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Thread: The monkey wrench solution.

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    Default The monkey wrench solution.


    This message is being sent in the belief there may be more
    then a few entities of conscience and wisdom who understand the
    urgency and necessity of what is about to be proposed and may
    have the contacts to do something about it. In addition to
    the billions of humanity exposed to extreme suffering past and
    present; our increasing subjection may be close to the point
    where escape from future incarnations will become increasingly
    more difficult, if not impossible.

    We have identified the ultimate source/manifestation of moral
    evil in this matrix, as psychopaths with their myriad agendas.
    So far, all attempts at resolution of this issue have eluded
    us and until recently a viable, comprehensive solution was not

    About a decade ago a convergence of developing technologies
    created an Overton type window giving us a long-sought after
    opportunity to create a final solution to this infestation.

    The solution begins with the psychopathic penchant for
    weaponizing every technology created from our creative,
    imaginative minds. Case in point; viruses and cancers.
    There are dozens of bio-weapon labs operating around the
    world, with all sorts of concoctions sitting on the shelves
    waiting to be deployed. The problem is these devices are
    generally broad spectrum in application and we need to
    create something aimed specifically at psychopaths.

    The first and most logical place to look would be for
    divergent genetic markers located in our DNA. We could spend
    decades looking for something that may not exist. It seems
    obvious that psychopaths do believe there is a genetic
    cause as they are constantly inbreeding. This genetic angle
    may turn out to be a red herring as very little in this
    matrix is what it seems to be. Another explanation could be
    demonic inter-dimensional entities incarnating and reworking
    human brains for their purposes.

    Why should we consider the latter concept? As we study
    this psychopathic brain it is becoming obvious that this
    configuration was engineered by someone or group for specific
    purposes. The uncanny replication of a narrow range of
    behaviors, from entity to entity, is almost flawless and the
    architecture has been impervious to any sort of contamination
    or change throughout our known history. This psychopathic
    brain is in essence, a dumbed down human brain subject to
    demonic deceptions. As we shall see, in either case, it WILL

    Robert Hare and his protégé Kent Kiehl have spent their
    careers studying psychopaths and are responsible for most
    of the MRI brain scans of psychopaths available to us today.
    It is within these scans we can find our ability to target
    humanity's nemesis.

    Before looking at an example it should be noted that
    although these good Doctors have spent their lives studying
    this subject, they both show a remarkable level of naiveté
    concerning both the pervasiveness of psychopathy in society
    and the implications of their good work.

    The example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaTfdKYbudk

    This YouTube video was published on 8/21/07 and runs 7:14

    Toward the end of the video, Dr. Hare speculates that
    psychopaths may be "wired up differently". He also notes
    the largest energy signature in the psychopathic brain comes
    from the occipital cortex which contains parts of the
    primitive/reptilian brain. This makes sense when we consider
    their animalist, predatory behavior. We could make the case
    these entities occupy the lowest rung of humanity, one step
    above animal. Another observation is the relativity low
    energy output of the left and right hemispheres; compared to
    those of us with a conscience. The question now becomes how
    does this information help resolve our problem?

    Our science has determined that all energy has a
    corresponding, measurable, vibrational signature.The greater
    the intensity the higher the vibrational level. Initially we
    would need to determine a baseline as to the highest
    vibrational level attained in the occipital cortex and lowest
    in the L/R hemispheres for normal, awake brains and then
    construct a bio-tuning fork to mimic the outliers being
    produced by awake psychopathic brains.This tuning fork device
    would be embedded in a bio-weapon. Activation of the tuning
    fork would occur when encountering matching frequencies,
    which in turn would release the weaponized virus/cancer.

    A few practical issues to consider. It may require two
    bio-tuning forks creating a high/low redundancy in order
    to create an absolute confirmation. Also, the carrier virus
    would need to bypass the blood-brain barrier and embed in
    the brain for a period of time to ensure an accurate "awake"
    reading. If this bio-weapon is kept constantly circulating
    in a virulent, secure state; all incoming psychopathic brains
    would be removed: No matter the source.

    The past ratio of minority psychopaths to majority
    non-psychopaths has mimicked many of the ratios found in
    other predator-prey relationships and seems to correspond
    historically as well. Therefore, we could conclude this
    predator of humanity is simply an intended part of the
    original matrix design.

    The above observations leads us to the question of should
    we remove an integral piece of this matrix? The answer may
    be found in a discussion of purpose and the true nature of
    humanity. Many of us believe we were created as eternal,
    omnipotent beings; who are undergoing an extended series
    of incarnations in order to evolve into our true destiny.
    If this is the case, then what we are perceiving as "too
    extreme" may be a product of a limited perspective, on our
    part, compared to our creators; who have a greater knowledge
    of the depth and breadth of evil throughout the universe.
    A more likely scenario is the ratio between predator and
    prey is becoming increasingly unbalanced which could lead to
    a near extinction event of humanity as we know it. This
    latter scenario has many historical examples with other

    Since we are contained in a dualistic matrix there
    are some alternative viewpoints to consider. One of which
    holds we are eternal entities trapped in endless series of
    reincarnations and used as perpetual energy machines by
    nefarious inter-dimensional beings. This mindset was
    contained in ancient Hindu texts; also in writings by the
    Gnostics and more recently in Robert Monroe's second book
    "Far Journeys". The basic premise is that our predator-prey
    matrix was designed EXPLICITLY to create a high state of
    emotional agitation resulting in the production of a unique
    form of energy that Robert Monroe called Loosh. The
    technology used to collect this energy and its uses are
    unclear. Considering our dualist system, it is possible
    for both of the above overviews to exist simultaneously.

    In conclusion, there is another perspective that should
    be given PRE-EMINENT consideration. It also begins with
    humanity as divine entities in training. This scenario begins
    with humanity trembling in fear of evil, lacking knowledge
    and self-awareness. Then, enduring innumerable incarnations,
    through many millennia, possessing seemingly endless courage,
    perseverance and resiliency we acquire increasing knowledge
    and self-awareness befitting our true nature.Today we find
    ourselves being confronted with a defining moment in our
    evolution. Do we succumb to the growing psychopathic agenda,
    devolving and returning to fear and darkness, or will we usher
    in a new era for humanity by asserting our emerging, intrinsic
    creator-god like abilities and permanently remove this
    abomination of moral evil from this matrix.

    Finally, in more basic terms: Are we to continue moping around
    endlessly chronicling and complaining about what they do or will
    we pursue some plan and take action? What say you?

    Vinecutter 04/2019

    "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who
    is striking at the root."

    Henry David Thoreau
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    Default Re: The monkey wrench solution.

    A note: this is a reference to Edward Abbey's wonderful, classic, hilarious, subversive 1975 book The Monkey Wrench Gang, that directly sparked the environmental activist group Earth First.

    In the book, Abbey presents the strong idea that we really have to do something... almost anything at all.

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    Default Re: The monkey wrench solution.

    Quote Posted by vinecutter (here)
    ...This psychopathic brain is in essence, a dumbed down human brain subject to
    demonic deceptions. As we shall see, in either case, it WILL
    ... Finally, in more basic terms: Are we to continue moping around
    endlessly chronicling and complaining about what they do or will
    we pursue some plan and take action? What say you?

    Vinecutter 04/2019
    We have a call to action here! Bravo! I for one can't see myself part of the bio-tuning fork deployment of a bioweapon solution, although I appreciate the concept behind it. We don't fight like them, do we?

    It seems plausible that most or all of us are dealing with psychopaths directly in our lives. I, for one, deal with them on two distinct very obvious fronts, and it does not escape my notice the synchronicity that occurs between these two fronts. My two fronts happen to be the United States Justice System and a certain psychopathic cult leader, but I am sure everyone has their own examples.

    I used to mope around as you mention, bemoaning my fate as a victim in this incredibly unjust and false world. This is most certainly buying into any psychopathic plans they might have for me. I do have my own plan of action which I am carrying out, but were you thinking of something more coordinated that doesn't involve the bioweapons?

    I worked pretty closely with the Earth First! folks when I lived in the West, but the movement was infiltrated and made somewhat impotent. It started with the obvious case of the charges of conspiring to sabotage nuclear power plants in Arizona. The Arizona Five incident had been instigated by Special agent Michael A. Fain as part of the FBI's COINTELPRO activities at the time to target dissident groups. As in most cases of this sort, the idea for committing a crime originated with the government agent.

    In other words, any coordinated effort, especially begun on the Internet, will most certainly be infiltrated and made ineffective. However, we have much power as individuals and need to start boldly and confidently using that power on a daily basis wherever we may be. Indeed, as you say, we no longer need to wait around.
    There's no time like the present.

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    Default Re: The monkey wrench solution.

    If enough people get behind this in an intelligent, effective way, this might well be at least a partial solution:

    Review from Forbidden Knowledge:
    "For centuries, our primary energy source has been hydrocarbon-based, and since the 19th century, most of that has been in the form of petroleum. In 1975, the US dollar was cemented as the world’s main reserve currency with the establishment of OPEC and the petrodollar system, which obliged the main petroleum-producing countries to accept payment for their oil in USD and to invest their surplus oil proceeds in US government debt securities.

    Many believe that the true motive for the Iraq War was because Saddam Hussein converted all of Iraq’s oil transactions in the Oil for Food Program to euros and that the Deep State-controlled Bush Administration sought to maintain the USD as the international reserve currency and to block a more widespread adoption of the euro as an oil-pricing standard. After the US’ 2003 invasion, Iraq returned the denomination of its oil sales to the US dollar, despite the dollar’s decreased value.

    Yet today, the fact that China, Venezuela and Iran freely bypass the USD in their oil transactions without triggering similar reprisals indicates that the dollar is no longer worth defending and that its status as the world’s reserve currency is coming to end. Perhaps more importantly, it indicates that petroleum as a primary energy source is coming to an end. At the fire sale price points we’ve been seeing for the stuff, it will no longer be worth it to take it out of the ground.

    Many of us are aware that there are alternative energy technologies that have been actively suppressed to maintain the global economic control system and energy paradigm. This interview with Zach Vorhies gives us a glimpse at how the Deep State operates in this arena today. With the fresh eyes we now have from the Great Awakening, after being brutalized for four years by the political – and now biowarfare – antics of the Deep State, we can really see it in the suppression of all-important clean, cheap energy technologies.

    Zach Vorhies, who was a Senior Engineer at Google-YouTube for 8 years is back on the X22’s Spotlight to talk about the dawn of widely-available clean, cheap energy within the next decade. The topic of cold fusion hit his radar while he was working at YouTube and he saw that Google executives, including current CEO, Sundar Pichai lied to Congress when they denied blacklisting any websites. Vorhies had seen in Google’s corporate intranet that several websites were blacklisted in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. One site however, had nothing to do with the Las Vegas Massacre, Andrea Rossi’s independent cold fusion website, E-Catworld.com, about which FKTV published about a few times, back in 2011.

    Further digging led Vorhies to the discovery that Google had their own secret cold fusion laboratory, which has since been made public. So, not only has Google been blacklisting businesses that are competitors of their strategic ventures, they’ve been actively suppressing vital information about an important alternative energy technology, while attempting to develop it as their own intellectual property.

    Zach tells of arranging to meet with the head of Google’s cold fusion lab to make an introduction to Rossi, only to be met with a total psychopath, an executive from a cryptocurrency company that Google had acquired who was heir to an old railroad fortune and a Rockefeller crony. A more classic Deep Stater could be scarcely imaginable.

    Zach has since become an avid follower of Ken Wheeler, who has further developed Nikola Tesla’s Aethereal Mechanics (explained in more detail in the interview transcript below) and developed SunCell® technology, which is able to tap energy from the Dark Matter found in the water molecules that are freely available in atmospheric humidity.

    Unlimited energy would mean a whole new world. As Zach says here:

    “This makes wind obsolete. This makes solar obsolete. This makes nuclear uranium fission obsolete. This makes all the other energy systems that we’ve used obsolete…we can imagine part of it but the new things that will come are the ‘unknown unknowns’. We can’t even imagine what it would look like in a society with unlimited energy…And not only people – but entire nations…With decentralized abundant energy, everywhere the Globalists lose their main control over the world."

    Full TRANSCRIPT follows at : https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/ds-...-zach-vorhies/
    Each breath a gift...

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