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Thread: TIPPING POINT of soft disclosure

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    Default TIPPING POINT of soft disclosure

    In the video linked below (which basically concerns a cast iron solid UAP case);
    From the 1hr18min mark onwards (the final 10 mins), in answer to a question, RICHARD DOLAN pretty much nails the situation regarding how TTSA is now currently controlling the slow release of disclosure.

    What he implies (without actually stating) is that very soon there will come a "Tipping Point", when the general public suddenly realise :-
    Duh ! you mean UFOs are REAL, Holy c--p !

    Basically TTSA have so far pussy-footed around with this soft disclosure, as in Tic-Tac UAPs etc, what ever can they be ? Let's try to find out, Ho Ho.

    However, until now the only people paying any attention are us in the "Alternative Community".

    Maybe with their new release of info coming out on the History Channel (UNIDENTIFIED) starting 31st May 2019, or maybe later depending how much they reveal (don't expect too much) -
    From then onward, there will inevitably be an "Avalanche" of discussion by the public, once they realise that they have been DUPED and LIED TO by the governments and media worldwide.

    Try as they might, they can't control the disclosure beyond a certain "Tipping Point".
    Either UFOs / UAPs are real, or they're not - and we all know the answer to that one.

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