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Thread: The Gate of Time and Space - The Bermuda Triangle

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    Default The Gate of Time and Space - The Bermuda Triangle

    A fascinating article excerpt from a Falun Dafa practitioner about the ancient mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. It is a google translation so there will be a few errors. The full article is linked at the end of the excerpt:

    "With the continuous advancement of the Fa-rectification process and the continuous improvement of the nature of the assimilation of the universe in Dafa cultivation, the wisdom and ability given by Dafa is getting stronger and stronger. Dafa also shows the truth about the different levels of the universe in my cultivation, including the history and mysteries of the earth, and writes and shares with fellow initiates.

    The Bermuda area is an imaginary sea between the Florida Peninsula and the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and Bermuda. For more than 100 years, countless ships and planes have been mysteriously missing, unmanned ghosts. The ship "has suddenly disappeared here, the radio transceiver failed, the compass madness is not only ..... This sea area brings too much doubt and puzzle to modern humans.

    Every year, more than a thousand people have lost their lives here. Around the bizarre events that have taken place in Bermuda, studies around the world have given inferences and assumptions. In the eyes of practitioners, these inferences and speculations, such as blindness and blindness, can't really peek into the real reasons behind the bizarre events in Bermuda. In the realm of my cultivation, the reason why the ships and planes in Bermuda are missing are because the space field has many time and space gates that are not open and closed at any time.

    These time and space gates formed the planets that hit the earth thousands of years ago. The huge impact caused the earth's continental plate to break. The nuclear-like explosion not only caused irreparable damage to our space, but also the layers of particles corresponding to the earth. In addition, the space has caused tremendous damage, and the severity of the explosion has affected a certain space, which is also a huge change in the Vicissitudes of the world.

    During the period, the particles that constitute the space and time of the human matter and the particles of the other space produce the "same frequency resonance" to eliminate the material difference between the two sides of time and space, and the door of time and space is thus formed. Originally, the door to time and space can be turned off, but for some reason, senior life did not close it. The specific reasons are not suitable for detailed description at this stage. The door of time and space has been a high-level life guard for thousands of years. It is not allowed to enter and leave life in all spaces.

    The various strange phenomena that appear are complicated and profound historical reasons. There are two other ways to open the door of time and space: First, the small universe itself is a living body, and the different spaces corresponding to the universe are related. The material changes and movements of the small universe can form the door of time and space; the second is the space in the universe. The advanced life has the power to open the door to time and space.

    In addition to the mysterious disappearance of Bermuda, in addition to the door to time and space, there is another important reason for the aliens, where there were alien bases in prehistoric times, deep in the dark trenches of Bermuda, and bases built by aliens. The base stretches nearly 100 kilometers in the deep sea. They also pour the prehistoric pyramid into the seabed and transform it into a part of their base for their use. These aliens come from the distant Cygnus galaxy, where they are the senior intelligent life.

    The height is about one meter and five meters, the skin is grayish white, there are black eyes with no white eyes, gray hair, and their technological development route is a very unique bio-technology, which is completely different from our human science development route. The galaxies in which they are located are about to explode and disintegrate in the Fa-rectification of the universe. These aliens have nowhere to go and choose to take refuge in the earth.

    They detected the difference in Bermuda because the waters of Bermuda are at 30 degrees north latitude, where there is an important energy band for the Earth's rotation, plus Bermuda's powerful space-time energy field, which is very special. The energy field can provide enough energy supply for aliens and can solve the energy consumption problem of their base. Aliens regard Bermuda as their territory, and any life that breaks into this sea or airspace will be in danger of being destroyed. A large number of the many missing cases are behind the scenes of aliens. Here are a few typical examples to reveal the truth behind them.

    When the five "Avenger" bombers of the United States flew over Bermuda in 1945, they disappeared mysteriously. The incident shocked the world. The United States dispatched more than 300 aircraft and four naval vessels for search and rescue. It searched 950,000 square kilometers and took 4,100 hours. However, nothing was found. In just a few hours, 5 aircraft and 27 pilots of 19 teams evaporated in such a traceless world.

    However, in the 1980s and 1990s, there was a new discovery that five aircraft were found in two places. In 1987, Dr. Maquier, a scientist at the Soviet Space Center, received a satellite scan of a satellite detector from a galaxy. It confirmed that a World War II American bomber was parked at the lunar crater. The number is exactly one of the five aircraft of the 19th detachment. Just as the United States and the Soviet Union wanted to go deep into the study, the plane disappeared.

    A few years later, in 1996, American scientist Dr. Ke Luding discovered through computer astronomical telescopes that four American World War II bombers flew at a speed of 40,000 kilometers per hour at a height of several kilometers above Mars. The four aircraft were the missing 19-segment bombers. So who is this suspense that spans half a century?

    I saw this incident happening in the Cygnus aliens in Bermuda. On that day, the alien aircraft invisibly entered the bomber fleet flying over the Bermuda Sea. They controlled the pilot's thoughts and took the aircraft under a huge saucer. The UFO shot a beam of energy. Five planes were instantly sucked into the disc compartment. . The flying saucer fell to the bottom of the sea, and the pilots in the bomber were taken to the alien base. At this time, the pilots looked at the strange environment around them and the weird aliens.

    They only had fear in their hearts. Although the consciousness was sober, the body was paralyzed and the limbs could not move. Of the 27 players, 5 were left at the base of the sea to do various human experiments. The longest of these five people have lived for 13 years. The rest are materialized by aliens with energy, and the body is made into a component. The aliens made a bunch of energy transport channels in another time and space, one of which was left on the back of the moon and the other four were sent to Mars.

    On the underground of 1500 to 4,000 meters below Mars, there is a huge alien base built by Cygnus aliens. There is a saline-alkali lake underground in Mars. The aliens degrade the water of the saline-alkali lake into drinking water for drinking inside the base. Dr. Ke Luding saw the experiments done by aliens. Aliens use energy to change the structure and materials of the aircraft for accelerated experiments, in order to see if human materials reinforced with extraterrestrial technology can disintegrate when they accelerate into flight into another space.

    Obviously, the experiment will not succeed. The molecular material in the ordinary human space enters a more microscopic space. Without strong energy support, it will disintegrate and destroy. With the advancement of the Fa-rectification process, the aliens on Mars have detected that the material factors of the Fire Planet are very unstable and will be disintegrated. Only the structural environment of the Earth is the most stable, so they have left Mars and returned to Earth. Today's alien base on Mars has been abandoned and ruined. There are also alien bases on the back of the moon. At most, there are hundreds of extraterrestrial life. Today, there are only two aliens left behind, and there is no life."

    Full article: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/239355
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