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    Post Biology

    Study of life is classified as biology

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    Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) is the most extensively studied virus in plants. It was discovered by Iwanowski (1892) and obtained in pure state by Stanley (1935). It has a helical symmetry. TMV is a cylindrical structure with a molecular weight of 40 million and dimension of 160 x 3000 A°. Through X-ray diffraction and electron microscopy various extensive studies have been done.

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    Tobacco or its traces were found in Egyptian mummies. No doubt that the Egyptians smoked tobacco, long before Columbus.

    Tobacco and syphilis were brought to the Japanese islands by the Portuguese sailors and traders along with firearms in the 16th century and they spread immediately to the entire country. If Jesuits played any role in this, I don't know.

    Lyme disease is also caused by a modified form of spirochete and tobacco is known (by some) to be effective. An interesting coincidence.

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