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Thread: Capel Green (RENDLESHAM) Official Trailer #5

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    Default Capel Green (RENDLESHAM) Official Trailer #5

    New film coming out Jun/July 2019.

    Researcher GARY HESELTINE is instrumental in getting this documentary out - and setting the record straight about the RENDLESHAM FOREST INCIDENT of 1980.

    Capel Green is a powerful, independent feature length documentary film about the myriad of strange occurrences which took place in and around Rendlesham Forest, close to the twin US Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge in Suffolk, England during 1980.
    Numerous US Air Force personnel witnessed UFOs in the sky, strange spheres of red light floating above the ground, beams shone down from UFOs into weapons storage areas, landed unidentified craft, and unusual entities which were observed in a farmer's field known as Capel Green.
    This is NOT a science fiction film, these events actually took place and affected real people and their lives. The film also centres around the original military whistleblower in these incidents, Airman First Class - Larry Warren who has fought for the truth and justice in these matters for almost four decades! Featuring re-enactment scenes of the incredible events plus interviews with witnesses who have never spoken on camera before, this film will genuinely shock many people with what will be revealed through its thorough research and corroboration. This is an amazing part of our history which has never been fully researched or investigated in the mainstream media... UNTIL NOW.

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    Default Re: Capel Green (RENDLESHAM) Official Trailer #5

    I often bump in to Larry - I'll try get some snipets of info out of him as to whats to be expected when its released.

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