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Thread: Listening to the Sun

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    Default Listening to the Sun

    Ever wish you could listen to SDO data? We have developed new ways to do just that!
    This week the American Astronomical Society and the AAS Solar Physics Division had a joint meeting in St Louis. Astronomers and solar physicists got together to discuss our latest papers on understanding the Sun and universe.
    Two of those papers were "Listening to the Sun" (by Kyle Ingram-Johnson, W. Dean Pesnell, and Kevin Addison) and "Listening to the Sun: the Sonification of Solar Harmonics Project" (by tim larson, Seth Shafer, and Elaine diFalco). Both papers allow you hear different kinds of SDO data. They were presented as iPosters, so they are available at the links below for others to read through and enjoy.
    This paper converts several solar indices to sound before sonifying AIA images in three ways. You can listen to the entire image, small subsets of the image, and a series of images that shows a filament liftoff. We used a special math curve called a Hilbert curve to walk around the image and convert the pixels values into a set that can be then converted to sound. You should listen to the difference between the full image sonified with a Hilbert curve and sonified with a left-right scan. You will see a big difference.
    The next paper shifts HMI sound waves from their very low frequency of about 3 mHz to about 3 kHz so you can hear the tones.
    You are working to allow you to sonify images, both the entire image and as subsets, on the SDO website. Look for that new feature in the future.
    Until then, please enjoy listening to the Sun!


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    Default Re: Listening to the Sun

    Okaaay ... so they just describe how they listen to the sun, but no sound clip of the sun?

    Edit: found it one the second link or here:https://aas234-aas.ipostersessions.c...0D-0B-94-EB-CD <-click "audio samples"

    Or this ...

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    Default Re: Listening to the Sun

    Found this one here...sounds from space. It starts with the sun.....recordings by NASA

    the only one here, which sounds out of balance (to me) sound wise...is earth. I am not surprised....

    just recognized another thing here.....the planet sounds here....Had many videos about strange sounds appearing in diffrent countries on earth.....those sounds reminds me to this...it sounds similar.to me.... Or what do you think?...

    It is said also, not everybody does recognize or hear those sounds, only certain people. This could be maybe highsensitive people (HSP by Elaine Aron)...HSP People hear, see, recognize and feel more than normal sensitive people.

    There are studies about this done by MRT of the brain...... Only about 20 % of the world population is high sensitive.....

    maybe not the right thread to post this and we have to move it?
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