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Thread: WADE FRAZIER : A Healed Planet

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    I’ll return to this theme periodically, as it is one of my work’s most important, IMO, but I’ll wrap up this series of posts for now. In short, what disappears in the Fifth Epoch includes:
    • Scarcity
    • Fear
    • Violence
    • Abuse
    • Disease
    • Environmental destruction
    • Drudgery
    • Addiction
    • Ideological indoctrination
    • Delusions, such as calling the darkness the light
    • Geographical isolation
    • Materialism
    • Unhappiness

    What becomes standard in the Fifth Epoch includes:
    • Abundance
    • Love
    • Health, both humanity’s and the environment’s
    • True learning
    • Space travel
    • Self-realization
    • “Mystical” abilities
    • Enlightenment
    • Happiness

    Earth and humanity will cease being raped. Life, work, study, and play will become far more meaningful and fulfilling, the world will end as we know it, and it won’t be missed. Almost none of humanity’s activities today will continue into the Fifth Epoch, as they are almost all oriented around scarcity and fear, and those will not be the operational principles of the Fifth Epoch. And we will all find plenty to do.

    I can’t overemphasize that this is not some impractical and ungrounded New Age “vision,” but readily predictable outcomes of the introduction of technologies that I know already exist on Earth, and many of the most important technologies are likely older than I am. But, as Greer says, the worst elements of humanity control those technologies today, and we don’t get any while we collectively sleep and are our own worst enemies. I am not saying that the above lists are inevitable, but that they are very likely. This kind of world begins to come into focus in the Fifth Epoch. The energy surplus of the Fifth Epoch makes things feasible that are barely imaginable today, as it was for all prior Epochs.

    The biggest event in the human journey, as we become a Type 1 civilization, will necessarily bring the biggest changes in the human journey. I can’t overemphasize that if we don’t get the benefit of clean and abundant energy, then almost none of those changes will happen. Free energy and related suppressed technologies are a precondition for those changes, as a new level of energy surplus provides the foundation of the coming Epoch, just as it has for all previous Epochs. It takes a modicum of scientific literacy to understand those ideas, not any more than is needed to digest my big essay, which is really not much at all. As I have stated plenty, what I ask of my readers is trivial, compared to the magnitude of the task at hand, but I also know that very few on Earth today are willing and able to muster such effort. Not many have the right stuff to help, and it does no good to judge the situation; those are just the numbers, numbers that I discovered the hard way.

    Perhaps the most important contribution that I bring to this effort is intimate knowledge of the paths to manifesting free energy that have not worked and are unlikely to, and I came to my current approach through a life-risking and life-wrecking process of elimination more than anything else. I am constantly approached by free energy newcomers who propose their “bright ideas” that are all variations on those failed approaches, as they seek some quick and easy way to the Fifth Epoch. None of those “bright idea” people have done the necessary work, if they want to help with what I am doing, so their constant attempts to find an easy way reflect their levels of awareness and commitment.

    There are no quick and easy answers to this conundrum. If I or somebody else forms that choir, then it will be easy, but forming the choir will be the hard part. But, in order to be choir material, people have to jettison all of the self-serving and comforting fictions of their conditioning. Perhaps more than anything else, that is what my work is intended to assist. We can’t get there by dragging along our baggage. That baggage is where all of those “bright ideas” come from.

    What I also get a lot of are people who can’t handle imagining what can be while comparing it to the current situation on Earth. While I am sympathetic to that challenge, it is really not that hard to meet it. My visions have sustained me through the repeated nightmares of my journey, as I discovered the hard way how our world really works. I do not ask anybody to go through what my fellow travelers and I experienced. There is no need to. This field has quite enough martyrs to the cause, to show how the land lies. Nobody needs to risk their lives to join my effort.

    Helping make the Fifth Epoch happen beats watching TV.


    My big essay, published in 2014, is here.

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