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Thread: DAVID FRAVOR Exclusive Interview

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    Default DAVID FRAVOR Exclusive Interview

    Interview by Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp.
    Premiered 1st Jun 2019.

    Cmdr. David Fravor is one of the most experienced fighter pilots in American history. In 2004 he engaged a UFO with his fighter jet. This close-encounter has become known around the world as the “TIC TAC” UFO event series. The US Government has confirmed the account - with video evidence.

    Unidentified craft of unknown origin and intent are flying in our airspace with impunity. Our most advanced weapons and tracking systems are rendered powerless against them. We don’t know who built them; we don’t know who operates them.

    Events like this are increasing globally - and the world is now being told.

    The UFO presence is no longer in the realm of mythology. They are here.

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    Default Re: DAVID FRAVOR Exclusive Interview

    I don't think it is intelligent to ask a Navy pilot "do we have stuff out there that could do this?".
    Even if he knew, he would be obligated to deny immediately. It would be treason of the highest order for him to admit to something that must be insanely classified. Those kind of questions immediately tell me that the interviewer is not very intelligent, sorry to say that.

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