Before I hit the hay, to address Krishna’s recent posts, in my studies, what I found was a typical dynamic in these situations, in that the first efforts get huge returns on “investment.” We could call it the low-hanging fruit, but human development measures skyrocket with the first applied efforts. Later, there are diminishing returns, but the early resources spent on alleviating those Third World conditions (again, my terminology is likely dated here) can produce huge benefits. Relatively poor countries can greatly improve their human development numbers with relatively small incremental resources, and Kerala has been a model for a long time, and again, I am dating myself. I did some study of the Kerala situation back in the early 1990s, as I recall, or it might have even been before I met Dennis.

When I was thrown into the hellhole of Skid Row in LA, nearly 35 years ago, I began to become a student of poverty and misery. But it was after my first stint with Dennis, when I was really woken up, when I began looking into such situations in earnest. But it has been a while, and I have not really kept up on it, such as Krishna’s recent correction the global infant death toll in my writings, which has been cut in half in recent years, with concerted international effort. Those efforts are to be commended. They won’t help us reach the Fifth Epoch much, if at all, but it is good work nevertheless.