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Thread: 'Extraordinary: The Seeding'

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    Default 'Extraordinary: The Seeding'

    New film coming out 03 Sep 2019.

    Excellent Documentary about ABDUCTIONs & HYBRIDISATION program.

    This is according to RICHARD DOLAN, and here is his
    excellent interview (55 mins) with the film makers, about the film,
    in which he has an appearance.
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    Default Re: 'Extraordinary: The Seeding'

    I just watched this film on Amazon and was wondering if anyone else has seen it? Would love to hear some thoughts...I thought it was a good film and really did a nice job of relaying the abduction experience (and the trauma associated). The two stand-outs in the doc were definitely Melinda Leslie & Richard Dolan...both had some excellent soundbites.

    I was lucky enough to meet Jack Roth, one of the producers, at Contact at the Desert...super guy. Really looking forward to their next film, whatever that might be.

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    Default Re: 'Extraordinary: The Seeding'

    Bridget Nielsen - Hybrid Human Alien Children

    An interesting, informative and amusing interview with Bridget Nielsen regarding the hybridisation programme.

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    Default Re: 'Extraordinary: The Seeding'

    Is there a way to rent this documentary outside the US ? I live in Canada and unable to rent the thing on amazon which requires me to reside in the states...

    Anybody that bought it willing to share ? I'd even pay the renting price or half of the full digital download with someone if that would be possible..

    Please pm me if anything.

    Thank you all

    Edit* Finally found a way Great doc!
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