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Thread: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

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    Default Re: Joints, inflammation, and all that stuff

    Hello, Everyone: an update here that might possibly be interesting. But caveat! This is NOT a scientific experiment. There are all kinds of flaws in it.

    Recap. When I started this thread, I had a few sharp pains in my knees that were new and a little alarming. So I
    1. Changed my diet to rigorously exclude grains, eggs, dairy and sugars (except fruit and honey).
    2. Took a tablespoon of turmeric and spirulina every day.
    3. Increased my MSM intake through supplements, and also started taking borax (see this separate Borax thread).
    Because of the recent hassles in Ecuador (see this thread), some of that changed because of my dwindling supplies. So that constituted an unplanned experiment (of sorts!).

    I ran out of turmeric and spirulina, and my diet lapsed a little (but not TOO much). But I continued with the borax and MSM, because I had plenty.

    My knees are still 100% fine now. I've been working them out quite hard, and they're strong again. I'm not at all concerned any more. And what SEEMS to have been the core critical factor, because of the unplanned 'elimination protocol', was
    • 2500 mg MSM daily.
    • About 700 mg Borax (1 large self-filled 00 capsule) daily.
    So I just report this out of interest. Do note, though that
    1. This is anecdotal!
    2. Diet is always important. So don't get cavalier and assume that supplements alone will do the work.
    3. Everyone's body is different — so do experiment personally.

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