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Thread: Targeted Fires? This time a Russian "research vessel"

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    Default Targeted Fires? This time a Russian "research vessel"

    We all know about energy weapons. But is one of these capable of igniting massive fires? It requires more research, but I've noticed over the last few years there have been massive fires at buildings, depots, warehouses, hotels and elsewhere all over the globe. There are always fires, but a search for "massive fires buildings 2018" resulted in over 200 images. Is something going on? Are we possibly seeing a different type of energy warfare or new energy weapon testing?

    Now a few hours ago, a fire destroyed a Russian deep sea research vehicle which killed 2 heroes of Russia and 7 high-ranking officers and 14 sailors. The press release indicated that “It is not an ordinary vessel, it is a research vessel,” that included a crew of “highly qualified professionals” namely two officers who were previously awarded the nation’s highest honorary title – the Hero of Russia and seven navy officers with the rank of 'captain 1st class'.

    What kind of "research" was this vessel up to anyway with such an incredibly high ranking crew?

    The fire was important enough for Putin to cancel his schedule and meet with the Defence Minister although that is somewhat understandable given the circumstances. But in the U.S.A. Pence also cancelled a scheduled trip to New Hampshire that day. His airplane never took off. No reason was given for the change of plans, except “something came up,” leaving the press abuzz with speculation. There were also rumors that the “European security council” was holding an unscheduled meeting as well on the same day. all of this has prompted further speculation that these events may have been related to the fire. Time will tell if something is leaked.

    Lots of questions here with a "fire" that must have been so intense, the crew didn't even have time to jump in the ocean. Another massive fire. Hmmmm ....
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    Default Re: Targeted Fires? This time a Russian "research vessel"

    Andre it was possibly a AS-12 nuclear-powered sub.

    Quote Fire broke out on one of the Russian navy's deep-sea research submersibles, and toxic fumes from the blaze killed 14 sailors aboard, Russia's Defense Ministry said Tuesday, although it released few details about the disaster or the vessel involved.

    The Defense Ministry did not say how many sailors were aboard the vessel during Monday's fire, whether there were any survivors or if it was submerged at the time. But Russian media reported it was the country's most secret submersible, a nuclear-powered vessel designed for sensitive missions at great depths.

    Some Russian media said the vessel was an AS-12 nuclear-powered sub, however, there has been no official confirmation, BBC News reported. The vessel is now at Severomorsk, the main base of the Russian Northern Fleet.

    Not a good way to go, many of the crew could well have damaged lungs now
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    Default Re: Targeted Fires? This time a Russian "research vessel"

    14 sailors killed in Russian underwater vessel fire


    Russian officials told his agency a gas explosion took place on board the submarine.

    Al Jazeera's Step Vaessen, reporting from the Russian capital Moscow, said the AS-12 was known in the West as a "spy submarine".

    "It is not exactly clear what exactly this vessel can do, but there has been a lot of concern, especially in the United States, that in the case of a global conflict this submarine could cut off all the major internet data and other important data that are used by governments and other important institutions," she said.

    The deadly incident echoes one in August 2000 when a Russian nuclear-powered submarine Kursk sank to the floor of Barents Sea after two

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