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Thread: Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

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    Default Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    Star Wars has become ingrained in people's imaginations as one of the most beloved and famous science fiction franchises in history. Perhaps Star Wars resonates with people so deeply because such an age Truly existed?

    I found a very interesting article from a Falun Dafa practitioner (a very powerful QiGong practice ) who used his supernatural abilities (retro cognition) to recall a highly advanced prehistoric civilization that once existed on Earth.

    (This article was originally in Chinese so the Google Translation isn't perfect.)

    - - -

    Earth History and Mysteries I Know (II): The Lantus Empire

    As the Fa-rectification process continues to advance and I continuously improve the assimilation of the cosmic nature of truth, goodness, and forbearance in Dafa cultivation, the wisdom and abilities given by Dafa are increasingly strong. Dafa also showed the truth about the different levels of the universe in my spiritual realm, including the history and mysteries of the earth, and wrote it out to share with fellow practitioners.

    The ancient human beings in many pre-historical civilizations had more technology than today’s earth science and technology. Now I write out the social profile of the prehistoric human science and technology during the peak period. However, advanced science and technology finally end up being destroyed.

    About 130 million years ago, the Earth's continental plate was different from today's. At that time, there was a major continental plate on the Earth, and many small continental plates were distributed around the world. On the main continent, there is a kingdom called Landesian Empire. Translating into today's language is the meaning of the interplanetary empire. Their science and technology are extremely developed. The human image is similar to today's Arab figure, but today's Arabs have no connected relationship. Clothing is not too bad, Arab-style robes. The population is about 30 million. In terms of science and technology, it is intelligent mechanization technology that uses thinking to control machine operations. At that time, humans could easily travel to the stars and travel throughout the galaxy.

    The Lantes Empire was very powerful at that time. It launched a nuclear war on a global scale and destroyed all the countries that it countered. Realized the unity of the earth. The remaining defeated countries have become their affiliated countries. Due to the prolonged nuclear war, the surface of the Earth was severely crippled and nuclear radiation was flooded with everything. Despite their advanced science and technology, they had to go underground to survive. The nucleated radiation of animals and plants on the Earth's surface has been mutated.

    If people want to go to the surface of the earth must wear nuclear radiation protective clothing. Their scientific and technological development is also reflected in the fact that they can change the species genes and create new species. This genetic modification technology has been applied to almost every aspect of their society, but this genetic modification technology has destroyed the world created by God. , broke the balance of the human world!

    To cite a few examples, the arms and legs lost during the war can be regenerated by changing the genes. The aristocrats and the royal family among them have the ability and the right to transform themselves into young and beautiful ones by changing their genes. Transforming manual workers into powerful humans with extremely developed limbs; expanding brain capacity for those who engage in mental work to become intelligent people. When a baby is born, he or she is given the brain with the knowledge he wants to master. It takes about fifteen to thirty years before and after.

    At that time, the culture was extremely decadent, similar to today's Japanese metamorphic culture, or the open disorderly society of late Greece. The aristocrats used genetic modification technology to create beautiful singing artists and dancers for their enjoyment. Some selected females took genetically modified medicines and certain flower essence extracts from an early age. In adulthood, the body and body fluids will emit aromas of flowers and fragrances—such as rose and tulip flowers.

    In terms of warfare, the science and technology of prehistoric civilization had almost reached the peak of all prehistoric civilizations. They were a fighting nation that made a living by plundering aggression. Their spacecraft engine system uses particle energy. The alloy metal they made is extremely resistant to high temperatures and superior corrosion resistance. You can sail freely within the galaxy. At that time, science and technology belonged to an advanced technological level in the entire galaxy. The ambition of rulers is very large.

    They want to rule the galaxy. In the end, after several generations of the earth’s efforts, conquering unified a third of the Milky Way. In the invasion, they also united a lot of planets with their technological level and launched several star wars. During this time, they caught a large number of aliens and gave them slaves. Some of the planet’s lives were put into cages for viewing. In addition to destroying weapons, they also developed genetic weapons. It is to inject gene and drug into a race's fertile men and women to change the gene of their species. The children that are reborn are all deformed, no longer than three generations, and are basically extinct!

    Surviving in the underground kingdom, they have a main particle power station and distribute seven branch power stations. National application. They can also make use of genetic technology and use their scientific and technological means to allow animals to communicate with people, even simple language. The civilization of that period existed for thousands of years and was eventually destroyed. The civilization of that period was destroyed by aliens with higher technology from the Capricorn. The aliens who invaded the earth were very powerful, half-human and similar to the astronaut's extraterrestrial life. They blew up underground. The kingdom’s main power station completely destroyed everything and most people were not spared. The main continental plate becomes a desert and only a few mutated animal plants remain.

    However, the Earth’s people were not extinct in that period. Some who took refuge in other planets before the war, and others who settled on other planets during the invasion of the Galaxy in the past years, returned to Earth, on other small continent plates. It has opened up a new civilization, and it can be said that this is a continuation of the civilization. However, it is already worse than before and gradually declines. Among them are those who fled to Mars, and now Martian underground has had human beings. Their ancestors were people from the past civilization.

    To sum up, the law of the development of universal things is from the peak to the trough, and then from the trough to the peak. Cycle back and forth again. Everything in the world will not last long, and it will eventually become death."

    Original article: http://big5.zhengjian.org/node/237646

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    Default Re: Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    Like before, so is now again and again and again. It seems like the advancement of science and technology does not equal equilibrium and harmony or even health and happiness. So we are in this never ending cycle of repeating the same mistakes. Do we ever evolve? I mean to becoming better as a species? It seems like such a joke that the great brains of the world can not make any difference in the end result. We will become extinct again (sort of) And again to start from scratch, just don't forget to repeat the patterns, a few get to screw the most. Yayyy!! ain't it just fun? I guess people, we just have to make the most of it, here and now, such a cliche, but to me it's the only truth. Love you my Avalonians, it's great to have you!!

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    Default Re: Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    It doesn't seem that the Lantians understood spiritual law. Certainly nothing like the law of one appears to have entered their collective head. Just out to conquer and manipulate. I suppose Atlantis didn't do much better since they knew the law of one and still blew it.

    Interesting that, from what I understand, the Hindu Vedas indicate that humanity has been here since the being of Earth's days. That fits with the timeline of this story. Out of place artifacts also corroborate the existence of extremely ancient civilizations on Earth, such as intricate vases found in chunks of coal, or the sled tracks in bedrock in Anatolia, or the fossils of gears, the rock spheres with engravings found in billion year old rock, etc.

    So, I guess that, yes indeed, star wars could be a recollection of past human galactic empires run by spiritually stunted maniacs. One thing that the OP post doesn't mention is the use of magic that was endemic in the Star wars tales. You know, the current ETs visiting Earth are far more advance than the Lantians were because these ETs can transcend space and time with no problems at all. So today the Lantians tech would be out gunned.

    Anyway, I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of the same old tale. Only spirit can direct us out of repeating history.
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    Default Re: Star Wars: Faint Memory Of A Highly Advanced Prehistoric Civilization?

    I don't think humans are powerful enough to rule the galaxy. Humans are slaves.

    There were nuclear wars, no doubt, but such technology was given to humans to fight proxy wars, just like America's wars for Israel.

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