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Thread: Corey goode death threats to a critic

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    Default Corey goode death threats to a critic


    This was an extremely difficult video for Yvonne Palermo aka Groovie Bean to make. She provides evidence on 2017 death threats made to her by Corey Goode which were supported by his associates.

    Yvonne did work for the Sphere Being Alliance before leaving because she became disturbed about things that were going on behind the scenes. This is talked about in Part 1 and 2 of the Reality Checks.


    Yvonne has been living in fear since 2017. Very recently she began making Reality Check videos with Jay Weidner on Corey Goode and his outrageous claims, deceptions and cult leader behaviour.

    Corey then re-posts the 2017 “death threat” blog with the disclaimer “People should read this article VERY CLOSELY”.

    To those who have come on board with Corey Goode over the past 18 months some of the stuff discussed in the videos may be confusing because there is an incredible back-story that goes as far back as 2015.

    I was around at the time of Corey’s inception into the public eye so I am very familiar with the back story. I am very familiar with the uprising of critics who were waking up, breaking away from, and questioning Corey Goode’s intentions, motives and integrity; which included violent tendencies that Corey posted on Avalon, as well as public evidence of his Violent Restraining Order which Corey then spun into a counter narrative because he knew it could damage his rise to fame.

    Anyone who even slightly questioned the authenticity of Corey’s stories were either vehemently attacked or labelled a negative hater. His back story is revealing, disturbing, and well documented, in depth, on Avalon.

    THANK YOU YVONNE for your courage in coming forward.

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