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Thread: A Guide to Happiness - Philosophy for lay people

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    This thread its not by chance. I'm ending my first week being member, when I learned the basic tools / operations to use the forum, interacting with some others, and now I'm just saying for myself -- the phase of primary recognition is over, and I'm happy to that.

    For not charge browser navigation and server's demands, I'm puting links (not embedded), only saying to readers - Please, ENJOY !

    Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness is a television series presented by Alain de Botton, offering a self-help guide which applies the teachings of philosophers to dealing with life's everyday problems. The series consists of six episodes, each of which deal with one key philosophical figure and attempts to show how their teachings can be applied to modern everyday problems.

    about 25 minutes each, not so long.

    Episode 1 - Socrates on Self-Confidence
    Why do so many of us go along with the crowd and fail to stand up for what we truly believe? Alain De Botton tells the moving and inspiring story of how Socrates - a man who famously died for his beliefs - can help us stand up for our own.

    Episode 2 - Epicurus on Happiness
    The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus believed there were just three simple things we needed in order to be happy - and money wasn't one of them. Alain De Botton reveals what those things were.

    Episode 3 - Seneca on Anger
    Alain De Botton starts with anger and the philosopher Seneca who refused to view anger as an irrational outburst and thought it flowed from our surprise when things do not turn out the way we expect them to.

    Episode 4 - Montaigne on Self-Esteem
    Why do so many people suffer from feelings of low self-esteem? Alain De Botton looks at the problem through the eyes of the French 16th century philosopher Michel de Montaigne.

    Episode 5 - Schopenhauer on Love
    Alain De Botton surveys the 19th Century German thinker Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) who believed that love was the most important thing in life because of its powerful impulse towards 'the will-to-life'.

    Episode 6 - Nietzsche on Hardship
    Alain De Botton travels to Nietzsche's home in the Swiss Alps to tell the story of the philosopher's tormented life, before putting Nietzsche's theories to people who have faced difficulties or setbacks in their own lives.
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    Default Re: A Guide to Happiness - Philosophy for lay people

    Excellent thread you have started with great links .
    thanks muchly ...

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