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Thread: Get a Free Audiobook of Your Favorite Topic and Someone to Discuss it With

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    Default Get a Free Audiobook of Your Favorite Topic and Someone to Discuss it With

    I've got a long commute every day and love to learn/discuss new topics with people as a way of expanding my mind. I also happen to have a high end digital recorder which does pretty good recording audible playing through my car stereo. A while back I listened to an audio book and recorded myself listening, pausing and commenting on things the author said then sharing the audio of the book and commentary with a friend as I listened. He enjoyed it as a sort of interactive audio book because he not only got to hear a new audio book but also hear my thoughts on it and have some back and forth discussion over text/email etc.

    If anyone is interested in this novel idea, fire me a book title available via audible that you would be interested in discussing and I'll buy it, record myself listening to it, and sharing my thoughts and insights. You get the benefit of not only getting to hear a free audio book but also maybe getting a different perspective or getting to chat about a topic you love with someone who has listened to the same book.

    This is just a trial balloon here. If you're interested please respond with a recommended book title and I will pick a book or two to purchase and will make audio recordings available as I listen to the book. I'll keep making audio and sharing so long as you are still listening and providing any sort of feedback.

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    Default Re: Get a Free Audiobook of Your Favorite Topic and Someone to Discuss it With

    Great idea, Truthster013! I wish I had the time to join in. I wish you very well--should be interesting!

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,

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