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Thread: "Jetson" - The Pentagon Can Identify Someone Based On Their Heartbeat

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    Default "Jetson" - The Pentagon Can Identify Someone Based On Their Heartbeat

    The Pentagon Has a Device That Can Use a Laser to Identify Someone Based On Their Heartbeat

    Walking around the world anonymously is becoming increasingly more difficult as surveillance tech is developed to identify us by our faces, our gait, and now, our heartbeat.

    The Pentagon’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) developed a device that can identify people based on their cardiac signature using an infrared laser, as first reported by MIT Technology Review on Thursday. The device, called Jetson, takes about 30 seconds to identify the target using what’s called “laser vibrometry,” a non-invasive technique that looks at the vibration measurements caused by someone’s heartbeat, as well as an algorithm.

    The device reportedly works from 200 metres away through normal clothing, but wouldn’t be effective through thicker materials like a winter coat, Technology Review reported, and because it takes half a minute to identify someone, they would need to be in a stationary position. So it’s not as simple as quickly flashing a laser at a target, but with an improved laser, the distance at which someone can be identified could be increased. “I don’t want to say you could do it from space, but longer ranges should be possible” Steward Remaly, from the CTTSO, told Technology Review.



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