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Thread: Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

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    Default Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

    Chemtrails: Truth is Stranger Than Conspiracy! with Jim Lee
    Regina Meredith

    "I have been following the topic of Chemtrails for nearly 20 years and ultimately threw my hands up in futility. Thank goodness Jim Lee didn't!
    Jim Lee of ClimateViewer.com has gone down the rabbit hole of weather modification to a greater extent than anyone I have known, and what he has to say is astounding. We have used the term "chemtrail" as a convenient box for a phenomena that is much more vast than one could have imagined. In this interview we scratch the surface of the tip-of-the-tip of the iceberg but still come away with our head spinning over the implications of all of the factors that are poisoning our skies. This is not only a MUST SEE, but a MUST SHARE video because we cannot continue to ignore the health implications of having millions of tons of toxic metals dropping from the skies."

    Each breath a gift...

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    Default Re: Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated

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    Default Re: Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

    Yes, very much appreciated, this is good information. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Jim Lee, 20 years of research on Chemtrails, new interview

    As more people get aware of the geoengineering and the chemtrails as better.... It is not a conspiracy theory...what so ever.. I found out the hard way long time ago. It is very real.

    They are spraying or they did? Lately I did not see any planes spraying around here. Maybe there is enough of the stuff...barium, Strontium, aluminium and so on...in the air by now?

    Do they might need it to play around with Haarp? Or some other reason? Blue Beam?

    To use the weather as a weapon is one reason...I think. Fullford for example talked about it and that the Japan earthquake actually was cause by a weather weapon...Japan got a warning before it happened....

    I don`t believe in weather geoengineering being any good...for nature, landscapes or us....it`s just another excuse they use to back up this activities. The same goes for the cooling down of earth temperature...another lie....being used. Climate warming....a lie.....check old world temperature charts for proof...... When it did leak through, there is no climate warming...they quickly changed the propaganda into climate changing ....

    We have no climate warming and earth always will have and had climate changes - you can see if you look back into the history. It is a word game being played with lies as back up.....

    But it is clear, whatever we do towards nature..will have it effects somehow.....to spray aluminium, barium & strontium for sure...

    This documentation here...is what I was watching years ago...and I find very interesting also...there are many facts about it inside :

    Video 2011

    ...but for most people this subject is to heavy to even make a check up or inform themselves...so they often choose to just call it conspiracy theory....to block it out....to ignore it...which is easier for most people, than facing the facts and what is really going on......



    ......sorry folks...but the spraying of chemtrails must have some other heavy reason...they dont want us to know.....
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