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Thread: If there were no borders anywhere

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    Default Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    thanks Ernie/ will do so

    and thanks to everyone for their comments. still reading thru

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    Default Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    Quote Posted by Ernie Nemeth (here)
    We are being robbed blind and until that is addressed there is no solution possible.
    The solution is to see. Those who can see must guide those who cant. How?

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    Default Re: If there were no borders anywhere

    Most of the public are so apathetic, so hopelessly narcissistic, so remarkably shallow, and so incredibly uninformed that solutions are not on their radar. The only way to reach them is one on one with highly sensitive people who can break down their prejudices and blocks to learning. My days doing that are mostly over, although I am working on another person at work. It is very rewarding work but it is taxing on my soul. I have been at this literally for fifty years - since I was ten!

    The solutions are information, mostly the correcting of commonly held beliefs that are hindering the assimilation of new understandings more in line with universal truth. But the problem is even once the information has been accepted it must be acted upon. That action is not palatable, scary, filled with unknowns, and requires sacrifice. Most of the awakened or awakening are waiting for someone else to start on the road - and if all goes well maybe they might join in...

    To disavow ourselves of this world we must move towards a new world, consciously. We need not all march to the same beat but we do need to comport ourselves with the highest integrity and honor while striving to improve our little corner of the world. We do not need to start a following, become a guru, find enlightenment, or read a manual. The work is all done in the moment, constantly holding the prize in mind. The prize of course is peace.

    Only when we are at peace with ourselves and others can the miracles occur.

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