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Thread: Re-discovering the ‘lost’ records of the Newgrange roof-box

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    Default Re-discovering the ‘lost’ records of the Newgrange roof-box

    Just linking to a fascinating article about how the Neolithic monument at Newgrange, County Meath in Ireland was excavated and recorded. There has been much criticism of the record keeping and claims that the rebuild was not based on good 'scientific grade' archaeological records and processes.

    There is also a mystery, why the difference in quality of workmanship between the one massive carved quartz slab (found placed on it's own right in the centre of the monument's above ground portion nicknamed 'the roof box') and the other carved slab.

    *There are some convincing arguments positing the Brittish Isles as the original location of Atlantis, read Michael Tsarion's The Irish Origins of Civilization. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilization.com

    Tsarion also claims the Battle of the Boyne (also in County Meath) was re-enacting an ancient Egyptian ritual.


    * I remain an openminded fence sitter on the subject

    The whole Atlantis thing aside though the article on Newgrange is worth a look though..


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    Default Re: Re-discovering the ‘lost’ records of the Newgrange roof-box

    One famous battle archeoligist after three weeks of digging without ANY success bodly stated that if there was a battle of the Boyne they must have been throwing sticks and rocks at each other.

    The idea of a ritual of some sort is something which hooked me when I first read about the premise. The book is a great attempt to understand the role Ireland plays in this mystery.

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