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Thread: An announcement for non-members about the Qanon information

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    Default An announcement for non-members about the Qanon information

    Hello, Everyone: we've received a few e-mails (surprisingly, only three! But maybe there are a lot more people wondering) — about what happened to these threads that discuss the 'Q' phenomenon.
    1. The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters
    2. QAnon - An Opposing Viewpoint - LARP, Psyop, Cult or Something Even More Sinister?
    We've moved them to a members-only section, called The 'Q' Material, pros and cons. That was announced to the members here:
    ...but of course, non-members couldn't see that either.

    Below, I copy that announcement. For non-members to join to have access to and contribute to all this material, just click here:
    ...and there's a simple application process which takes maybe 24 hours or so. The moderators manually read all the applications (no bots at work here), and because we're all in different timezones, that takes approximately one rotation of this round, spinning earth.

    The purpose of this membership 'filter' is simply to keep out the trolls, agents and bots, and anyone else who seems to have a rigid, irrational and over-weird worldview (and there are some, believe me). If folks are clearly reasonable, smart, aware, curious people, we fast-track them straight in, and they're all warmly welcomed here.

    Here's my announcement to the members about this 48 hours ago:

    Hello, Everyone: my thanks to everyone for their sometimes extremely thoughtful comments on the Revisiting the forum's mission thread.

    All this is interesting and tricky, all at once. While I can't summarize all the pros and cons of every aspect of that discussion (or I could, but it'd take a long time!), the crux of the matter is that the 'Q' material has become contentious to a degree that it really doesn't look as if the contention will ever go away. (Until 'Q' does, of course, which will happen sometime!)

    It's not only about 'Q', of course: it's about partisan politics in general, and the unpleasant divisiveness which that all too often engenders. So we might move some other threads there, too.

    By definition, no logged-in members will be affected. We're just moving the following:
    1. The Qanon posts and a "Very Bad Day" Scenario for some elite swamp critters
    2. QAnon - An Opposing Viewpoint - LARP, Psyop, Cult or Something Even More Sinister?
    It's really a first step to fix the perception that might be out there, among non-members, that Avalon is a pro-'Q' forum (or even a pro-Trump forum) — which it's not. The discussions, pro and con, have only really ever been primarily between a couple of dozen members.

    But the impression given may be that this is all we care about. Paradoxically, the truth is quite the opposite: the majority of active members don't care about it at all.

    Some might be curious how we reached this decision. The move was suggested by one of the moderators (not Dennis, by the way!), and then a long and fascinating discussion ensued that itself would make very interesting reading. The result was a genuine consensus that we should do this.

    It's a mild step, and maybe a first step. Of course, this doesn't address the perception of some members that Avalon is somehow a 'pro-Q' forum — again, which it's not.

    We can't censor this discussion, and we won't. All the moderators make their personal choices what or what not to post and where (there's never any diktat from myself, ever). But I made my own decision sometime last year that I'll not dive into that swamp (another one!) unless I feel I have something genuinely interesting to share.

    Anyone is entitled to their political opinions — or their opinions about anything — and that includes all the moderators. But as many reading this may have noticed, very few of the mods have any personal stake in these issues either. We're simply trying to do our best for the forum, its ambiance, its overall quality of discussion, how it's perceived, and (importantly) the kind of new members it attracts.

    We welcome all your comments here... and those won't be censored, either.

    This thread will stay in view, but is also 'closed'... so this one actually isn't open to replies. We have enough comments flying around on different threads already, so there are currently plenty of good homes for those.

    Again, we welcome applications from new members. And again, there's no censorship here. The exact analogy is a room in a large conference, containing a vigorous and sometimes heated discussion, where the door is closed.

    But all anyone has to do is knock, and they can come right in.
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