deep into the night of March 24, 2019, when a massive UFO was recorded in the vicinity of a Wisconsin nuclear power plant by a trained observer with some help from his friends. Includes public testimony of U.S. Marine Corps veteran Myles Panosh. READ: "EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Veteran Witnesses ‘Massive’ UFO over Lake Michigan in ‘Manitowoc Incident’
    I'm a simple easy going guy that is very upset/sad with the worlds hidden controllers!
    We need LEADERS who bat from the HEART!
    Rise up above them Dark evil doers, not within anger but with LOVE

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