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Thread: The Project Avalon Legacy

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    Talking The Project Avalon Legacy

    Hello Bill and Avalon community:
    I am new here and a curious person. Forgive me for asking too much!

    I was wondering, you've built quite a large and active community here Bill, how big is your Forum :
    -Space occupied by posts
    -Age of the forum
    -Specialist groups.

    It seems to me that this place may well be the benchmark for curiosity forums and I'm wondering how much you've grown and how you hold it all together! You've created quite a legacy and it's one I am sure will outlive you! I can see no other forum on par with Avalon!

    Forgive my curiosity! I was a biologist who was trained to wonder!

    Best wishes,


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    Default Re: The Project Avalon Legacy

    Hi Robert, and welcome!

    There are 89,808 threads. Posts: 1,268,667. Members: 11,852

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