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Thread: A campfire chat with the moderators :)

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    Default Re: A campfire chat with the moderators :)

    Quote Posted by Tam (here)
    For the next questions, I'll be putting them all in one fat question, since they were all of Gracy May's that were sort of sprinkled around this thread. For the record, Gracy, I love asking probing, personal questions (I can be rude like that, I just like getting to the point), so I appreciate that you dove headfirst into the deep end.

    Anyway, here goes:
    Nice start Tam, you read me well there. Often times i feel people may be a bit taken aback by just that, the way i like to just dive headfirst into the deep end as you put it. Its never intended as anything more than just getting straight to the point, whatever the point may be, my mama always taught me to be direct, give a firm handshake, and look people in the eye.

    How do you mods, both new and seasoned, see this forum differently than when you were a regular member, and, how do you weigh your responsibility of when to use force to keep the peace, and when to use deescalation skills to keep the peace?

    New mods how much have you thought about this when you were a member putting your self in a mods shoes, vs. how it looks now sporting that badge and a gun? Does the landscape look different now?

    Does it change the way you perceive yourself in relation to the other now just regular members?

    What ways do y'all interact with the forum in a more technical way? I know like sometimes youll fix a video link, move a post or a thread, what other kinds of tecchie type stuff that we might never even think about?

    Quote Hopefully, Gracy, that answers all of your questions, but if you want me to elaborate on anything, let me know and I'd be glad to.

    Ha! That was one hell of an answer Tam, that's what i'm talkin about, and i'll have you know i like your spirit girl! Can't think of anything i could possibly ask you to elaborate on as i now truly have a good idea of what youre about through that most detailed answer.

    Now a few of my favorites. First on the tech end of mod duties.

    Quote I have a newfound respect for how much work this place takes to run. I always figured it was no cakewalk, but wow, let me tell you, it's a lot like laundry: it's a never-ending cycle of work! Rarely is there never a growing pile of clothes to take care of. That being said, I f*cking hate doing the laundry,
    Rofl, i'll think of dirty laundry evry time i think of y'all in the mod room now. Seriously though, that is a pretty good description and, thanks for the peek behind the curtain there.Doesnt sound like much fun...

    Quote To me, I'm still just another member, I certainly don't see myself as above anyone else, I just have more power, which, yes, as you pointed out, does inherently sort of elevate you a bit. But what I'd like to stress is that I don't see myself as an overlord or ruler or anything like that; I kind of have an issue with authority, I've always been a bleeding heart lady-of-the-people, so at the end of the day, I see myself more like a volunteer firefighter, if that makes sense.

    Quote At the end of the day, I'm just a member like any other, and I try to keep that state of mind when making any kind of executive decision regarding Avalon. A level-head, fairness to all, and a lack of bias are the flavors of every day. I can't stand nepotism, or favoritism, or political bs.

    I guess that's just a part of how I see the world; of of my core principles is, essentially, that everyone poops.
    Quote I don't care if you're the Queen of England, Elon Musk, or the janitor, I put everyone on the same level, and it's up to them to prove to me whether or not they get to go up or down any number of notches. People are people, and I don't give a single iota of a damn about status, wealth, or seniority. It doesn't mean I don't respect you, I believe in treating others how you want to be treated. It's just that, I don't get the whole blind-idolatry thing, whether it's with a celebrity or some kind of authority figure.
    Quote I take sh*t from no one, and I have no respect for assh*les, cowards, or the willfully ignorant.
    Quote Rich or poor, sexy or ugly, educated or illiterate, aristocrat or peasant, I don't care. It's about the person, not the frills. Hell, you don't even have to be human. A Reptilian or Nordic alien could zap into my living room right now, and after waking up from my heart-attack, I'd treat them the same as anybody else, which means I'd give them a piece of my mind for infringing on my privacy
    That is EXACTLY the type of attitude and outlook on life that i look for from people with power and authority. Sure this is at the end of the day just another ole internet forum anongst countless others, but the idea is the same for me whether it be a forum moderator, a cop on the beat, or the damn President.

    Thank you sweety for such a detailed answer. If you represent even a small percent of this latest generation of young people coming into their full bloom adult hood these days, i feel pretty good about things as my generation is now beginning to see their sunset on the horizon.

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