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Thread: Extraterrestrial Technology and Mind Control

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    Default Extraterrestrial Technology and Mind Control

    I recently decided to re-read Allies of Humanity (Book 1) and The Terrapapers, this time looking specifically for the subject of Mind Control. It turned out to contain quite a few instances of it:


    Quote They do not come bringing large military forces, for they employ the skills that have served them in other ways—skills in manipulating the thoughts, the impulses and the feelings of those whom they encounter.
    Quote They will not teach power in the Mental Environment, for they do not want humanity to have this power unless it is completely controlled and directed by the visitors themselves.
    Quote They rely upon their structure, their codes of conduct and their ability to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of not only their members but of those races whom they seek to influence. While they are very powerful in certain respects, they do have inherent weaknesses.
    Quote If you are in their proximity, they can control your thinking, your feelings and your perception. This is the power they have of influence in the mental environment.
    Quote For any human mind can be interfered with, and its understanding can be extracted by those intervening forces in the world now.

    Quote With the opposition out of the way, the Sheti used mind-control and programming techniques they learned from their masters to alter the memories of the remaining Star Being descendants. Mankind’s knowledge of Star Beings was replaced with myths and legends.
    Quote But if the brain was re-programmed, resistance was eliminated and an able body was added to the labor force. Mind control was the SSS-T Science of choice.”Only one change remained to be made. Records were given a new face, but memories were left. Using the mind-altering techniques of his SSA-TA reptilian minions, the new King RRA ordered the systematic alteration of the minds of the beings of ERIDU.
    Quote Only one change remained to be made. Records were given a new face, but memories were left. Using the mind-altering techniques of his SSA-TA reptilian minions, the new King RRA ordered the systematic alteration of the minds of the beings of ERIDU.
    Quote Control of the solar system would not be left to chance, manipulation of the minds of all the inhabitants, including the control of the minds of the Off-spring of RRA, his trusted Priests and all members of RRA’s court, was done immediately and completely.
    Quote Utilizing the mind altering techniques of their SSA-TA ancestors, the GREYS continue to erase memories and altar minds as a ‘mask’ for hiding the experience from a victim.
    Quote Implanting a mind control device would be desirable, but unfortunately is highly impractical. If a control device in the brain is not feasible, then an external device placed in the immediate proximity of the brain is a viable alternative
    Quote Resistance was eliminated by simply re-programming the minds of the ‘difficult ones’. An able-bodied enemy of the state became an obedient servant of the Throne with but a simple operation.
    Quote They manipulate the leadership of the RA-IM government through mind control. Confusion works well for the purposes of the lizards.
    Quote The manipulation of minds and the re-programming continued.
    Quote Manipulation of the mind is the cornerstone of their cult.
    Quote They must locate a human being with powerful connections that can be mind-manipulated into a take-over attempt against the rebel lizard Empire.
    Quote The lizards are able to break through the Orion Psych-Team’s defenses. They are able to penetrate into the mind of Admiral Yamamoto and instruct him to turn around.
    This subject may be more important than we can imagine, with the rise of psychotronic mind control in our world today. It is most likely used extensively against whistleblowers and others, targeting those who want to spread truth about important subjects.

    Did we get such advanced technologies as a “gift” from extraterrestrials to make it easier to control the masses, and stop things such as disclosure? It could be worth thinking about.

    Why would they want to spend much time and resources when they can use humans to do the work for them? As long as they are at the top of the compartmentalized pyramid structure, they can control us all with only few in power.

    The Mind Has No Firewall

    Do you know of more documents or individuals mentioning Aliens and Mind Control? Feel free to share.

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    Default Re: Extraterrestrial Technology and Mind Control

    I think the subject of mind control really important too, but that's only since I realized it existed (ha!) I've always been suspicious of hypnotism, though - ever since I first looked up the word in the dictionary, and I'm starting to understand more about why I feel that way. Hypnosis is suspicious to me because it is proof people are programmable.

    Essentially I feel at the "mercy of my own psychology" and that is a scary thought.

    Here's Tom Montalk sharing what he thinks of the Alien Master Plan (he gets into mind control too): http://montalk.net/alien/35/synopsis...en-master-plan

    EDIT: When I first read this I thought the link said "The mind has no Freewill" but what it really says is "The mind has no Firewall". That's extremely meaningful to me. I have lived through the internet-days of no firewalls, and it was ridiculous. People were getting hacked into all over the place, and they had no way of knowing (unless the hacker told them about it!). I personally took it upon myself to break into people's machines JUST so I could remove the virus. I was able to detect infected people too - there were so many.
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    Default Re: Extraterrestrial Technology and Mind Control

    This ebook details alien technology used in mind control and its ultimate purpose to assist humanity into a more functional civilization.




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