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Thread: 'Gemini Man': Will Smith appeals to his killer clone in new trailer

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    Default 'Gemini Man': Will Smith appeals to his killer clone in new trailer

    Actor Will Smith fights himself in the sci-fi thriller Gemini Man, thanks to what Hollywood's film makers have called Hollywood's biggest leap in computer-generated footage ever.

    Several films have already used "de-aging" techniques to erase a few wrinkles, but this time, Will Smith's young version was entirely computer-generated with realism going all the way to the pores, tendons and blood vessels.

    "In the past, we would have taken Will Smith's son to play it we would have styled and made up differently and we would have called it" clone " director Ang Lee explained on Thursday, before the broadcast in Los Angeles. Angeles of a feature film trailer coming out in October.

    As a reminder, Gemini refers to Castor & pollux, twins of same mother, different fathers. Castor, son of a mortal, Pollux the son of Zeus. when Castor dies, Zeus makes him immortal.

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    Default Re: 'Gemini Man': Will Smith appeals to his killer clone in new trailer

    1. I am loving the technology, action sequences and reference to "Gemini" inside of this trailer.


    2. Will Smith's son, Jaden, is one of my favorite musical artists, out there singing about "ancient Sumerians" and "getting DMT straight from your body..."

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